Is New England offense good enough? “We’ll see,” Tom Brady says

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Once again, the Patriots played around with a grossly inferior team for a large chunk of a game. Once again, the Patriots ended up easily winning it, thanks to touchdowns from a unit other than the offense.

The offense produced 21 of 35 points scored in the 21-point win over the Giants, with only two of the three offensive scores coming from drives of more than 60 yards; the third ended a five-play, 20-yard possession. And while quarterback Tom Brady threw for 334 yards, the offense still feels more sluggish than it should.

After the game, Brady was asked whether the offense has been good enough.

Brady paused. He shrugged. He shrugged again.

“We’ll see,” Brady said. “We’re 6-0, so try to get to 7-0.”

Brady previously has expressed frustration regarding the performance of the offense, in the aftermath of the 16-10 win at Buffalo during which the Pats found points very hard to come by. He reportedly wasn’t happy with the decision to release receiver Antonio Brown, and Brady recently lamented the team’s decision to part ways with tight end Benjamin Watson.

Then there’s Gronk. We reported in July that a personal plea from Brady would be a major factor in a potential decision by tight end Rob Gronkowski to unretire. On Thursday night, owner Robert Kraft made it clear that he wants Gronk to return.

The schedule toughens up considerably after the Week 10 bye, with a game at Philly, a visit from the Cowboys, a trip to Houston, and a showdown with the Chiefs. Maybe the wheels will soon be placed in motion to get Gronk back on the field for the six-game stretch run, and the three games that ideally will follow it.

As Brady would say, “We’ll see.”

20 responses to “Is New England offense good enough? “We’ll see,” Tom Brady says

  1. No… but… the patriots covert surveillance of opponents is WAY “above-average”.

  2. No, not good enough now, but it is still just October. There is time to get better and, of course, there is time to get worse. Hopefully they conjure up another healthy body or two and somehow get a consistent running game going and get better.

  3. Last night the offense was limited to one group last night – 1 TE/ 1 RB/ 3 WR
    They had no fullback, no reserve TE, and the other “names” were Boldin, Meyers, Izzo and Olzewakazewski. (the z’s are silent).

    I’d say they did pretty good coming out of that with a W.

  4. To paraphrase mike Tyson,

    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Somehow this pathetic version of the patriots will find a way. Those teams you mention haven’t played the pats yet so their records count for nothing.

  5. Passive-aggressive isn’t a good look, especially when he’s been part of the problem. The INT he threw last night was on him. Edelman was open and Brady threw it way wide, right to the defender. He’s also holding the ball too long and taking bad sacks, knowing the line can’t hold up. Getting Harry and Wynn back will help but the cavalry isn’t coming unless Belichick can muster another Jedi mind trick and finagle Trent Williams from Washington.

  6. Don’t get m wrong, the Pats are proven champions. But have you looked at their schedule. The only decent team they played so far is Buffalo who almost beat them. They have yet to face a proven veteran QB and wont till Nov 17 Philly and following week w Dallas.
    They have a legit shot at going undefeated with that cupcake sched.

  7. I can never remember a time when a reigning SB champ starts the season with as soft of a schedule. Might as well just hand them the division and pencil them in the AFCCG

  8. Looks like we need an article on how the schedule is created. Specifically the part about how the teams have nothing to do with it.

  9. same old schedule idiocy. they play the nfc east this year, last year they wiped up the nfc north and the best team in the nfc west along with everyone in the afc. they play the best teams in the afc every year. they beat your crappy team and crappy division again and again.
    for twenty years it’s been who’s next.

  10. No one ‘hates’ the Pats. The negative commentary stems solely from the distrust resulting from their behavior showing no respect for the game and having no integrity. Getting caught twice means those are the only times they were actually caught red handed and of course punished. No, it’s not about hate, just disappointment. No one felt this way about the Packers, Steelers, Niners, Cowboys etc. in their dominant eras. So it’s clearly not about the success, or jealousy ….this attitude did not start until after Spygate surfaced. So hang on to the stats and records, because the legacy of just a disappointment will never change. The first thought that will always come to mind in the years moving forward when this stain of an era comes up is….oh ya…they cheated the game, the fans and their own legacy.

  11. Im sorry, why is the game against the Cowboys considered ‘tough’
    Next week against the Jets will be a tougher game than playing the Cowboys who play offense in 1/4 quarters.

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