Baker Mayfield says hip is “tender . . . it hurts”

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield played through a hip injury Sunday, but he didn’t use that as an excuse for throwing three interceptions and losing a 20-6 lead.

“A little bit, but that is not an excuse,” Mayfield said when asked if his hip affected his play. “It hurts, but it’s a physical game of football.”

Mayfield injured his left hip on a first half scramble. He stayed in the game, but a few plays later, dropped to a knee in apparent pain after a throw.

He went to the locker room between series, and Garrett Gilbert warmed up, but Mayfield stayed in the game.

“There was no conversation [about leaving the game]. It was not even a thought,” Mayfield said.

Coach Freddie Kitchens expected his starting quarterback to return and expects to have him in two weeks when the Browns return to action against the Patriots. They have their off week in Week Seven.

“Baker is a tough individual,” Kitchens said. “He is a tough quarterback mentally and physically. He will be fine.”

Mayfield said after the game his hip was “tender.”

He has thrown 11 interceptions this season, the most through six games by a Browns quarterback since Paul McDonald in 1984, per ESPN Statistics & Information. That likely made his hip hurt even worse.

29 responses to “Baker Mayfield says hip is “tender . . . it hurts”

  1. Baker…talking about it only puts a target on it for every 300+lbs d-lineman for the rest of the season. Take a page from the Pats and curb this instinct to talk about every dang thing.

  2. Baker Mayfield maybe a better pocket passer than Lamar Jackson but Lamar leads from the front until the clock hits zeros. Also he genuinely cares about this teammates. He has the intangibles of a leader. Mayfield has an ego instead

  3. Sorry bro… you ran into a hitting machine called the Seahawks, The Lambs were punished by losing half their roster so don’t feel too bad—cost of doing business against a physically violent monster like the Hawks.

  4. Dont hear much chatter out of Clev now!!!! The only team the past decade that has dealt with the chatter and just played r the Pats! Most teams get too full of themselves when people stroke their ego continuously.

  5. Mein Gott….Bake just can’t stop talking. Keep it secret. They will be after that hip from now on.

  6. Once again the showed the Haslim family Made a bad in not keeping Williams. Freddie is like Tomlim. Doing nothing with a lot of talent. He is in way over his head. Why throw a flag when Nick had a walk in?

  7. The most overhyped QB in many years. He needs to focus on watching tape and leading by example on the field and now behind the microphone and on social media. The Browns will be just fine in a year or so.
    Not too sure that the HC was the right choice but the team itself is loaded with talent.
    Time will tell

  8. The kid is a good qb. Seriously. But needs to learn how to be humble and shut his pie hole and not motivate the world into wanting to drill him. Just not the way to act. See Brady, Wilson. And I’m a browns fan. This sucks.

  9. mountie97 says:
    October 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm
    Dont hear much chatter out of Clev now!!!! The only team the past decade that has dealt with the chatter and just played r the Pats! Most teams get too full of themselves when people stroke their ego continuously.

    You sir are just another Browns hater that has zero football intelligence. All the Super Bowl hype was the media, literally all of it. Not one player,coach,assistant,g.m.,owner, nobody on the Browns guaranteed anything this year. The media constantly hounds them with questions that are gonna incite the kinda clueless remarks people like you keep giving. There’s some talkative players on the Browns, but we are not making all this noise the media is.
    And then to say the Pats are the only team to handle the chatter, really? Not only do they constantly have drama going on, you fans are the most arrogant, ridiculous fans in the history of sports. Any time there’s an article about a team in a negative fashion, 50,000 Pats bandwagon fans( and yes most of you are, don’t even try it) come on and try to compare their amazing organization to them.The same organization that drafted a man that had already murdered before the draft and did it again. The same organization whose owner was involved with a prostitute at a trafficking spa( whether he knew or not, prostitution is illegal). The same team that has lost multiple draft picks because of cheating. Should I keep going or is it TLDR? Yeah you guys are a model team all right.

  10. Nobody really hates the Browns do they? Not like 49er fans hate the Seahawks anyway. To have actual hate your team needs to have destroyed their team at some point… like the Seahawks destroyed Jim Harbaugh’s version of the 49ers before they could win a championship.

    They will always remember “the tip”…ironic that Sherman is now a niner yeah? They have to love him now I guess…but they will be quick to turn on him when the time comes…

    The Browns haven’t done much rival destroying lately…Bernie Kosar? I can’t remember really it was so long ago…

  11. timmywarbux says:
    October 13, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    I’m confused when people say he can’t stop talking. He’s being asked questions and he answers them.

    You need to look at Bill Belichick. He gets asked questions too. He knows how not to answer them.

  12. Or just look at another QB that just beat you in Russell Wilson on the podium…his pressers are textbook. Spend all that time praising your team and don’t cry.

    People get bored and say it’s fake but it’s never controversial.

  13. tinytoolalldrool ,

    Yeah, just like Tomlin who has won a Super Bowl and been to another and never had a losing season and who has the Steelers in every game this year despite the injuries. Riiight. Like the Browns wouldn’t love to make that call if Pitt was as dumb as Cleveland is to cut him loose.

  14. The Browns are a very good Team & one or two plays away from having had a chance to win the game. The reliance or inference that the refs are the reason won’t fly. Mistakes at the end of first half and second half were the cause. QB passed behind his targets & the Receivers really didn’t help him out.

    I think they will compete in the weak AFC for a playoff spot. Next year and beyond, they should be very competitive.

    In the meantime; I am happy that the Seahawks and NFC West are showing their strength. Go Hawks!!

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