Jason Garrett just “focused on doing my job as well as I can do it”

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Jason Garrett doesn’t use words like “concern” or “worry.” The Cowboys coach sees them as negative and a waste of energy.

Needless to say, he’s not concerned or worried about his future despite the Cowboys’ three-game losing streak and 3-3 record.

“I’m focused on doing my job as well as I can do it,” Garrett said Monday. “That’s what I do when I come in here every day and really that’s what we ask all of our players and coaches to do.”

Why should he worry?

Owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones publicly have backed Garrett since the Cowboys’ loss to the previously winless Jets on Sunday.

But Garrett’s future is a hot topic in DFW after a team that entered the year with Super Bowl hopes has come to a crossroads not even halfway through the season.

“I think what we talk about from the outset is you always block out the noise,” Garrett said. “Often times, there’s positive noise out there that it’s important to block out. We talk about that each and every day. It’s ‘focus on us, focus today, focus on the task at hand.’ There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s not going to be helpful and productive to us being our best either individually or as a team. So, whether it’s positive or negative, you lock in on yourself on what you need to do to be your best that day.”

Garrett, who is 80-62 since taking over for Wade Phillips in the middle of the 2010 season, is in the final year of his contract.

20 responses to “Jason Garrett just “focused on doing my job as well as I can do it”

  1. No other team will ever give him a coaching job. He will be out of the league after this year.

  2. Not a Cowboys fan by any means… But why is this guy always in the hot seat dilemma? They lost three games, so what it happens. Who else is out there that could do a better job. The Cowboys are a middle tier team period. Let the man coach his team and see where the chips fall.

  3. Good thing he does everything Jerruh would have done or he would have been fired a long time ago. It’s odd that the strings that run from Jerruh’s luxury box down to Garrett on the sideline never get tangled during a game.

  4. This is his 10th year as coach of the Cowboys. He’s approaching Marvin Lewis territory as coach with the longest tenure who has won nothing.

  5. The most over rated team in the NFL! Why because of popularity! And popularity never equals greatness!

  6. I’ve often defended Garrett because I don’t think he’s as bad as he gets ridiculed for being but that being said I’m just so tired of his coaching. Once in awhile you need to chew some ass and this is that time. The team is flat and lazy and comes out unprepared on both sides of the ball but Garrett is still high fiving and clapping.
    The offense is predictable. Even Romo points out the offense was similar to the 07-09 Garrett offenses. We go for it on 4th and 2 when all you needed was points? We run a counter toss on 3rd and 11? We use no screen’s or short passes till the 3rd quarter despite being without our top 2 tackles? The guy is always behind the 8-ball when it comes to coaching and enough is enough. Nice guy, his players play hard, etc, etc. But that’s not good enough anymore. Time for Dallas to move on.

  7. Even if the Jones’ decide to fire him, he won’t be highly sought after outside the organization. They will likely bring him back in some sort of front office role to keep him paid and “taken care of.”

  8. It’s pretty simple: If the Cowboys make it to the NFC championship game and play a good game there, win or lose Garret will get a new contract. Short of that, he’s out on the street.

    Jerry believes he has a Super Bowl roster. With Quincy Carter (oops I mean Dak Prescott!) at QB, he doesn’t.

  9. I don’t know why so many people are so hard on the gum chewing hand clapper. His .563 win percentage is better than Jerrah’s since Jerrah took over GM role. And remember, Jerrah took over a stacked team that Jimmy Johnson built. Without the bump from the Jimmy Johnson teams and Garrett’s .563 win percentage Jerrah would be sub .500.

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