When will Cam Newton return?

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We last saw Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in Week Two, against the Buccaneers. As the Panthers engage in the rematch against Tampa Bay in London, it’s fair to ask whether we’ll ever see Newton with the Panthers again.

He’s still recovering from a foot injury, and the team is 3-0 without him. He’s not in London, and he hasn’t attended any of the games played in his absence.

On one hand, they want to keep Cam off his injured foot. On the other hand, he can sit on the bench and help Kyle Allen, sharing his views on what the defenses are doing, how the offense is operating, what he sees via the images on the Microsoft Surface tablet.

But Cam is instead out of sight, and he could end up being out of mind — especially if the Panthers keep racking up wins without him. NFL Network’s Willie McGinest suggested during the pregame show that this is now Allen’s team, and that Newton won’t be back next year.

As hot takes go, this one is far from scalding; it felt like an up-or-out year for Cam from the get go, given that he’s under contract only through 2020. After 2019, the Panthers need to decide whether to extend Cam or to move on, with a lame duck year likely not feasible for anyone. Newton will make $18.6 million in the final year of his second deal, so maybe the contract is tradeable. Or maybe they’ll just have to cut him loose.

This isn’t a question of skill when healthy. It’s a question of when will he be healthy and can he stay healthy? Just as the shoulder was supposedly back to 100 percent, Newton suffered a foot sprain. And the constant angst regarding whether the Panthers are using him enough as a runner or too much or just enough is something they simply don’t have to worry about with Allen, who can just run the offense, with heavy reliance on running back Christian McCaffrey.

Given that the top of the quarterback market will pass $40 million by next year, the Panthers could choose to keep Cam around, ride him while he’s healthy, and switch to Allen if need be. But they’ll also need to pay McCaffrey in 2020, given that he’ll undoubtedly (and rightfully) stay away until he gets the financial security he deserves, before the tread flies off his tires.

The real question for Cam is whether the tread is already gone. It very well may be, which sets the stage for a significant decision in early 2020 — especially if the foot injury keeps Newton away from the team for the balance of 2019.

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  1. I have always had the impression that Cam was along for the ride, that his heart really isn’t in it, and that was confirmed when he wouldn’t go after that fumble in the Super Bowl.

  2. The fact that he hasn’t been at games to help Kyle Allen says it all, in my estimation.

    Cam’s always been ME ME ME and guys with egos like his can’t stand playing second fiddle to the next man up.

    I’m a Panther’s fan and I’d like nothing better than for Tepper to send Cam on his way, so he can become the cultural icon and YouTube celebrity who will sit in his recliner, sipping his wife and puffing on his big cigar and dispensing his wisdom to the millions and millions of fans who exist only in his delusional mind.

  3. Makes no sense at all for Car to release Cam after this year under any circumstance even w Kyle Allen making a long playoff run. What are they paying Kyle 500,000? Factor in Cams 19 mil and they are below average in terms of money spent. They could definitely get some kind of draft pick for Cam if that s the direction they go but just to cut him makes no sense some QB needy teams will call at some point in offseason or into next year if indeed Kyle continues to start. Or at any point Kyle could get banged up and then they have Cam as their backup.

  4. Christian McCaffrey does not strike me as a player who would ‘undoubtedly stay away until he gets the contact that he deserves.’

  5. “When will Cam Newton retire?”

    I think that’s the question, he has no heart doesn’t love the game.

  6. It depends on whether Riverboat Ron wants to keep his job. If he does then Cam has played his last game. If he puts Cam back on the field and they stink it up again, he should be fired immediately.

  7. “I think that’s the question, he has no heart doesn’t love the game.”

    Yeah, he hates the game so much that he wouldn’t bench himself even though he was injured…

  8. doctorpancake says:
    October 13, 2019 at 12:29 pm
    “I think that’s the question, he has no heart doesn’t love the game.”

    Yeah, he hates the game so much that he wouldn’t bench himself even though he was injured…
    He’s done, your hero was vastly overrated and vastly over hyped coming out of college.

    He’s 30 years old now and still on the road to nowhere.

  9. If Carolina really wants to contend they need to keep Allen as the starter regardless of how many more games he wins or loses, and keep clown boy on the bench until the end of the season, and then trade him or release him, but Cam had his moment and his window is CLOSED!!

  10. I want to believe Cam is still into it, however Allen is doing a great job in my opinion and I think Cam would be a better baseball player at this point in his career! He was a great baseball player at Auburn wasn’t he?

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