Jalen Ramsey inactive again

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Not even the Jaguars owner knows what’s going on with Jalen Ramsey.

After owner Shad Khan said last week that he expected his wantaway cornerback to play against the Saints today, Ramsey is among their inactives.

Khan said he had a “heart-to-heart” with Ramsey early in the week, and expected him to play.

Ramsey was listed as questionable this week because of the back issues that sent him to a Houston specialist.

He’s now missed three straight games since asking to be traded, claiming the flu along with the back issue which didn’t seem to be a problem previously.

19 responses to “Jalen Ramsey inactive again

  1. As soon as the Jaguars clean house in their front office, Jalen’s back will feel a lot better. The owner has to decide. NFL teams are making so much money regardless of if they win or lose, there needs to be more motivation for the owners to want to win.

  2. I would suspend him immediately as a Jag fan. This injury is BS, and he is just trying to accrue a year towards FA. Lets make sure that doesn’t happen unless he plays.

  3. Ramsey should have thought this through before claiming he has a chronic back problem, at this point no team will want to give him a big contract

  4. Let’s be realistic. If he thinks he’s doing himself a favor then someone’s giving him bad advice. Any team interested in him had better put a bunch of behavioral clauses in the contract because he’ll do the same thing to his new team whenever he gets his feelings hurt. Plus he has quit on his teammates. Sure, he’s a good player but do you really want a quitter in your locker room? Any contract he gets should include his salary as per-game roster bonuses and that’s it. No guaranteed money. No huge signing bonus. After watching the AB situation unfold teams will be wary of a quitter and an immature crybaby.

  5. You cannot suspend him without pay unless the team and/or an independent doctor examines him and determines he is healthy. If the team tries to suspend him without pay and the doctor determines there is something there regarding his back injury then you better believe the NFLPA will have something to say about it and an arbitrator will rule in Ramsey’s favor. Ramsey would prefer to be traded, but I am sure he is thinking suspended with pay is not a bad second option.

  6. Maybe the Jags owner should listen instead of hearing only what he wants to hear.

    Trade Ramsey or fire Marrone.

  7. This is a farce. Everyone knows it st this point. The only ones defending him now are either sympathetic to his cause or useful idiots.

  8. This drama queen is only interested in filling his Brinks truck.
    even his most ardent supporters here in Jacksonville are fed up.
    Trade deadline in a couple weeks….so we’ll see.

  9. Cut this fool and get your money back. Clearly he’s faking this injury. Lawyers will eat him up in court. Can’t let these entitled millennials think they run the show.

  10. Find a reason to suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team, and then don’t pay him while he’s suspended, and make him file whatever appeals he wants to try and get his money. That puts a stop to that behavior real quick guys don’t like it when their bank accounts reach zero isn’t that right Manziel

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