Jerry Jones: Three-game losing streak not just on Jason Garrett

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Cowboys fans want Jason Garrett fired. They have made that clear on social media.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has more patience.

“I haven’t even glanced there in my mind about [any] long-term future,” Jones said Sunday night, via Jon Machota of “I’m looking in the future as next week against those Eagles.”

The Cowboys lost their third consecutive game, losing to the previously winless Jets on Sunday, but they remain in a first-place tie with the Eagles in the NFC East. The co-leaders play at AT&T Stadium for the outright division lead next Sunday night.

“I’m going to be very trite. I was a lot happier with what he had done the first three games than what’s happened the last three games,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “But the big thing I want to say is it’s not just [Garrett]. This is across the board. That had a lot of input out there tonight to get in that spot.”

Garrett, who is in the final year of his contract, began the season coaching for his future. Nothing has changed except for his seat getting warmer by the loss.

The Cowboys have their off week in Week Eight.

But Jones has fired only one head coach during the season and that came when the Cowboys quit on Wade Phillips in a game against the Packers in 2010 to fall to 1-7. Garrett got the interim job before the Cowboys hired him full time in 2011.

Jones gave Garrett a vote of confidence last week on his radio show, saying, “Don’t bet any money [on Garrett being fired]. You’ll lose it.”

The Cowboys started 3-3 and then 3-5 last season before turning it around, winning the NFC East and advancing to the divisional round of the postseason before losing to the Rams.

“If you really look at it, you can’t take one thing,” Jones said, via Archer. “It can be a list of 15 things with some having more of an emphasis on maybe the player, the execution, mistakes, breaks — all of those kinds of things. Across the board we did not play well enough to win. Had we been able to tie this thing up, or win that thing at the end, it wouldn’t be because we played well. You guys would be writing about a team that did not play well that won a game. Instead you’re [writing] about a team that what usually happens to you when you don’t play well. Am I thinking that this is what we are going to be or what we can do with our 10 games that we have remaining, here we are leading the NFC East? Not at all.

“I want to look at the things that we’re doing right, and we’ll give a good look at making the adjustments or whatever the things that haven’t gone good here.”

24 responses to “Jerry Jones: Three-game losing streak not just on Jason Garrett

  1. All that bolstered talent on Dallas’s offense, and they cannot get it done over a winless Jets?

    Whaaaa? Dak who? Zeke where?

  2. no top tier coach is going to work for you jerry because of your meddling and not allowing the coach to actually coach…side note, cowboys need to tag dak next yr and draft a qb in the draft and see who’s available in FA and let Amari walk, he still has drops and hes still always injured, no need paying him and with the emergence of gallup we’ll still have a #1 wr

  3. Jerry’s right— Garrett’s not even the most responsible for this mess, Jerry gets the credit. Want to fix the problems then remove the cancer at the top so an ACTUAL NFL Pres and GM will come to town and build the team.

  4. The problem is not the coach. The team needs both a real running back and a pro level QB who can challenge a defense with his arm and beat them. He is not nearly as good as we were told he was during the three games against pathetic teams. But he is exactly as awful as we said he was after not improving ever as a QB in his fourth year. Con us as you will, but we can see the running back who thinks he can throw and we can see the running back who half steps on the field in order to run to the bank to cash his paycheck.

  5. That’s right, Jerry: It’s on YOU.

    The last time you had a great coach, you ran him out of town due to your own ego and need for constant spotlight and control. You reap what you sow, and perennial .500 has been the story since the mid 90s.

  6. Trust me it’s bad losing to the jets. Really bad. The only good news is that even after three straight losses, the Cowboys still atop the nfc east. Philthy is hot garbage and the other two teams are rebuilding. Cowboys may suck but even losers get into the playoffs if they win their division.

  7. The Cowboys always enter the season overrated. Then, once reality starts sinking in, their fans clamor for the head of the coach. Garrett isn’t a top coach, but he’s also not the biggest problem in Dallas.

  8. The good news for the Cowboys is that Kris Richard won’t be leaving to be a HC next season.

    The bad news for the Cowboys is that Cowboys are going to finish bottom 5 defenses and he’ll return.

  9. Dak Prescott would have been well served signing a contract extension after playing those first three cream puff games. Jerruh should be thanking his lucky stars Dak got greedy and didn’t lock in to a HUGE, guaranteed contract. I’d probably pull whatever offer was on the table…unless it was either team friendly to begin with or had many easy outs built into it.

  10. Garrett has to go. I don’t have anything against him personally however he doesn’t seem like he disciplines his players. He is not a good game manager.he doesn’t seem good at preparing his team during the week. My example of this is in all six games they played this year they started very slow including the ones they on. They played better later in the game like they didn’t know what to expect from there opponents until they figured it out later. That’s weekly preparation that’s lacking. I think they need to move on from Garrett and possibly offer him a job in the front office. Based onnjis education he’s very intelligent.

  11. This is a HUGE game for Garrett and the Cowboys. Lose this and fall behind in the division. With the strength of the NFC, I don’t think 2 teams are coming out of the NFC East so both teams need the head-to-head games.

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