Todd Gurley’s injury truly is a quad, not a knee


Running back Todd Gurley will miss Week Six, officially due to a quadriceps injury. Some wonder whether it’s really a recurrence of his knee problems, but that it’s called something other than a knee injury in order to keep everyone from freaking out with questions about his knee.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that it’s truly a quad injury, not a knee injury.

Even if misplaced, the skepticism is warranted, given that the Rams apparently concealed the knee injury for much of last year, and given the extent to which Gurley has bristled regarding the “bad energy” reporters have placed on his bum knee by asking questions about it.

Knee, quad, or something else, the Rams signed Gurley in 2018 because of his status as a workhorse tailback. If he can no longer fill that role, the Rams may decide after the season to move on from Gurley before the next $10.5 million chunk of his contract becomes fully guaranteed in March.