Bucs not considering a QB change

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The No. 2 pick of the 2015 NFL Draft was benched on Sunday and no one would have been too surprised if the No. 1 pick of that draft had found himself in the same situation as Marcus Mariota.

Jameis Winston threw five interceptions and lost a fumble in a 37-26 loss to the Panthers in London, but head coach Bruce Arians never called Ryan Griffin’s number. On Monday, he said it wasn’t something they’ll be considering during their bye week either.

“No. I look at the reasons why. What happened?” Arians said, via ESPN.com. “If it happens again, yeah, it’ll concern the hell out of me.”

Winston’s history says that another game like Sunday’s is likely to happen, something he noted when he said on Sunday that it wasn’t the worst game of his career. Arians is aware of that history, but said he remains confident that Winston can clean up his game.

“I think just him playing better, the guys around him playing better, coaching better — the whole thing,” Arians said. “I think as we continue to grow together, I think it will get better and these games will be one in a million and not one every five.”

The Bucs may not see Griffin, who has never taken a regular season snap, as a viable option to push Winston to the bench right now, but one would imagine a future without Winston is an increasingly likely path for the team to follow once the 2019 season is over.

33 responses to “Bucs not considering a QB change

  1. Not surprising.. Their history verifies that they make the WRONG decisions far more than the best decision… It will be their ruin in due time…

  2. Some of the worst quarterbacks in this league have never had a five interception game. Winston is gone.

  3. Winston is who he is,5 years later. He’s not changing. Bruce Arians is delusional if he thinks that this is the guy to lead them anywhere but the golf course in December. If yesterday’s debacle in England didn’t have him thinking about benching him,I feel bad for Bucs fans.

  4. Maybe it’s time for ownership to step in…or are they blind too? I know Arians has good intentions,but is this the product he wants to give the fans?

  5. Winstons actually had a few great games this year. his chances of being a franchise QB are long gone but he’s played well enough to earn himself a nice little backup contract. He was an excellent college QB who ended the SEC reign of terror, you can never take that from him.

  6. Jameis was terrible, but don’t let that hide the fact that the defense gave up a 99 touchdown drive, Mike Evans cut off his routes repeatedly, and the depleted o-line turnstiled every pass rusher they saw. The fact they were a muffed punt away from this game being competitive in the 4th quarter had a lot to do with his refusal to quit.

  7. They should…But, they won’t. That is coach-speak for “I wish we had someone else!”

  8. Frustrated Bucs fans are tired of our season being over in October. Sad but true. We did have a good 10 year run but this last 15 years has surely been difficult. I think this guy is a coach killer. The other sad part is, where do we go from here.

  9. Bruce Arians has obviously never seen the ” Eat a W ” pep talk. Watch that speech and tell me how much faith you have in that guy to lead your team.

  10. It’s insane how risk adverse NFL coaches are. That’s on the field with all the punting on 4th and 1 and stuff like that. It’s off the field too with deciding to stick with mediocre QBs, afraid of the small chance a new QB ends up worse.
    Stick with Winston and you’re topping out at 6-8 wins…and you’re paying him $20 million. More if you sign him past this year.

    So…draft a new QB or sign a bridge QB and draft a new QB, and chances are more likely you’ll be the same or better (with a cheaper QB cap hit). The chances are slim a drafted QB or vet free agent/drafted QB combo would actually produce worse QB play. Even with that you’ve got cap space to improve elsewhere, and the ability for the new QB to grow into someone better than Winston year 2, year 3 beyond etc.

    In the grand scheme of things, lets say 2020 that slim possibility happens, a new QB is worse. What really is the different overall, if 2020 is 6 – 10 with Winston or 4 – 12 with a rookie. Still missed the playoff, still a few years from contending…but with Winston that is who he is. A new QB, and money to spend, can grow from being worse 2020 to better in the end.

  11. Every new coach the Bucs get deludes himself into thinking he’s the one who can make a decent pro out of Winston. Arians is just the latest to overrate both his and Winston’s ability in this regard.

    If Tampa plans on fielding a winner any time soon, they’d better dump Winston and draft a good QB. The fans in Tampa deserve a lot better than what they are getting.

  12. Winston has all the tools and talent to be a superstar QB except for the one between the ears.

  13. They’re in a rough spot since Arians came out of retirement specifically to coach Winston. Changing QBs would set the stage for an immediate coaching change. Probably not a great plan to hire a coach so closely tied to one single player.

  14. Sometimes a QB needs to take a step and reevaluate how he is playing the position… Bruce Arians should have pulled him and let Jameis look at the game from the sideline, but I understand what Bruce is doing because he doesn’t want Jameis to lose his confidence. Jameis has all the ability in the world and he is just 25 years old, people forget that sometimes it takes time to really develop a consistent QB. The Bucs need to build a better OL because most of Jameis INTs are coming from being rushed in the pocket, he is trying to step up in the pocket but as soon as he does he’s got pressure in his face. When Jameis has time in a clean pocket he’s delivering the football on time and putting up big numbers.

  15. Why would they bench Winston? Unfortunately they don’t have a backup that is any better. Also, Inconsistent wide receivers and a shaky offensive line don’t help either. Bruce is supposed to be the Guru on offense. let’s see what he does by week 10.

  16. Jameis played great the previous few weeks, before facing a talented Panthers defense who wanted revenge for a loss earlier in the year. People who are paid to coach football professionally aren’t as short-sighted and reactionary as idiotic fans.

  17. Who would they start instead of Jameis? You stick with your QB, I feel like he has a very high ceiling. If the Bucs get rid of him he will start for another team. You take the good with the bad, not every quarterback has a Tom Brady like career.

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