Rob Gronkowski: I will always keep door open for return

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft said earlier Thursday he has hope Rob Gronkowski will return this season.

Gronkowski didn’t close the door to that possibility during his Fox debut.

“I’ll always keep it open,” Gronkowski said on the pregame show before the Patriots played the Giants.

A personal plea from Brady might convince Gronkowski to come back, something PFT reported in July.

Speculation about a possible Gronkowski return heated up earlier this week when the Patriots decided to move on from Ben Watson, who was returning from a suspension. That leaves the Patriots with Matt LaCosse and Ryan Izzo as their only tight ends.

LaCosse and Izzo have combined for seven catches through five games.

Gronkowski, 30, made 521 catches for 7,861 yards and 79 touchdowns in nine seasons.

23 responses to “Rob Gronkowski: I will always keep door open for return

  1. Oh the haters will lose their minds if the Patriots were to be 10-1 and then have Gronk come back for the stretch run

  2. He’s coming back. He just wants his body to heal completely.
    And of course they’ll find some roster space for him.

  3. He can come back but their QB is going downhill fast looking elderly tonight And they don’t have that Broncos defense

  4. Football isn’t really amped up until the last 4-5 games of the year. Divisional races, playoff seating, etc.

    I’m sure there are a lot of NFL veterans that would like to vacation until December ….

  5. He may not the same weight as before, but could function as a big possession receiver. He also might be almost as big as Matt LaCosse and Ryan Izzo, not sure though.

  6. LaCosse is hurt and Izzo sucks. Gronk looks better in a suit than he does in a uniform. That blue #87 shirt is probably way too big to fit him. The Patriots need help there.

  7. He better start bulking up. Because he has alot of muscle mass to regain in the next 2 months.

  8. 1. Gronk looks like a scarecrow, I don’t think he would survive coming back.
    2. Brady hasn’t aged a bit, he’s getting hit or dodging hits every single play. That O line is super porous.
    3. The defense is for real, but this “all time best defense” stuff is stupid. They are good. Let’s crown them AFTER the season.

  9. Gronk is pulling a Peyton. Taking a year off and healing himself. Then he comes back and helps win two more rings. The end.

  10. This same clown complained that he didn’t enjoy the Super Bowl victory last season because he was in too much pain, the same guy who said he had to drain a litre of blood from his quad after the Super Bowl, & the same guy who said he only slept 20 minutes a night for 3 months after the Super Bowl…………& now he wants to come back after all of that?
    Once a meathead always a meathead.

  11. Do it, Gronk. Come back and win a couple more rings while Tom is still there…. Oh, and drive the jealous, envious haters even more crazy. GO PATS! SIX AND O, haters! Hahahahaha….

  12. Why not? The Pats can win without him, so he can just come back whenever he feels like it and coast to another ring.

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 10, 2019 at 8:56 pm
    The Patriots offense needs him to catch Brady’s inaccurate lobs.

    31 of 41 for 334yds for 75% comp, yea thats inaccurate!

    Or did you mean to say Jones who was 15 of 31 for a 48.3% comp percentage?

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