Lamar Jackson: I did what it took to get the victory

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has won games with his feet and he’s won games with his arm over the course of his brief NFL career.

On Sunday, he used both to dispatch the Bengals. Jackson became the first quarterback to throw for at least 200 yards and run for at least 100 yards in a regular season game — Colin Kaepernick did it in the postseason — and the Ravens moved to 4-2 with a 23-17 victory.

Jackson ran for 111 of his 152 yards in the first half to join Michael Vick as the only quarterbacks to run for at least 100 yards in a first half. After the game, Jackson said the Ravens saw what Kyler Murray did to the Bengals defense last week and knew there would be chances to make plays on the ground.

“We watched film on them, and they gave us the looks,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “If I’ve got to run, I’ve got to do it, and today that’s what it was. I did what it took to get the victory.”

Jackson’s task this week will be to come up with the right formula to beat the Seahawks and lift the Ravens to a 5-2 record ahead of their bye week.

17 responses to “Lamar Jackson: I did what it took to get the victory

  1. Lamar, let’s stop the pretending. You are a running back. You are not a QB.

    It is time that the NFL implements a truth in position policy. If you are declared a QB, you cannot run for more than five times for positive yardage. The sixth run makes you ineligible to play the rest of the game at ANY position.

    It is time to end the charade of these fake QB’s who run with impunity and cannot play the QB position at all in the pro level that is needed.

  2. Bad stats. The 200 yard passing and 100 yards rushing has happened before, alot. Russell Wilson, Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Cam Newton,Steve young just from a quick look up.

  3. WOW A lot of people really taking this season as an opportunity to label the AFC North as “Cream-Puff”… is this your first NFL season guys?? The AFC North is typically a brutal division to play in. One year down and our division is “Cream-Puff” SMDH… hope everyone says that every time the Patriots win their division…

  4. AFC North is the black and blue division. As long as the Ravens and Steelers are there it will stay that way.

  5. No, Lamar, you did what you always do – you run first – you don’t give passing enough time to work and you default to what you are – a running back. You are a fake.

  6. ndywilson40 says:
    October 13, 2019 at 8:52 pm
    I? I thought football was a team sport. Silly me.
    Lamar is the ultimate team guy. He never takes credit for anything!!! He gives his O-line, running backs, receivers and even defense all the credit. That’s why he loved by his teammates. The context was when a reporter asked him about his thoughts about breaking the rushing record. He had mentioned before that he will run if he had to, but, he’d rather pass. Cincinnati basically dared him to run and showed him some looks, so, he took advantage. He would do anything to get the W. Please don’t let the facts stand in the way!

  7. In total they had 43 run attempts and 33 pass attempts over nearly 40 minutes time of possession. Cincy is 15th in pass defense and 32nd in run defense. The Ravens offensive game plan for this game was clear, run and run some more. With the RPO the Bengals couldn’t tell where the run was coming from. I’m glad my team has this flexibility.

  8. 1st QB to have 200+ passing and 150+* running in a regular season game. Just a typo on the running yardage.

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