The blatant blackballing of Colin Kaepernick continues

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On Sunday night, an undrafted rookie from an FCS school may be playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Colin Kaepernick may be watching the game on TV. And, yes, something continues to be very wrong with that picture.

The NFL continues to blackball Kaepernick, consistently and continuously ignoring his ongoing desire to return to the NFL. The fact that the league has successfully blackballed him for two-plus seasons actually makes it easier now, since the knee-jerk response to the possibility of a Kaepernick return from many is that he hasn’t played in nearly three years.

Indeed he hasn’t, for illegitimate reasons. But it’s no surprise that those who hope to continue to keep Kaepernick out of football will make his ongoing unemployment as Exhibit A for continuing it, especially since the blackballing has otherwise been propped up by a slew of false narratives.

The false narratives first emerged in early 2017, not long after he became a free agent. And they still persist.

“He opted out of his contract with the 49ers. . . . He has turned down multiple offers of employment. . . . He wants too much money. . . . He was benched for Blaine Gabbert. . . . He doesn’t really want to play. . . . He doesn’t fit many systems. . . . He’s a vegan.” It’s BS upon BS upon BS, and not nearly enough people are bothered by this ever-growing pile of foul-smelling fertilizer.

Meanwhile, Devlin Hodges from Samford could be Pittsburgh’s starting quarterback for a prime-time game this weekend. And others who were drafted late (Gardner Minshew) or not at all (Kyle Allen) or who didn’t play for more than three years due to serious injury (Teddy Bridgewater) have gotten chances that Kaepernick hasn’t.

“But those guys are all playing well!” some will say. Yes they are, and Kaepernick could be, too, if he’d been given the chance to prove that he can run the offenses in Jacksonville, Carolina, or New Orleans.

But the chance simply hasn’t come, and the ability to keep him from getting a chance has become the strongest ammunition for continuing to keep him from getting a chance. The fact that no one seems to care makes it even harder to cajole the league’s 32 teams to do the right thing. On Wednesday, for example, on-the-record quotes from Rihanna emerged regarding her decision to stiff arm an invitation to perform at halftime of Super Bowl LIII, and the story didn’t generate nearly the kind of attention that it should have.

“I couldn’t dare do that,” she told Vogue. “For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. . . . I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”

The fact that Rihanna is a client of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation would make her remarks even more significant, if anyone still cared about a collusive shunning that continues to happen in plain sight.

And, yes, collusion may still be happening. Even though Kaepernick settled his first collusion claim, he can pursue relief for violations happening since the settlement. The second lawsuit could end up being even stronger than the first one, since the argument would be that the NFL is collectively retaliating against Kaepernick for having the nerve to sue them.

Exhibit A for that claim could be the fact that a quarterback from Samford started a prime-time game in 2019.

132 responses to “The blatant blackballing of Colin Kaepernick continues

  1. Who CARES..

    He doesn’t want to play. Has he ever spoke about it
    He’s a joke and will make more money playing the “look at me” card.

  2. Kaepernick is NFL poison — because small-minded yokels make up a sizable portion of the NFL fanbase.

  3. If this FRAUD really wanted to play he would have accepted the offer from the CFL so he could show he still has something left.

    He doesn’t want to play he knows he and his Racist Girlfriend know he will make more money playing the “I was banned because I took a knee”

    And have you ever heard him try to explain the “cause” he’s fighting for ?
    He’s sounds like a fool.

    That and what he said to the Miami Media about Cuba.
    The guys a MORON!

  4. Why is it so hard for you to understand that owners simply don’t want the circus that comes with this mediocre QB? He’s not worth it. Nobody is.

  5. He got his settlement, he’s got Nike’s money. He’s a hero to some people, so in the words of Sheldon Cooper, “Let it Go”.

  6. Many teams tried giving him contracts and he found a way to opt out. The 49ers, the Broncos, the Ravens, the Seahawks, etc.

    Kaep doesn’t want to play because he has a new and more lucrative career as a lifetime martyr.

  7. Yeah he might be good, but does anyone want that kind of distraction mid-season? Or any time of year really?? It takes away from the productivity of your team and it increases the scrutiny that almost every NFL franchise is subject to on a daily basis. No coach wants that, no matter how much they might “need” it.

  8. I can’t believe that this is still a “THING”. Once again, you cannot sue your employer and expect them to hire you back. it doesn’t work way.

  9. “I couldn’t dare do that,” she told Vogue. “For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. . . . I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”

    Rhianna is a sellout of epic proportions….they all are. Just out of curiosity, has she sworn off ever performing in China?

  10. Kaepernick hasn’t played in 3 years. The Steelers have a young QB on their roster who went through camp and that they obviously like. Might as well see if he has any upside instead of forcing a cancer like Kaepernick in who doesn’t know the offense or fit the scheme.

  11. How is it blatant blackballing when he lost out to a garbage player for a starting job and looked like a mess during preseason, and then continued to lose muscle mass? Losing to Blaine Gabbert is bad enough to ruin anybody. Tim Tebow was blackballed for his media circus, why can’t Kaepernick? Neither can play at the endofthe day, andthat is all that matters.

  12. Why would the Saints want him? There is an argument to be made he is better than some of the backups in the NFL, but Bridgewater is simply a better player. The fact is that most teams would rather not pay a backup and those who do pay one have better players than Kaepernick (in most cases). The guy is a 60% passer with never more than 21 TDs. Can we stop pretending he is some amazing QB?

  13. On the part of the owners it’s fear. On the part of the commenters it’s racism and false patriotism. I await your thumbs down but you know the truth.

  14. Thanks Florio for continuing to give your stand, despite it being an unpopular opinion from a majority of NFL fans. He’s obviously been blackballed no matter how many times people try to deny it or justify it. Click thumbs down if you agree with me!

  15. And the vast majority of the fan base that financially supports this sport approve and are well pleased to see this entitled, mediocre QB kept out of the league.

  16. He can’t play because the soft thin skinned cancel culture is just as bad on the right as it is on the left. Both sides have to have their safe spaces or they will melt. Two sides of the same coin.

  17. 1. He was just an ok quarterback.
    2. If you sign him the media circus will be hounding the rest of the team. Who would want that?
    3. If he doesn’t work out and you cut him, the owner/GM/coach would be branded as racists. Who would want that?

  18. blessedunliketherest says:
    October 10, 2019 at 2:14 pm
    “I couldn’t dare do that,” she told Vogue. “For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. . . . I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”

    Rhianna is a sellout of epic proportions….they all are. Just out of curiosity, has she sworn off ever performing in China?

    China is “ not my people”. Also Kap is having a better career then he would have playing.

  19. There is an assumption that he’s good and deserves another shot. Is that accurate though? He hasn’t played in a long time. Can he even play anymore?

  20. For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. . . . I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”
    The organization that has made many of “your” people rich beyond their wildest dreams. The NFL has nothing to do with police brutality….and it is ridiculous that they are now being blamed.

  21. Question for Mike Florio — if you had a person in your employ who decided to protest some cause of his at work, would you not have the right to tell him to knock it off?
    And if he continued to do it, would you not have the right to tell him to punch out and not come back?
    And would you not have the right not to employ him again?
    The answer to all of these questions is “YES!” Even you can’t deny that.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why you continue to support this guy. I hope he never plays in the NFL again, and if he does, I refuse to watch any game he is a part of.

  22. If anybody has a case for being black balled it’s Tim Tebow. How come nobody in the media is pounding the drum for him to get another shot? #FreeTebow

  23. Why keep pushing this agenda. Kaepernick was straight up bad when he left the league and he was being held together with tape. Also, if the rumors are true, he wants a lot of money to play. He’s not trying to get back and make a back up salary. Forgetting the controversial aspect of signing him I think those elements are already enough for no team to take a chance.

  24. Article ignores the fact that all of the qb’s mentioned are back ups and CK was unwilling to fill that role. He wants to start, no?

    And are you seriously suggesting that CK could’ve come in and learned the steelers system in time to be a better back up to Rudolph than the current guy….if he were even willing?

  25. I was and still am pro-kneeling. It was recommended by a veteran and I’m not about to gainsay people who served in deference to swampland flag-wavers. That said, where are the workout videos of Kap training with expert QB trainers and where are those trainers on record saying he’s strong, fit, sharp, and ready to play QB in the NFL? As far as the sports viewing public knows, such things don’t exist. So how are we to believe he seriously wants to play football?

  26. Keep charging that Windmill Don Quixote!

    While I admire you for the media world you have created, you fascination with Kaepernick is misguided. If the man REALLY wanted to play he could make it easier on himself by having a press conference where he actually speaks and explains his desire to play. This would go a long way to minimizing some of the media circus that would follow him to any team that may give him a chance again. I’m beginning to think he’s a mute cause nobody has heard him speak in public for years.

  27. Devlin Hodges is on an NFL roster, but a quarterback in his early 30s whose been to the Super Bowl isn’t. There is not one excuse you can use to justify that.

  28. Ugh, yeah…and the NFL doled out several million dollars for him to go away. Pretty sure that means he’s not coming back…so right or wrong, this isn’t really a story anymore.

  29. Yeah right … some team should sign him and AB just for fun and better yet trade for any other kneeler … let’s get that dream team rolling.

  30. Kaepernick is not the first or last player blackballed by the NFL.

    In the 60s Bernie Parrish was blackballed by Art Model of the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the league. Parrish would later write a book, They Call It a Game, about his situation.

  31. He would not be a good look for any franchise, much less a blue collar patriotic franchise like Pittsburgh. They just got a major tumor removed; why would they want to sew another tumor back on?

  32. Just an awful take here – Hodges Contract is 3 years $1.8M – Kaepernick has not played in over 2.5 years, when he did play his team went 2-10 and he was paid $14,300,000

    It is difficult to have any respect for your opinions and analysis when you post such agenda driven nonsense – Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract –

    Allow me to quote Peter King from August 2016 regarding Colin’s massive weight loss and declining skills

    (prior Kaepernick’s last season)

    “Sports Illustrated’s Peter King added, “Kaepernick is 10-14 with a pedestrian 83.7 rating in the past two years, and he appears to have lost significant weight — he’d be the thinnest starting quarterback in football, for what that’s worth…. Kaepernick may make [the team], but it would have to be on faith, because he’s shown Kelly little this summer.”

  33. Business decisions have consequences.

    Of course the majority is who wins. And we, the majority, sure love all this winning.

  34. the Vikings wouldn’t be the only team that wants a backup quarterback who knows his place. There’s a way to push the starter and to create competition without having a clear and open effort by the backup to supplant the guy who holds the job.”
    Multiple stories about QBs that wouldn’t get a shot because of the circus they would bring to mind (Tebow is the obvious example although he wasn’t truly a pro QB-and isn’t the only example).
    But as I read the 500th story about Kap here, it seems that such positions are forgotten. Is Kap ok with being a backup – each of the guys mentioned were until thrust into the starting role. Is he ok with a simple placeholder role. Will Kap be a distraction with the circus that inevitably will come to town. While I would agree that AB is not exactly a great comparison, the Pats were OK with the distraction to have one of the best WRs on their team UNTIL they weren’t.

  35. The readers of PFT deserve to have Florio answer this question.

    If Kaepernick is being blackballed because he knelt for the anthem and his stance on social justice issues, then why is Eric Reid on a team?

    Answer that Florio. If kneeling and speaking out and suing the league gets you blackballed….why does Eric Reid have a job??

  36. Still beating that dead horse. Lmao. He was awful his last three years and hasn’t played in three years. Plus he sued the league. You guys are an embarrassment. Smh

  37. How long does someone have to be away from the game before you say he has been gone too long? We have seen players suspended for a year or take a year off and not be nearly as good as they were and you analyst consistently say “well he has been away a year”.. This dude has been gone 3 years and you think he would be a better option than someone that has been in the league during that time or at least in a college program? At best he was average and his last year he was awful.. State the facts before you say blatant blackballing at least. Teddy Bridgewater may not have played in 3 years but he has been in the system. Was a better QB than Kaep and is struggling now.. Kaep would just be a dumpster fire and would probably die on the field at this point. Come on Florio, your’e better than this

  38. “….He has turned down multiple offers of employment….”

    If Kapernick is turning down offers of employment, (3 teams – SF, Seattle, Balt), how do you force a guy to accept an offer?

  39. “Blackballing” implies that there is a league-wide conspiracy to keep him off any roster. Have you considered that each individual team, owner & front office, have considered him but moved on to other, better choices? Eric Reid is a starter with the Carolina Panthers.

  40. Florio needs to interview Kaepernick and show that:
    1) CK will accept a backup role
    2) CK will accept league minimum salary

    If Kaepernick agrees to that….I’m sure he’ll get a chance.

    He’s not going to get 20M and be handed the keys to the starting job.

  41. Said it before…
    The only team who could sign Kaepernick without backlash from their fans is the Patriots.
    The Pats fans can’t bring themselves to criticize their team no matter what happens.

  42. In his final year, he took the team back over and even though they went 1-10 under his leadership, he was efficient and protective of the ball….super bowl appearance, back to back NFC Championship games, big wins under his belt early on in his career, 16 TD’s to 4 INT’s during his last season which would get ANYONE a nice big contract extension.

    So he took a stand during a time where there were major issues being brought up in society…if I remember correctly, it was his right to silently protest and he even consulted with a military vet on a more appropriate way to do so. eric Reid is back in the league, Kaep should be too!

  43. Wasnt he offered CFL and other offers as well? Wouldnt it be prudent to shut your mouth and accept ine if those and try to show what you got to come back to the nfl? I think he would excel in the CFL with the wider longer field and more open game.

  44. Have had taken the vet minimum he would have a job. He wanted to be paid like a top 10 QB and he does not have the skill set. No need to crying blackball when the league already gave him money to quit crying.

  45. Once teams had enough film on Kaepernick he became mediocre. He didn’t make adjustments to overcome what defenses were throwing at him. Plus, who wants the media clown show that would come with him being on the team.

  46. He sucked and is toxic. Great guy for your team and league. Sorry playing in the NFL is not a right.

  47. Teams want to win -if he could help someone win -he’d be signed. Others that still have high ability and issues have signed. The Steelers are the best case -nobody is more righteous and peppered with affirmative action than the Rooneys. They need a QB -unfortunately for Kap -they feel Rudolf and Duck Dynasty (and Paxton Lynch) give them a better chance to win, period. Plus, who has $10 million sitting around (or whatever his latest demand is) at this point in the season to hand over? Certainly not the Steelers who routinely hover right at the cap number. Kap’s getting more from Nike than he ever would have rec’d from a team to be a 2nd or 3rd string QB, which is where his abilities were when he last played.

  48. If i sued my boss that is a slight conflict of interest,why don’t kap just go away.!

  49. He doesn’t want to play! He want to be a martyr!…and if you guys weren’t so biased you would admit it.

  50. Blatant blackballing? Absolutely and unjust and wrong. I found his statements about race and justice in America to be inchoate and unclear – a lot of broad strokes implying institutional racism that cannot be factually substantiated at this point in our history. Our past was awful, our present is not. The issue with Kaepernick playing in the NFL is crystal clear – he deserves the opportunity.

  51. So protesting your social cause on company time, in company uniform, on company property, in front of company customers, opting out of your contract, suing your former employer, and settling out of court = being blackballed? Got it.

  52. It’s hard to take this hot take seriously? You continue to push this agenda, while ignoring some simple facts and realities while tossing out straw men arguments and ignoring the actual situation. Was he a good QB at one time? Sure he had an amazing run, especially when teams didn’t prepare or recognize his Atlanticism. Like many QBs they flash, RGIII anyone? The league figured him out and his results started to wane such that at his cost, he wasn’t worth the investment. He did indeed opt out of an actual contract for $14 mio. At that point, kneeling or not he already wasn’t very good, average at best but still apparently commanded what would likely be a high salary. This happens to plenty of players who suddenly go from hot to not. NOW you are comparing cheap 3rd stringers thrust into action against a guy who hasn’t suited up in what 3 years? How long and st what cost are teams supposed to let him get up to speed? Florio is simply pushing his agenda ignoring the facts he wasn’t at that point of his career more than average. Other more valuable athletes protested too, some vocally???? Doug Baldwin ??? Was he blackballed???? I don’t see a litany of players that were discriminated against for kneeling protesting or raising concern over racial inequality. I only see a mediocre QB with declining skills who never got another chance… unfortunately that’s pro sports. And if you paid more attention to the sport and actual games and didn’t get blinded by your agenda you’d clearly see that. Your take at this point is grasping at straws and pretty ridiculous.

  53. So tiresome. All this fuss for what, a virtue-signaling, marginal QB talent? I suggest he start his own league where he and those of his ilk can blatantly disrespect this great country and those that fight to keep it that way.

  54. AB is also being blackballed. Just because he has some baggage teams aren’t signing him. Not like AB was found guilty. Ray Rice is being blackballed. How come we never saw any articles pleading for teams to sign them.

  55. Let’s see: Guy who wastes 2 years of an SB worthy roster because his style of offense got figured out loses his starting job to Blaine freaking Gabbert, whines and over inflates a rare issue by claiming (lying) that POCs are oppressed in modern day America, refuses to take a pay cut in an attempted trade to the defending SB champions, ASKS for his release from his team, refuses to go to teams because he demands more money, sues the NFL cause people won’t hire him on his own terms (promptly is joined by his lackey Eric Reid in said lawsuit), lackey is signed before him because he can actually play football, settles with NFL cause they got annoyed by him, now claims he’s being black balled. Just let it go, dude isn’t a martyr. He’s a mediocre athlete who can’t throw the ball well enough to be a starting QB in the NFL, he’s had multiple opportunities to come back to the NFL and rejected them cause he’s greedy. Hope he enjoys appealing to the victimhood crowd in the US because they’re forgetting about him pretty dang quick to whine about something else.

  56. johnnycantread says:
    October 10, 2019 at 2:55 pm
    Said it before…
    The only team who could sign Kaepernick without backlash from their fans is the Patriots.
    The Pats fans can’t bring themselves to criticize their team no matter what happens

    Soooooo, YOU didn’t see all the comments from Pats fans say DO NOT sign AB?????

  57. 31 year old quarterback who was a great running QB for a couple of seasons was forced to try to become a pocket passer and he could not elevate his team. Harbaugh’s move from Alex Smith to Kaepernick really set the Niners back years.

    It’s obvious he wants to be a “social justice warrior” ever since he hooked up with Aldon Smith’s X, so leave him there to rake in money from idiots buying Nike gear.

  58. romosmicrodongs says:
    October 10, 2019 at 2:49 pm
    rihanna talks about ‘my people’… i wonder who her people are? im sure the answer isnt ‘fellow americans.’
    Which would be odd since she is from Barbados.

  59. Nobody cares but the media. He did this to himself. Actions bring about consequences. He had chances but he wanted /20 million, he had chances but wouldn’t take anything but a starting job, he had chances but his girlfriend called the owner racist. Lastly who is responsible for his early exit from the NFL? Oh he is remember he voided his contract. He wanted to be an activist, he got his wish. Why you mad nor bro…

  60. I think that in the beginning, yes, NFL teams did collude against Kap.

    However, it’s been what…3-4 years since he played? I think it’d be hard to put him on a team now and expect him to be a serviceable NFL QB.

    He should attempt to play in the XFL and show teams he can still play at a professional level. Then, teams might be willing to sign him

  61. I think the Dolphins should sign him, ya know, as a bit of a payback for his Castro remarks. Imagine the beating Kaepernick would take, one read, run around, get drilled, rinse, repeat. I think the Dolphins fans from Cuba would really appreciate that. Side note: I want to know who he’s voting for in 2020, since he has the platform to do such a thing, and truly make a difference. In all seriousness, at the end of the day, most people realize what’s worthy of their time and energy, Colin isn’t worthy of either, let alone an NFL roster. Next.

  62. If Kaepernick had had anything to say, publically, he might be playing. Why will he not speak up(in some kind of national forum)? The silence has deafened the conversation.

  63. You do realize that the first thing caught on camera was him sitting on the bench, right? You know why? Because he was sulking that he had lost his starting gig to Blaine Gabbert. You also remember the fact that people in SF were calling for his head even prior to that because of his poor QB play, right? Kudos to he and his girlfriend for finding a way to spin the situation by the next week, turning it into what it has become. All of the sheep will believe what they want. Very few will actually see it for what it truly has been.

  64. Kaepernick would never survive in the Steelers organization where the fans have no idea what peaceful protest is. All they care about is continuing to be unruly and obnoxious, especially to visiting fans.

  65. None of you know if he was actually offered a contract by any of those teams. None of you know what his salary demands are. None of you know what he got in his settlement.

    All of you know he is one of the best 64 QBs (even 96) on Earth. He could beat out guys like Luke Falk, ya’ll just hate his political stance so you find other excuses. It’s sad to see how the NFL fanbase is made up.

  66. The blatant whining about a QB who is not good enough to start but wants $20 million to play continues. Get over it. He is a never was who used his race and everyone who followed him to get rich when he was not good enough to do it on the field. If he truly wanted to play and prove himself he would play in the XFL or even in the CFL or maybe the AAF that put many guys back in the NFL. But he wants a free walk on with top money.

  67. You can cry about it for the next decade. It won’t help. He’s a running QB who’s too old and beat up to run anymore. He doesn’t have anything left to offer. I have zero problem with the kneeling, and I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my favorite team. He’s a waste of a roster spot and cap space. Of course teams are going to go with younger options who have upside.

  68. lawrence stacy says:
    October 10, 2019 at 3:53 pm
    The blatant whining about a QB who is not good enough to start but wants $20 million to play continues. Get over it.

    How do you know that he wants $20 million? He’s never said it, his agent hasn’t said it, and no teams have said it. There are no reports on that either, you’re just making things up.

  69. I don’t believe any of this protest narrative from CK. Look at it this way, he was benched at the end of 2015. During training camp 2016, he continued his recent suckage. He was not going to start, he was going to sit behind Gabbert. That was decided about the time he started sitting, right? So he sat on the bench during the anthem and pouted. Once he got called out for sitting during the anthem, he decided to spin up this narrative about social protesting. I think he’s a big con and he has conned a heck of a lot of people over the years – including teammates and the media.

  70. “He opted out of his contract with the 49ers. . . . He has turned down multiple offers of employment. . . . He wants too much money. . . . He was benched for Blaine Gabbert …”

    Wait, which part isn’t true?

  71. Football is first and foremost entertainment; Would you go see a movie starring an actor you despise? Probably not. So why have a QB who is nominally better than an “FCS Quarteback” and dilute your product? I believe in Freedom of Speech, but Kapernick is still an at-will (former) employee who will only bring unneeded drama. All he has done is take a knee and given a few bucks to charity-hardly a Muhammad Ali level of passive resistance.

  72. He needs to move on. Go play football in Canada. I agree with the movement 100%, but disagree with how he went about it. Wearing bloody pig socks and kneeling did it for me. I would never sign him. He is a PR nightmare no one is willing to take on, and I do not blame them.

  73. I do not rehire the person let go due to poor attendance. I do not rehire the person let go for insubordination. I do not rehire the person let go due to progressive discipline.
    All the talent in the world does not make up for an individual who disparages his company.
    Maybe his union should fight harder for him?

  74. You make it sound like the Steelers just signed Devlin Hodges out of the blue this week.
    What you did not mention is that he has been (on and off) with the team since May. It obvious that he would have a better handle on the play book then someone off the street. It’s also obvious that the Steelers coaches would also have a better understanding of Devlin’s play style over someone picked up off the street.

  75. All I know is he opted out of his contract with the 49ers. . . . He has turned down multiple offers of employment. . . . He wants too much money. . . . He was benched for Blaine Gabbert. . . . He doesn’t really want to play. . . . He doesn’t fit many systems. . . . He’s a vegan.

  76. I think the Steelers should look at Kaepernick unless they are very certain that Rudolph will be fully recovered for next week’s game.

    They have no more qB depth. Who is backup this week?

    But signing Kaepernick comes with a boatload of media and probably Presidential distraction. So. It would be a major season refocus. Steelers would be Al in about Kaspernick this year.

  77. First off, I 100 percent agree with Kaepernick’s right to protest. Second, he needs to understand that when he makes fans angry, there are repercussions. One of them is teams not wanting him because he will make their fans angry. Or the inevitable media circus that would come with hiring him. That’s not racial, that’s business. Colin has said he knew he was risking his career. Now he is suffering for it. It’s not come collusion case, it’s just plain good business.

  78. Mike,

    You call it blackballing. I call it a business decision made by 32 business men who do not want to deal with the marketing nightmare CK decided to make of himself. Why do you insist on making more of this then is there?

  79. to me, he is nothing but a troublemaker. when he was still considered for a job. he was asked if he would stop kneeling. he in fact said “no” he himself is keeping himself out of work, nobody else.

  80. The telling line in this story is: “But those guys are all playing well!” some will say. Yes they are, and Kaepernick could be, too…” The phrase “could be” is not enough reason for a team to take a chance and hire him on just because his agent thinks they should. He has his chance and chose politics over football. Hodges deserves a chance too and it isn’t blackballing if teams are concerned that a player may become even more volatile in the future. Don’t push him off on Pittsburgh. We’ve been through enough with Bell and Brown!
    Using these types of guilt trip tactics is the very reason a team is wise to avoid him. Hodges had some stellar stats in college, let’s see if he can’t get used to the pros.

  81. If as a businessman I require that all employee’s protests must be made outside of work, I can do that. If an employee refuses to comply, I can fire them, or just not hire them to begin with. It’s a workplace after all. I have no problem with CK wanting to protest anything he wants to protest. He can protest puppies for all I care. Don’t do it on the job. As Pete Yate posted, the Steelers just went through a whole PR nightmare with Bell and Brown… No one wants more of that on their team.

  82. This rookie for the Steelers, Devlin Hodges, won the Walter Payton award in College last year and was Player of the Year in his conference. He’s no slouch, no matter where he played in College. He’s young, talented and ready to play. Colin has been out of football for 3 years, along with MANY OTHER PLAYERS. When your window closes, it’s bye-bye NFL. That’s business. That’s the way the league has been for 100 years. Colin is no exception. That’s life, get used to it.

  83. to the best of my recollection, Elway offered him 7 million reasons to play, and he turned it down. Sounds like he’s more interested in making noise thn making plays

  84. He had 1 at the most 2 good seasons, then went to mediocrity. The only people pulling for this guy are not fans of the NFL, and do not have the clear picture of why he is not playing. He is not even wanted as a sportscaster. Please let this story fade away fast, it is not worth it.

  85. In general the amount of distraction a team will put up with is proportional to the importance of the player.
    When it comes to backup quarterbacks teams are looking for players who will cause zero distractions.
    Colin Kaepernick will not cause zero distractions to a team.

  86. Kaepernick did a big no-no. He made a lot of us racists feel guilty and he exposed us. A huge number of us also support football and we just want this guy to go away. Guilt is very painful to deal with. The owners are looking out for their bankroll. They’d rather lose football games than lose money. It’s pretty simple. Kaepernick led a team to the super bowl his very first year on the playing field, and then right back to the championship his second year, before the 49ers owner pulled the plug on Jim Harbaugh. His ability is unquestioned, but guilty consciences are just too much to handle. We’d rather root for a loser than root for a winner who exposed our weaknesses.

  87. I think you forgot to mention he had a great statistical year…. after the opponents were winning handily and eased up defensively.

  88. I a Veteran. Not a racist. I look at this young man as most Veterans do. The things he has degraded, which afforded him his obvious distain foi America protests, makes me proud owners stand up for our America. He is a Mediocre Quarterback with only fly by night success. He won’t be missed.

  89. Business owners hiring a 20 year old look at all of their online profiles etc to see some background. Too many possible distractions that could derail a team or just take away from revenue, its a straight up business people. Say a team signs him and he doesnt work out so is released then you get a segment of society that deems its because of his social stands. Then that team will be vilified. The same reasons listed in this article that he has been blackballed for are said to be not legit reasons he is currently without a team, so then what reason would a team that signs him have to release him? The backup took his job. Wants too much money etc etc. Its a no win. Sign him and he doesnt produce there will still be naysayers thatll point to certain stats that say he was good etc and released because of reason X. Its a lose lose for a team which in the business of the NFL isnt worth the risk.

  90. Only teams I could see that would be good to sign him right now are the Dolphins and the Redskins because neither team really seems intent on winning. Who’s the sacrificial lamb for social justice???

  91. I am somewhat appalled by these comments. As far as I read they are all negative on Colin, citing reasons that never applied to him. He wants to play and has the stats. I guess we collectively want to suppress what he stands for and it seems ensure that he never plays again.

  92. I wish a team would sign him and start him, just so all the talking heads could be exposed as bigger fools while they continue to push the “CK is still good” false narrative.

    Which, BTW, is exactly the reason he WON’T ever sign and play again.

    The truth is, if he REALLY wanted to play, he would’ve signed in the CFL and be putting up numbers that NFL owners couldn’t ignore.

  93. Go away. He’s never going to play in the NFL. I can’t wait until his age becomes such that the NFL wouldn’t consider him for that issue first and foremost.

  94. I think he’s created a problem for himself now though. I think eventually teams could have gotten past the whole anthem issue and signed him. The problem with Kap is that he has become this supposed social justice warrior, which is all well and good, but some of the stuff he does is ridiculous. Saying that Nike has to pull their shoes because they shouldn’t show a flag that existed during the first days of the nation’s history due to the fact that slavery existed (while not even knowing the history he’s trying to speak about, because he didn’t realize the flag was originally created by an adamant abolitionist!). He’s just become too crazy at this point for any team to want to deal with. The current situation has nothing to do with the previous anthem protest nor his skin color.

    I also think that, fair or not, he doesn’t have a job because he’s a QB. QBs are the face of the franchise and need to be focused on/dedicated to the team moreso than any other player/position. There are plenty of anthem protest players still playing in the NFL today. This isn’t about anthem protests, it’s about the fact that he plays a position where more than any other you need someone who is steadfast, focused, and not creating distractions off the field.

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