Despite today’s benching, Josh Rosen remains Dolphins’ starting quarterback

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Dolphins coach Brian Flores benched quarterback Josh Rosen this week, and backup Ryan Fitzpatrick nearly led Miami to its first win of the season. But Fitzpatrick didn’t earn the starting job.

Flores confirmed after the game that Rosen remains the starting quarterback.

So why bench Rosen during today’s game, just days after announcing that Rosen is the starter for the rest of the year?

“I felt like we needed a spark,” Flores said.

Fitzpatrick gave them that spark. But that wasn’t enough to make him the starter. Rosen will keep starting, and the Dolphins, most likely, will keep losing.

14 responses to “Despite today’s benching, Josh Rosen remains Dolphins’ starting quarterback

  1. The Dolphins plan is to keep losing. As an added bonus they get to see if Rosen can improve going forward. It’s a good strategy.

  2. Go Josh! Next week you can start making all those teams “pay” for passing on you in the draft!

  3. Fins fans thought Chris Grier was a genius for getting Rosen from the cards for a second round pick. Enjoy what you asked for fish heads.

  4. The early season bye week has created a quirk in the standings for Miami.

    They have only played 5 games, but they are 5.5 games out of first. That may or may not be a record for the “latest point in a season that a team is further out of first than the actual number of games they have played.”

    The Pats have their bye in Week 10. So the Dolphins could possibly be 8.5 games out of first after their 8th game. My guess is that record would stand for a long time.

    Also, the Bengals have their bye in Week 9, which is the soonest Miami could pull even with Cincy in the WTFP20* standings.

    * With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft…

  5. Dolphins host the Bengals in a pivotal Week 16 matchup that will likely determine the top pick in the draft.

    The Redskins should still be within striking distance as well. They have the second-worst point differential at -77, but are still 61 points behind Miami.

  6. “kd75 says:
    October 13, 2019 at 5:43 pm
    Had to bench him.

    Can’t have the Fish actually sneaking out a win.”
    Did you watch the game? Because I was at the stadium and can tell you that Flores did Rosen, the players and the fans a favor. Rosen had gotten a brutal beating and had checked out. Fitz almost won the game, leading the team to two TD in the last Qtr.

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