Doug Pederson: We’re going down to Dallas and we’re gonna win

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The Eagles took a thumping in Minnesota on Sunday to fall to 3-3 on the season, but it didn’t take long for head coach Doug Pederson to turn his attention to what’s coming next.

Week Seven brings a Sunday night game in Dallas against a 3-3 Cowboys team that’s lost their last three games. The winner of the game will have first place in the division all to themselves and Pederson said on WIP Monday morning that the Eagles are going to be that team.

“I know the sky is falling outside,” Pederson said. “It’s falling and I get that and the fans are real. We’re going down to Dallas, our guys are gonna be ready to play. And we’re gonna win that football game and when we do we’re in first place in the NFC East, we control our own destiny, we’re right where we need to be. Has it been perfect or beautiful or all of that? No. But all we need to do is try to be 1-0 this week, beat the Dallas Cowboys, we’re in first place.”

Cleaning up things on the back end of the defense would help make Pederson’s prediction a reality. Pederson said he’s hopeful that the Eagles will have some healthy players back in the secondary this week as they try to put themselves back on a winning track.

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  1. I give Pederson credit for being a good coach, going for it and of course winning a SB but I think his approach has flash in the pan written all over it.

    Going for it on 4th down and faking FGs is great when it works, but when you get stuffed, or are trying fakes FGS with no TOs left which if successful will still force you to clock it and try a FG is just stupid.

  2. Look I’m a Vikings fan, but realistically they had to start Craig James the guy that we cut it in preseason. And that’s considering that Rhodes and Wayne’s can no longer knock down passes or track balls in the air, and the kid still didn’t have a place at the table. I am thrilled with the win but don’t think it depicts the Eagles as who they truly are. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went down to Dallas and won. I was a little afraid in the third quarter they might be going to win in Minnesota. There’s too much talent there to be 3-3. Everyone has to deal with injuries, but everyone also hopes they won’t keep hitting the same positions.

  3. Doug’s bold prediction is based more on the fact that Dak is not a good QB than his secondary couldn’t stop a Pop Warner team.

  4. bills24 says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:13 am
    Good luck in Buffalo the following week too bud
    Yes, everyone be scared of the team with no QB.

    Wide right, you lose again.

  5. Well considering half the team is on IR or hurt and not playing, the other half can’t catch a ball to save their life who are they taking to Dallas?

    Let me also say Nelson Agholor enjoy the 9.5 Mil this year because you are a league min guy at best!

    Oh and fire the training staff, who has ever herd of 3 guys getting hurt in warm-ups!

  6. Eagles coaches to blame for slow starts.

    Eagle secondary is D grade…we all know that…They were counting on their front 7 to put pressure on the QB…That hasn’t happened….so the pass defense is lousy.

    Too many old players not playing – Peters, Sproles, Jackson… can you contribute if you are not playing?

  7. A beat down by the Vikes to that franchise and their fans which couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team and fans.

  8. As if playing for first place in the division wasn’t enough.

    Not losing to a team as terrible as the Jets.

    Pederson goes and gives Dallas a full week of a chalkboard challenge to get fired up about ?

    Not smart.

    Say it in your locker room….not the media

  9. the fage FG was ridiculous….. best case…they are a few yards closer and kicking it anyway…risk/reward ratio was miscalculated by the genius iMHO

  10. You are what your record says you are. Nobody cares who is injured. There is no asterisk because you played a backup CB or QB or anybody. Your record is your record. Everything else is just talk and conjecture.

  11. Oh My, Another Guarantee. The only problem with this is if you lose you look like an idiot and lose respect from everyone including your players who are mad at you also because you’re writing a “Check” that they have to cash. Bad strategy Doug!

  12. Doug Pederson: We’re going down to Dallas and we’re gonna win
    It didn’t work out very well for Hasselback when he made a similar statement at an OT coin flip:
    “We want the ball and we’re gonna score!”…*throws pick-6 to end the playoff game

  13. Oh great, that won’t fire up a team who just lost to the Jets. Peterson, what a putz. Guess I better bench Wentz.

  14. Have you seen Dallas lately? The most overrated team in the league. I expect the Eagles to win, too.

  15. I guess you guys were expecting Doug to say were gonna go down to Dallas and we might find a way to win? Everyone thinks they should win every game, The Jets thought the same after losing to the Eagles and it worked for them vs Dallas 😉

    The Eagles are just a few healthy bodies away from being a contender again. Be realistic here for Dallas too, I mean they beat the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins. They havent beaten anyone worth noting yet.

  16. You may still win in Dallas despite the guarantee karma, because Dallas is just that pathetic right now. But you have the larger issue of your boy Wentz not being able to lead this team. They just don’t play hard for him. They just don’t. I know he makes some eye-popping plays, and the stat sheet doesn’t look bad, but you can’t tell me this team looks as competitive under Wentz.

  17. carloswlassiter says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:15 am
    I give Pederson credit for being a good coach, going for it and of course winning a SB but I think his approach has flash in the pan written all over it.
    His coaching ability left with Frank Reich

  18. Dallas is not half as good as the Vikings, and the Eagles just may be able to win down in the Lone Star state.

  19. Eagles fan here, no doubt our secondary is a complete mess. Unless we tweak that, we’re doomed to finish 7-9 at best. We can beat Dallas IF our running game gets going and we don’t give Dak 5-6 second to throw. Howard and Sanders need pound the ball, and Doug, no more bulletin board material for Dallas please!

  20. Who cares if its bulletin board material? Its Eagles-Cowboys for first place. That’s why these games are usually on Sunday night.

  21. I was impressed with the Eagles’ offensive performance yesterday in a loud stadium, without their #1 OT and missing their fastest WR.

    Sure it’s easy to trash the barely replacement-level CBs, but I wasn’t particulrly impressed with the defensive game plan playing either quarters coverage, single high safeties or stacking the line of scrimmage leaving those second string CBs on an island — particularly after being burned a couple times. Gym Shorts should have adapted his defensive game plan to hide those deficiencies. If they have a plan like that against Dallas, Pederson’s prediction will fall flat just like his LBs prediction did yesterday.

  22. Geeze why do people say things like this, especially coaches?

    Belichick would have said – Dallas in an excellent team that does a lot of things very well. We’ll have to play our best football in all 3 phases to win down there.

  23. It’s not like Pederson’s was knocking the cowboys or trash talking. Seems to me like he is just trying to motivate his team and give them a boost of confidence. This is nothing like what brown had to say about cousins.

  24. What’s wrong with what Pederson said ? Jones said Dallas was Super ready … I believe Pederson more than Jones lol

  25. widerightyouloseagain says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:24 am
    bills24 says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:13 am
    Good luck in Buffalo the following week too bud
    Yes, everyone be scared of the team with no QB.

    Wide right, you lose again.

    Do you realize that the 2 best teams in the AFC this morning both reside in the AFC East and the only reason Buffalo isn’t undefeated is because they lost to the best team in the NFL? Both NE and Buffalo have smothering defenses and the rest of the NFL is going to find that out soon enough.

    Btw, how did Dallas, the pre-season NFC favorite to go to the SB, do against the Jets yesterday – you know, the 3rd best team in the AFC East? I’m asking for a friend…

  26. Rex Ryan school of coaching versus Belichick and others. How about keeping you mouth shut and letting your teams play do the talking.

  27. Both teams have weaknesses. If healthy the Eagles are the better team, but they aren’t that healthy. Dallas is slightly favored for a reason.

  28. How many other Seahawks fans just had a flashing memory of:

    “We want the ball and we’re going to score”

    Yikes… winning in the NFL is hard enough without giving the opponent extra energy and incentive.

    People who never played the game will tell you different but motivation and will to win is a giant Factor…especially in the trenches. Look for Zeke to have a big day maybe…but then again you never know. That’s why we play the game.

  29. Lots of trash talking to put down a man who is not even a couple of years removed from outcoaching Belichek in SB 52. If you’re a Dallas fan or Eagle hater, you’d be well advised to take Pederson’s words lightly at your own risk.

  30. Wow. Guaranteeing victory over a bad team that has just lost 3 in a row. How incredibly brave.

  31. Pederson may have a “healthy” secondary, but will he have an “effective” secondary? Guys like Darby and Mills were suspect to begin with even before they got hurt. Are they better than Jones and Douglas, the pair who got torched in Minnesota? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell on that one. The jury will deliver their verdict on Sunday night.

  32. tylawspick6 says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:16 am

    This franchise is so unlikeable and arrogant.

    Right, because that description doesn’t fit the Patriots at all. Uh-huh, sure.

  33. Win? One of you will win? ROFL. You two might just tie because you are all worthless collections of clowns with limited talent at the QB position.

  34. I expect the Eagles to beat Dallas as well. Dallas is so over hyped regularly, for little reason and this has happened for the last 20 years.

  35. tylawspick6 says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:16 am

    This franchise is so unlikeable and arrogant

    Like the cowboys?

  36. Jason Garrett in reply to Coach Pederson: “Well, he’s right. I look forward to watching that team rebound on us Sunday Night. We have to be nice and play soft and be good hosts.”

  37. lobstasandmobstas says:
    October 14, 2019 at 11:22 am
    Who isn’t beating Dallas these days!?


    The Giants and the Redskins.

  38. What’s Doug supposed to say? I hope we’re good enough to be a team that lost to the Jets last week?

  39. A few thoughts…
    “his one superbowl”…Which he WON out coaching the “genius” in the process!!! Besides he’s only been coaching three years so how many should he have.
    “arrogant and unlikeable team”… coming from a pat’s fan that is funny.
    If your team needs “bulletin board” material to get motivated then you have a poorly run organization. Minnesota didn’t need it to win, they are a very good team.
    When your team has just got pushed around by the Jets you shouldn’t take offense to teams not fearing you.
    Wentz is still playing, Foles is still hurt.

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