Richard Sherman says ESPN offered him Monday Night Football gig in 2018

Getty Images

The week began with 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman making a claim that quickly was debunked. The week is ending with another claim from Sherman that may or may not eventually be refuted.

Sherman told Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area that, in 2018, ESPN offered to Sherman the spot in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth that went to Jason Witten.

Maiocco’s profile on Sherman initially says that ESPN “gauged his interest,” which sounds like something less than a firm offer. The article later explains that Sherman said he was offered a “lucrative deal” to trade playing football for talking about football after the 2017 season.

Monday’s factually erroneous claim that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield refused to shake Sherman’s hand prior to kickoff on Monday night followed by Sherman’s decision to double down based on inconclusive visual evidence (he’d later launch into tweet-deletion mode once clear videos emerged) requires some skepticism.

Sherman’s name didn’t come up in the rumor mill prior to the hiring of Witten, but that’s possibly because Sherman quickly exited the pool of potential candidates when signing with the 49ers in March 2018. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine something like that staying quiet for so long, because plenty of people would have known about an actual offer made to Sherman by ESPN.