Lamar Jackson on pace to break Michael Vick’s QB rushing record

Getty Images

In 2006, Michael Vick ran for 1,039 yards, the all-time record for rushing yards by a quarterback and the only 1,000-yard rushing season for a quarterback in NFL history. At the time, Vick looked like a once-in-a-lifetime runner as a quarterback. But it might have only been once in a generation.

Lamar Jackson represents the next generation of running quarterbacks, and he’s on pace to break Vick’s record.

Through six games this season, Jackson has 460 rushing yards. That puts him on pace to finish the season with 1,227 rushing yards, which would smash Vick’s record.

Jackson ran for 556 yards in the seven games he started as a rookie last season, meaning through 13 career starts he already has 1,016 rushing yards.

The biggest concern for a quarterback who runs as much as Jackson is whether he can stay healthy. If he does, he’s poised to have the best running season a quarterback has ever had. And perhaps, if he can stay healthy for years, to have the best career rushing numbers for any quarterback ever.