Chargers players didn’t like Steelers “theme music” playing at their stadium

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The Chargers have played enough home games since moving to Los Angeles to make it clear that they don’t enjoy much of a home-field advantage in a stadium that’s often filled by fans of the visiting team.

It was no different on Sunday night as cheers for the Steelers could be heard throughout Pittsburgh’s 24-17 victory. It felt even more like Heinz Field in the fourth quarter when the opening strains of Styx’s “Renegade” began playing on the stadium’s speakers.

As Chargers running back Melvin Gordon noted, the song is “theme music” at Steelers games and neither he nor teammates like guard Forrest Lamp appreciated hearing it at their home field.

“We’re used to not having any fans here,” Lamp said, via the Los Angeles Times. “It does suck, though, when they’re playing their music in the fourth quarter. We’re the ones at home. I don’t know who’s in charge of that but they probably should be fired.”

The song sparked loud cheers from Steelers fans, which made it hard to hear that the song switched to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” in an attempted joke at the expense of those fans. The joke missed the mark, however, and the powers that be might want to avoid any Packers-themed musical humor come Week Nine.

34 responses to “Chargers players didn’t like Steelers “theme music” playing at their stadium

  1. Poor excuse for the pathetic LAC performance. But spot on that it was inexcusable by whoever made the decision to put the music on. Is there anyone here that would not be angry if they were in the position of any Charger’s player or coach as this played out as it did?

  2. Something tells me Spanos doesn’t care. He and Mikey Brown only care about counting their money.

  3. “Their” stadium is a soccer stadium they’re just renting for a couple years. Then “their” stadium will be the Rams’ stadium. They’d better get used to stuff like this because they’re not really going to have a true home for the foreseeable future.

  4. this may become the pivotal moment where the Spanos family realizes how bad they screwed up, and in a year or two from now the true San Diego Charger fans will be thanking Pittsburgh Steeler fans for making it so blatantly obvious on national television that NOBODY in LA cares about the Chargers… its time to come home now boys…

  5. With Hodges at QB, the Steeler theme music is either:

    * “Disco Duck
    * “The Devlin Down to Georgia”

  6. Spanos won’t come home (SD), so he should except their fate and permanently play on the road in the city of whomever they are playing. At least then he could sell out a larger stadium full of opposing fans.

    I kid, although it wouldn’t be much worse than what they’re dealing with today. #LAmeChargers

  7. Something tells me Spanos doesn’t care. He and Mikey Brown only care about counting their money.
    Add the Glazer kids to that list.

  8. If the players are that concerned about music, isn’t that an indication that the fans not in attendance, et al, may think the players care more about music than football effort?

  9. Spanos is trapped and can’t move back to SD. Actually a new owner would be highly unlikely. In addition to the franchise purchase price, the new owner would have to “pony up” another $650 million relocation fee. Then, moving the team back to SD he’d have to put another $350 million to bring San Diego stadium up to speed. The NFL owners hate Spanos. Sadly, the NFL: has a failing franchise on it’s hands and can’t do anything about it.

  10. Spanos only to blame.

    Only reason I would like to see the Chargers come back to San Diego is to have Philip Rivers finish out his career where he first gave us hope.

  11. The San Diego Padres did a prank like that earlier in the year for the Red Sox and Sweet Caroline. Ironically LA copies it and it goes over poorly lol

  12. They should have moved the Chargers to Vegas and the Raiders to LA with the Rams. Kroenke, correctly though, did not want the Raiders as a tenant because it was going to be his financed stadium and LA belongs to Raiders fans.

  13. Steelers’ fans are so gross and obnoxious it’s a wonder anyone from LA wants to be anywhere near them.

  14. Oh my goodness 😛 C’mon Chargers, just give it up and go back to San Diego. You should be there and never should have left. They’ll Never fit in L.A. I have a close friend who grew up in S.D. and WAS a die-hard Charger fan. He, now, openly roots against them; from start to finish every season and every game as he feels betrayed, as a fan, to a team that was so connected to the San Diego area. This whole L.A. move for the Chargers has been and will continue to be a disaster. When they move into a shared stadium with the Rams, they’ll just be playing second fiddle and will probably never know what a home-crowd sounds like ever again.

  15. Spanos got what he wanted, got more money, in a couple of years that may change, no fans on a new stadium (even at $50 ticket) will lower the value of the team. He though chargers had fans in LA, they do not exist. Put the team on 💰 so it can come back to San Diego.

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