Zach Brown trashes Kirk Cousins ahead of Sunday’s game

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If Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins plays better when he’s angry, Eagles linebacker Zach Brown might have just provided the motivation.

Via Tim McManus of, Brown went to town on his former Washington teammate, before he plays against him Sunday.

“Cousins, I think every defense is going to want that guy to throw the ball,” Brown said. “For me, that’s probably the weakest part of their offense is him. Everything else is good. They’ve got a good running game, probably one of the best in the league. They have real good receivers.

“You just want them to pass the ball. You want Kirk Cousins to get it in his hands.”

Brown and Cousins played together in Washington in 2017, before Cousins signed his $84 million guaranteed deal with the Vikings.

“I realized when I was in Washington, he was kind of careless with the ball. But at the same time, hey, you make the bed you sleep in, . . .” Brown said. “Make him frustrated back there. “First we have to stop the run, and then make him frustrated back there. Our main concern is stopping the run because if they can run the ball, they’re going to win.”

For all the money they spent on a quarterback, Brown has a point about the Vikings. They’re currently third in the league in rushing, and 29th in the league in passing. The Eagles are the near-perfect complement, first in the league in run defense but 27th against the pass.

39 responses to “Zach Brown trashes Kirk Cousins ahead of Sunday’s game

  1. Tell me he is in anyway lying Vikings fans? He’s complimented your running game, he’s complimented your receivers, he’s even said that if the running game gets going you prob win. The truth is your QB is a fraud who is stealing money and your coach is a joke.

  2. The OL is terrible at pass protection. Can’t throw completions if you are on your back. Everyone wants to rip Cousins. Look at the pass completion percentage for his career. I think he gets a bad rap.


  3. Has trash talking before games every worked out? Not really. For all of Cousins’ shortcomings, he’s torched plenty of defenses in his career. He’s typically better at home in noon games too. Be careful what you wish for buddy!

  4. Yes, because Kirk Cousins responds so well when challenged. Or in big games. Or against good teams. LOL

  5. I wish Zack Brown with shut his mouth, what’s with back ups in Philly thinking they have leverage to pop off at the mouth?! Didn’t he learn from Vince Young?! This goes against what Doug Peterson preaches after every game, give respect to the opponent.

  6. shut it Zach! Let your play do the talking. But yes Cousins is the king of crap qb play!

  7. When are these fools going to learn to keep their mouth shut? Why give the other team any more motivation?

  8. Cousins has had some of the best games of his career against the Eagles. He may not do well against most of the other good teams, but he seems to thrive against the Eagles.

    Also Zach Brown needs to be careful. He’s a good run stopping linebacker, but he’s worthless in coverage.

  9. Sounds to me like a guy who signed a 3 $24 mil contract with no guarantees is a little jealous of a guy who signed at 3 year $84 mil contract that is fully guaranteed.

  10. Probably not a good idea to trash Cousins ahead ahead of the game. Probably should wait until after we beat him, especially since our secondary makes every competent Quarterback look like a superstar… Maybe the guy who has zero sacks, ints and have failed to make an impact so far this season just keep his mouth shut and go make some plays.

    Dumb Brown!!!!

  11. First, I have no idea who this guy is. Is he good? Seems like I would have known his name right away then. This dude has 15 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 0 QB hits, 0 INT’s this season. Is he even a starter?

    Oh, and the they have “real good receivers” bit? Ya, generally speaking, a QB is the one throwing them the ball.

  12. I really enjoyed Kirk Cousins’ six years here in Washington, and I’m following him in Minnesota and wishing him great success. Zach Brown had a really good year here in 2017 – last season, meh! I will always be a fan of Kirk Cousins – I never think about Zach Brown.

  13. Cousins is a better QB than Brown suggests.

    And given the way QBs have torched the Eagles pass D this year, it seems pretty unwise for them to dare any QB to throw on them.

  14. If the Eagles improved since beating the Packers, they should win. If not, they’ll likely lose. The Vikings have a pretty good squad. Their fans need to forget about the money and accept whatever Cousins will give them. He’s serviceable. He’s adequate. He may not be the best but he’s certainly not the worst.

  15. What Zach says here today does not matter at all.Brown and Cousins have to do something on the field Sunday.NFL teams playing the Vikings know they have to stop Dalvin Cook first.But still with the Eagles poor secondary I am not so sure I would invite any team to exploit the passing game. Should be a good game Sunday . Skol

  16. I’ve heard of Zach Brown. He has some kind of band. Can’t play a lick of football, though.

  17. Lol! Lead singer of the Zach Beown band.
    I guess he likes his team “Eagle Fried, a pair of Jeans that fit just right and Cousins lighting it uuuupppp”

  18. Cousins will put up a BUNCH of yards if they get down by a few scores.

    Then Vikings fans will say “LOOK AT HOW GOOD HE IS BECAUSE OF THE YARDS” and everyone will laugh at them because yards do not equal points.

  19. tokyosandblaster
    Oct 11, 2019, 6:34 PM EDT
    Cousins will put up a BUNCH of yards if they get down by a few scores.

    Then Vikings fans will say “LOOK AT HOW GOOD HE IS BECAUSE OF THE YARDS” and everyone will laugh at them because yards do not equal points.
    I am laughing… you!

  20. You know why Albert Einstein is still so popular after all these years? It’s because of people like Zach Brown. It’s really hard to believe they’re of the same species.

  21. Eagles are also first in the league in after the whistle hits, piling on and intentional leading with the helmet with intent to injure.

    It’s the Schwartz effect. If you can’t maim, hurt them with mean words that you can’t back up unless the other guy isn’t looking.

    Internet Viking fans suck but I too hope that Cousins torches this clown.

  22. Usually running your mouth before the game is foolish. Running your mouth after the game is bad sportsmanship. Respect your opponent. See you at noon on Sunday Zack.

  23. Zach Brown strikes me as a very stupid individual. He was also the guy who encouraged Bradham to run an interception out of the endzone when he should have just taken a knee and clinched the game.

  24. Kirk Cousins has always killed the Eagles, so no matter what anyone says about him, I don’t feel comfortable going up against the Vikings with him at QB. They’re going to have to pressure the hell out of him, similar to what they did last week against the Jets. If they can’t get pressure on Cousins, it could be a long day for the defense.

  25. Zach Brown is correct to take away the Vikings’ ability to run the football and make Kirk uncomfortable in the pocket and he will choke… The Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will blitz the hell out of Kirk Cousins. Last week the Vikings played a Giants defense that couldn’t stop the run or put pressure on Cousins. We all know thin in the face of pressure that Cousins will put the football on the ground or throw an INT. This who Kirk is as a QB…

  26. He’s not wrong…but why say that? It’s bad sportsmanship…and doesnt shoe class. Why not just let your play do the talking. Typical Philly player. Kirk torched Philly last year. Be careful what you wish for.

  27. Philly sucks and so does the city. Only NFL stadiumn that has a jail inside it. Philadelphia was once the nation’s capital, but the Founding Fathers thought living in a swamp was better than living in Philly. Philly also has demented sports fans.They assault Santa Claus yet build a statue to honor Rocky Balboa, a fictional boxer. How do we make Philadelphia go away for good? Maybe we can convince Google to leave it off its maps service.

  28. Well, now I hope Cousins destroys Philly and Zach can go back to his singing career…. what a tool to spout off before a game like that, it’s not like anyone has ever heard of Zach Brown the football player, whereas at least Cousins has had some great games on his resume

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