Brian Flores leaves door open for a switch back to Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Josh Rosen is Miami’s starting quarterback for the rest of the year. Unless he isn’t.

Coach Brian Flores said just last week that Rosen will be the guy for the balance of 2019. Then came Sunday; Rosen played poorly against Washington, and Flores made the switch back to Week One starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played well and nearly pulled off a come-from-behind win. After the game, however, Flores said he planned to stick with Rosen.

Then came Monday. As explained by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Flores left the door open for a change back to Fitzpatrick.

We’ll see what happens this week in practice,” Flores said. He also said that the Dolphins “have a good evaluation” on Rosen, which implies that he doesn’t need to play in order to allow the team to make a decision on whether he should be the guy in 2020 or beyond.

On one hand, this could be part and parcel of As The Tank Turns, an inherently clumsy process that entails victory from defeat, while trying to conceal the effort to not win. On the other hand, this could be Flores realizing the tease that is Fitzpatrick, who plays well just long enough to make a coach think Fitzpatrick is good before stinking it up, the FitzMagic to FitzTragic transformation that happens even more reliably than Jekyll to Hyde.

Regardless, the Dolphins aren’t going to pull themselves into contention, so at this point they may as well continue to take their lumps and enhance their draft standing for 2020. Whether it’s Fitzpatrick or Rosen or someone else, these Dolphins aren’t going to win many games. If any games.

And if that’s what the powers-that-be have decided to do in order to get their next Dan Marino, so be it. The NFL won’t stop them, and even if the fans flee for now they’ll come back if/when the team starts to win.

That’s the much harder part of tanking. Securing premium draft picks means nothing if they don’t have the infrastructure in place to select the right players and to develop them.

13 responses to “Brian Flores leaves door open for a switch back to Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. The Dolphins would be insane not to start Josh Rosen the rest of this season. There is no ‘good evaluation’ on the future of a 22 year-old second year quarterback that does not include as much playing time as possible.

  2. Rosen’s body language is not good – – looks sad

    could be because he has no time to throw, but seemed as if Fitz had a lot more time to throw ?????

  3. If the goal is to tank, I wouldn’t play Fitzpatrick. He’s more than capable of putting up a win or two, despite the supporting cast.

  4. Any franchise that doesn’t try their hardest to win as many games as possible every year is diseased and will never win. Ask Browns fans how well it works out stockpiling draft picks. It is a losing formula and always will be. A good team has talent and depth at all positions with a mixture of veterans and youth. Having 30 rookies isn’t the answer. I don’t understand the thought process of tanking for picks in the NFL, whether it be from fans, media, or even worse, teams.

  5. It’s alright Dolphins, we know you are tanking for Tua. No need for the charade of switching QBs.

  6. Good to throw Rosen in the mix and give him a break when needed. No reason to rush him in or out this year. Looks like a work in progress.

  7. It’s not difficult to see what’s happening. Miami came within one play of beating the Skins but Rosen threw 2 picks earlier so Rosen is unable to carry the Offense. It’s too bad because he has a good arm and lots of good traits. His problem is that he’s slow to read the Defense and pick a receiver.

    Fitz is the opposite. Fitz takes chances and gets it out there quickly so receivers have more time to catch it before the hit. However, Fitz is a streaky player we already know. So would you rather play Mr. Streak who can get some production out of the receivers or Rosen who needs a lot of time? Rosen is a project. I think the coaches already see that and have decided what needs to be done. Rosen needs to be a backup for a long time probably. Maybe 2-3 years.

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