Jaguars list Jalen Ramsey as questionable

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Officially, there’s a 50-50 chance that a “heart-to-heart” talk will heal Jalen Ramsey‘s back.

Via Michael DiRocco of, the Jaguars cornerback has been listed as questionable on the team’s injury report after being a limited participant Friday.

Ramsey has missed the last two games, visiting a back specialist and bravely defeating the flu since his trade demand was rejected.

Owner Shad Khan said this week he expected Ramsey to play in Week Six against the Saints, after meeting with him earlier this week.

Quarterback Gardner Minshew was taken off the injury report after being a full participant Friday. He was limited Thursday with a groin issue.

8 responses to “Jaguars list Jalen Ramsey as questionable

  1. This is absurd. IF he’s well enough to play than he should play. IF he’s doing this in hopes to get the Jags to trade him ASAP then they need to place him on IR and make him sit the entire year while they retain his rights. Enough Already.

  2. Give him a bottle of Absorbine Jr. and tell him to get out there already.
    Honor the contract you signed!

  3. Orrrrrr, let an Owner, General Manager, Coach, etc. run their team however they see fit and the results will be what the results are – including the applicable ramifications. I love Interwebs keyboard warriors.

  4. The Jags have 3 options

    1 Pay him

    2 Trade him

    3 Stay firm, keep talking about 5th year options and franchise tags and we have the upper hand and all the leverage blah blah and Jalen will keep finding ways to get paid without playing. No teams win Superbowls doing this, teams are built on culture and getting guys to buy in. The only position on a team that can’t be replaced is a QB, and even then we have what maybe 10 QB’s in the NFL who you can say that about.

    This thing isn’t beyond repair yet but it’s close.

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