T.J. Hockenson questionable for Monday night

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Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson may be “full go” in practice, but his status remains undecided for Monday night at Green Bay.

Hockenson officially is questionable for the NFC North showdown against the Packers. He suffered a concussion against the Chiefs 13 days ago. On Thursday, he was officially limited in practice (despite being dubbed “full go” by the team’s website). On Friday and Saturday, he fully participated.

The rookie first-rounder has 11 catches for 168 yards and two touchdowns in four 2019 games.

Also questionable for the Lions are cornerback Darius Slay (hamstring), receiver Danny Amendola (chest), defensive back Quandre Diggs (hamstring), defensive lineman Da'shawn Hand (elbow), and defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson (knee).

Out for the game are defensive lineman Mike Daniels (foot) and cornerback Amani Oruwariye (knee).

Quarterback Matthew Stafford continues to be listed on the injury report with a hip injury. However, he fully participated in practice all week, and he does not have a designation on the final report.

14 responses to “T.J. Hockenson questionable for Monday night

  1. Yeah…right…. he’s playing. I wish the Pack had a shot at drafting him. We got the other guy who’s been hurt – can’t even think of his name as I’m sitting here.

    Looking forward to this game. Remove the 3 pts the home team always gets and Vegas is calling this one a toss-up.

  2. I would not say the Lions are the Packers whipping boy. If you look at it as far back as history can go sure, but the last few years the Lions have gotten some good wins in. I think it will be a tough hard fought NFCN game, Winner will be in the driver seat in the division. No moral victories, only real ones count.

  3. What exactly have those “some good wins” amounted too? The same exact thing as the history reflects, nothing.

    Stafford has been on the Lions for over a decade and the Lions haven’t even won a playoff game with him. Winner will be in the driver seat of the division which is irrelevant at this point in the season considering every team in that division is in the mix and most likely will be unless of course the Lions go 0-2 the next two divisional games which is much more likely the case. You and fantasies of the Lions are just wishful thinking non-sense.

  4. “What exactly have those “some good wins” amounted too? The same exact thing as the history reflects, nothing.”

    Really can’t argue with this, while the Lions fan’s post seems to be positive and hopeful. I can’t really see what he means about good wins when they can’t even reach a playoff clinch with a QB they specifically drafted a decade ago to get them there. If I recall I believe Stafford turning the ball over or lack of performance caused the Lions to blow their playoff berths:

    2011 2 INTS vs. Saints

    2014 1 INT & 2 Fumbles vs. Cowboys (Lions fans blamed the Dez Bryant call on the loss after three turnovers from Stafford.)

    2016 Stafford didn’t even show up as the Seahawks rolled them 26-6.

    Some really good wins there though…

  5. whistlingthroughthegraveyard says:
    October 13, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    What exactly have those “some good wins” amounted too? The same exact thing as the history reflects, nothing.
    I agree with everything you are saying, they amounted to nothing.

    But my point is that regardless of what it amounted to, they have not been “the packers whipping boys” in the past few seasons. And regardless of if the winner does anything after this, the fact is it’s a big game in which the winner takes control of the division. Does this mean the winner is Super Bowl bound? No. It’s one game, but at least for the lions, if you lose, it becomes that much harder to have a chance to win the division.

    Even this game, if the Lions were to win, and go on a good run to the playoffs as a Div Champ, gotta win games in the playoffs to mean anything.
    No delusions here. Will it happen? highly unlikely. But, making it to the playoffs and hosting a playoff game has not happened for the lions in decades. (Better chance of winning a playoff game if you actually get to host one)

    Every year/team is different. I have been a critic of Stafford throughout his time in Detroit. I think this year is as close to a balanced offense he has had. It’s finally not just him and 2 receivers. Are they complete? No, I still the Packers are better.

    But they play the games for a reason.

  6. “Four TDs for Kirk Cousins in 38-20 Vikings win”

    I love when QBs in the Lions division destroy a team that Lions fans claim is a “tough” opponent or “big win.” Cousins is good enough to beat anyone, especially the team the Lions basically lost to this season. 27-24 by the skin of their teeth with out their top WRs suited up.

  7. “”I love when QBs in the Lions division destroy a team that Lions fans claim is a “tough” opponent or “big win.”””

    Yep-EXACTLY! The Vikings and Bears are going to sweep the Lions again this season, no way the Lions can hang with those defensive squads.

  8. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 13, 2019 at 5:04 pm
    Last week the Packers gave up 563 yards and their fans called it a dominate defensive performance. Get ready for a hay day lion fans

    Scoreboard Viking troll, scoreboard.

  9. Mike Daniels — out with foot injury for the Loins. Also noted that Randall Cobb did not play yesterday for Dallas, and Clay Mathews is out several weeks for the Rams.

    The Packers do have a way of moving players before injuries seem to overtake them.

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