Did ESPN truly offer Monday Night Football to Richard Sherman?

Getty Images

While not quite to the level of #HandshakeGate, the recent claim from 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman that ESPN offered him a “lucrative deal” to move from the playing field to the Monday night broadcast booth in 2018 may be equally as accurate as the contention that Baker Mayfield snubbed Sherman before the coin toss on Monday night.

ESPN declined comment as to the question of whether Sherman was offered the spot that eventually went to Jason Witten. However, a source with knowledge of the situation explained that ESPN was very transparent regarding the audition process, and that the list of candidates was well documented. Sherman never was mentioned as a potential candidate at the time; thus, it seems that he never actually was.

That said, Sherman could have a future in broadcasting. He’s candid. He’s blunt. He won’t mince words or beat around the bush.

Of course, factual accuracy is an important component of the gig. He may have a little bit of work to do in that regard.