Kyle Allen keeps doing what Kyle Allen needs to do

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Panthers coach Ron Rivera isn’t going to answer the Cam Newton questions until Newton is well, and there’s no indication that’s imminent.

For now, he’s willing to live in the moment, and enjoy the continued efficient play he’s getting from backup Kyle Allen, and the Panthers are all on the same page.

“You let [Allen] ball, man. As long as he’s in there, he’s gonna ball. As [is] anybody,” injured Panthers guard Trai Turner said, via Joe Person of “It’s like Daryl [Williams] filling in for me. He’s supposed to ball. He’s supposed to hold it down 100 percent. . . .

“We’ll figure it out when that happens. But at this time, we just need Kyle to keep balling. And when Cam comes back, he’s gonna be ready to ball. So as long as we’ve got ballers on the squad and we keep winning, that’s all that matters.”

The Panthers have certainly risen up around Allen. They lead the league in sacks, and Christian McCaffrey has become an MVP candidate, and all the breaks a young quarterback needs are going his way.

He’s certainly done his part too, mainly by not throwing interceptions. He even solved his recent fumbling issue (six, and four lost in three games), by taking care of the ball in yesterday’s win over the Buccaneers.

“I think everyone’s just looking for a reason to take away from what he’s done. And all he’s done is what he’s needed to do, which is win, move our offense, be efficient, make the plays that are available. And that’s what he’s done,” tight end Greg Olsen said. “Gone on the road and beat Houston. Came back and beat a good Jacksonville team. Now traveled halfway across the world and beat a team that we know what they can do defensively. You ask him to win the games, and he’s won four in a row. Obviously, him and a lot of other guys deserve a lot of credit.”

And until they hear that Newton is well enough to return to his role, he’s the guy they trust.

10 responses to “Kyle Allen keeps doing what Kyle Allen needs to do

  1. Hoping Allen will continue to be the quarterback for the long term. Panthers games are actually enjoyable again. They have become so predictable with Cam under center that i rarely made it thru a whole game. Seen that movie way to many times.
    Plain and simple if Cam cannot run he is a mediocre QB. Hes an inconsistent passer (even when healthy). Its refreshing watching Allen drop back go thru his reads and when he releases you know the ball has a great chance of being completed. Hes able to utilize the talent around him. Have never felt that way about Cam.
    An added plus Allen shows up and solely focuses on his job an i do not have to deal with Cams antics and lack of maturity when he loses.
    Breath of fresh air!

  2. Kyle’s done his job as a back up and the Panthers should feel good about him in that role for years to come. That being said he doesn’t yet have the feel for the game or vision that an accomplished vet like Cam does.

    And now to sit back and watch the dog whistle comments roll in.

  3. I guess setting the rookie season passing record for over 4K yards, throwing for over 400 yards in his first 2 games of his career without a mini camp , MVP season of 45TD with 35 of them passing, the team career leading in passing yards and the franchise second most accurate passer at 59.7 behind Steve Beuerlien 60.4 is a mediocre passer

  4. Yes, Cam had threw for a ton of yards his rookie year. That was bc Panthers always losing and defenses were basically in prevent at garbage time.
    No denying he had a great 2015. The point your missing Rootie is he could run then. He was a dual threat and and a lot of his passing yards were from broken plays that he extended because he could scramble and then find receivers.
    If he cannot do that and is relegated to a pocket passer than Allen is a much better option.

  5. Shaken baker
    You are obviously a Cam hater but less deal in facts not emotion. The panthers were 6-10 in Cam record setting rookie year. 5 of those 10 losses were by 7 points are less. Therefore, the majority of the time, he was not racking up yards in garbage time . The passing offense was rank 13 in 2011 and unfortunately our defense was ranked 27 in 2011. Therefore if our defense has been decent, we would have made the playoff In his rookie year. Yes he could run at that time but he could also pass. He completed 60 percent of his passes his rookie year.. By the way, we are suppose to be comparing a healthy cam to a healthy Kyle Allen which means that he will be still running. If we want to be a mediocre team then we shoukd keep Kyle Allen but if we want to win championships then we need a healthy cam newton

  6. Glad Newton out. Terrible passer and Kyle is making him look like a joke or u could say ineffective passer

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