Baker Mayfield has NFL-leading 25 interceptions since start of 2018

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Baker Mayfield‘s turnovers are killing the Browns.

He had his fourth three interception game of his career Sunday. The second-year quarterback has played only 20 games, with 19 starts.

Mayfield leads the NFL with 11 interceptions this season and his 25 dating to last season also lead the league, according to

“I think each and every interception has its own story,” Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said Monday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I want Baker to continue to work to make better decisions. Then we need to work around him to make sure we’re where we need to be. Quarterback play is dictated by people around him being on same page.”

The Browns are 0-7 when Mayfield has a multi-interception game, according to Cabot.

Kitchens defended his quarterback after Sunday’s loss to Seattle when Mayfield went 22-of-37 for 249 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

“I thought Baker was wired in, focused, concentrated during the course of the week,’’ Kitchens said. “We had the best week of practice that we’ve had and did not execute in the critical situations, and I did not call good enough plays in critical situations. We are going to continue to get better each and every day.”

The Browns are off this week, giving them a chance to regroup before facing the Patriots.

34 responses to “Baker Mayfield has NFL-leading 25 interceptions since start of 2018

  1. He’s on par to break Brett Favre’s record! LMAO! I can’t even believe Favre is considered HOF with 336 INTs!

  2. This guy needs to forget about making commercials and start learning how to play football. Overrated and overexposed at this point.

  3. He will run his mouth about an opponent so it takes the attention off how bad he is sucking…but it ain’t workin’.

  4. Correlation does not always equal causation. Maybe just maybe good defenses caused those turnovers and won those games.

  5. Gunslinger quarterbacks are inconsistent quarterbacks. They may end up being good two or three times as often as they’re bad, but the bad always comes up to hurt them eventually. The only way a gunslinger style QB wins a championship is if he manages to string together his “good” streak during the playoffs, like Favre did. Once. Early in his career. I’ll take consistency over crazy highs punctuated by heartbreaking lows.

  6. “Maybe just maybe good defenses caused those turnovers and won those games.”

    Or, just maybe, he’s throwing lots of inaccurate passes into coverage. But bless your heart for believing that the Browns somehow have been stuck with a murderer’s row of tough defenses for the past two years.

  7. He has more interceptions that bounce off the hands of his receivers than any QB I’ve ever seen. I want to say it’s more than half of his INTs. It’s uncanny. There’s a “touch” issue they have to figure out. He rifles the ball at close range and though receivers should be able to handle it they clearly aren’t.

  8. The problem with baker is not humbling himself, he acts like a veteran,like he’s bn in the league for 8 years. In reality, it’s just his rookie year.

  9. I’m not a Browns fan but the little I have seen of them has confirmed that this stat is misleading. In the two games I watched, more then half the ints thrown hit the receiver in the hands and they bobbled them into the defense’s hands (SF and SEA). This stat is more a reflection of the receivers playing terrible and bad coaching than of just bad QB play.

  10. Maybe it’s just this simple…..he’s not that good.
    Dorsey and Company were so desperate that they fell face first into a well hyped but short and slow QB with a circus horn..

  11. He’s one of the worst QBs in the league. He’s a Jameis Winston clone, complete and total turnover machine, has no understanding of how turnovers impact a team’s ability to win. He’s the complete opposite of Tom Brady.

  12. For those that are pointing out that some of the INT’s are bouncing off of receiver’s hands – this happens to all QB’s. Baker is a victim of tape. He played relatively well last year because there was no NFL tape on him. The Sophmore jinx is really “tape caught up”. His tendencies are killing him right now. I”m glad he’s getting that commercial money now. I highly doubt that the Browns won’t be looking for a new QB by the time his contract renewal is upon them.

  13. 7 of 11 of WR hands this year. He has gotten zero help from Odell. Odell is soft and scared to go over the middleman Freddie and baker feel pressure to feed Odell and it hurts the whole offense. Odell leading the league in dropped passes and dropped 3 first downs and lost the game against seattle . Most over hyped and over rated WR in football.

  14. Favre was a gunslinger and the fastest in the Old West. He may have shot his opponent but he also shot a lot of innocents in the process. Baker is in the same mold, but he’s not nearly as fast or accurate.

  15. If the kid wasn’t such a loud mouth I could route for him to turn it around. But since he is, I like seeing him consume the humble pies…

  16. He’s a Gunslinger QB. The same things being complained about here is also why he has the most TD’s in a first season in NFL History. We’re talking about an almost .500 QB with the Browns like he’s Nathan Peterman.

    Peyton Manning in this same span had about this many interceptions as well. So did Brett Favre as many have mentioned. There’s a huge difference between an interception machine like Deshone Kizer or Nathan Peterman who was guaranteed to turn over the ball constantly with no payoff and Baker Mayfield who is a stats collector who might throw a couple picks a game but also lead the team for at least a chance for 3 or 4 scores in the same game. If the Seahawks don’t block a punt in the first half of last weeks game the Browns win even with Mayfields Interceptions. Let’s not forget that.

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