Browns players are free to say what they want, until they aren’t

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Browns receiver Jarvis Landry made a public call on Thursday for the team to get the ball more frequently to receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The remarks arguably break protocol and cause problems, since the do-your-job-style mandate made popular by one-time Browns coach (actually Ravens coach) Bill Belichick would make it clear and obvious that it’s not Landry’s job to politick for him or anyone else to be getting the ball.

Current Browns coach Freddie Kitchens didn’t see it that way. Sort of.

“They are free to say whatever they want to say,” Kitchens told reporters on Friday when asked about Landry’s remarks. “I do not monitor them. ‘Monitor’ is not the right word. I do not put restrictions on what they say. Our only rule is do not hurt the team. I do not think that hurt the team. I would agree with him.”

Whehter it potentially hurts the team is a matter of interpretation. Some would say that mounting pressure on the coaching staff and quarterback Baker Mayfield to get the ball to Beckham hurts the team because getting the ball to one player shouldn’t be the focal point of running an offense. The goal should be doing what’s best to move the ball. Specifically as to the passing game, it means throwing the ball to the open man.

If Mayfield is thinking more (or at all) about getting the ball to Beckham than Mayfield is about getting the ball to the open man, the offense won’t work as smoothly and effectively as it could or should. If the defense is determined to take Beckham away — and there’s clear value in doing so if the Browns will deliberately be trying to get the ball to him — there should be other openings that the offense can exploit.

“I think we need to intentionally get him the ball, too,” Kitchens said of Beckham. “I think we need to intentionally win a game.”

A game can intentionally be won without the ball intentionally being pushed to Beckham. But Beckham, like so many other receivers, wants the ball and isn’t afraid to say so. That’s where the coaching staff and the quarterback need to tell Beckham and anyone who would clamor for Beckham to get the ball to do their jobs, reminding them that offensive strategy or play calling aren’t their jobs.

That’s why the Patriots have six Super Bowl trophies, and it’s also why the Browns are teetering on the edge of plunging to 2-4 as they prepare for a post-bye trip to New England.

42 responses to “Browns players are free to say what they want, until they aren’t

  1. And so it begins. How much longer before the pouting and mopey faced Beckham becomes a major distraction as the losses mount and he is not getting ‘his’ touches.

  2. This Browns team kind of echoes Vince Young’s “dream team” debacle with the Eagles a few years back. A lot of good Individual players, sky-high offseason expectations, too much believing the hype, and endless drama.

    And we all know how that turned out.

  3. Can we please stop? This is true for every team in the league. I really don’t know why the Browns have earned the press’s hyper focus.All this endless idle chatter only hurts the team in the end.

  4. Kitchens has zero control over that team and it’ll be his downfall. He’s just like his players in that he loves hearing his own voice. They’re a team of words more than actions.

  5. Not every coach needs to bw BB. He’s the biggest star on his team, even over Brady, he runs his show, and makes sure nobody is bigger than the team. Kitchen doesn’t have the personality or the clout to do that yet.

  6. “That’s why the Patriots have six Super Bowl trophies, and it’s also why the Browns are teetering on the edge of plunging to 2-4”

    Yeah, THATS why.

  7. Why does the term “Dream Team” only get thrown around when describing teams with big name WRs, RBs and DBs? The Browns o-line is terrible and their HC is learning on the job – how this equates to SB is beyond me.

  8. bobthebillsfan says:
    October 11, 2019 at 4:16 pm
    This group of players need to learn to shut their mouths and let their play do the talking.

    Why do people say this? These guys are interviewed daily. What are they supposed to do? It’s time we start using common sense.

  9. I guarantee the Browns win the division this year. They’re a young team together for the first time. Of course there will be growing pains. The haters are quiet when they win, but come out in full force when they lose.

  10. I feel bad for Cleveland fans.

    This team doesnt personify them at all.

    Clevelanders are hardworking, no bs, nose to the grindstone, blue collar people.

    Baker Mayfield OBJ and Jarvis Landry are more like the Niners people than cleveland.

  11. If they start trying to get OBJ more targets, then someone else will be getting less targets. That’s when Landry will start complaining he’s not targeted enough. Lose lose situation.

  12. It’s to bad Baker is not QB he thought he was. Besides the coach being in over his head, Baker will never consistently be able to get either top receiver the ball, He’s just not that good.

  13. Barring a miracle, I expect to see Kitchens on the unemployment line by the end of the season. There’s a lot of talent on that time, and it isn’t being managed well.

  14. The Patriots under the greatest NFL Coach (and LAST Browns’ coach to win a playoff game) have created the System that works, yet poorly run teams like Cleveland want to do the exact opposite. I predict that won’t work out well.

  15. The issue seems pretty simple to me, the OTs are both below average…Hubbard is a guard and Robinson a RT at best The Right Guard (kush) is horrible. Bad trade in Zeitler for Vernon, qb cant step into pocket cuz it doesnt exist – maybe, lamm starts at LT this week, robinson RT and hubbard RG – bottom line is the ‘offensive’ OL…has nothing to dovwith the skill players…maybe the ‘skill’ is OL play?

  16. Just like the rest of us. Social media already puts your first amendment rights on ice whenever they feel like it, and Beto wants to do the same.

  17. I don’t know what’s worse… A public statement that they need to get you the ball more or that they need to get it to the guy you think is better than you. Never thought I’d miss T.O.

  18. Beckham has a schedule to meet. He needs positive highlights to fuel and justify a victorious rant against his former team. And he needs to do it before his former team can lay claim to a successful narrative. Two wins sparked by Daniel Jones had to make Beckham awfully impatient. Now that the Giants dropped one to the Patriots, Beckham sees a window of opportunity to make the kind of play that will support a rant.

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