Stephen Jones feels “great” about Jason Garrett, coaching staff

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Jason Garrett doesn’t have many folks in DFW on his side after three consecutive losses, but he has the right people in his corner.

Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ executive vice president, reiterated what owner Jerry Jones said a day earlier: Garrett’s job isn’t in danger.

“Absolutely not. We’re ready to go,” Stephen Jones said on his radio show Monday on 105.3 The Fan. “I think this team just needs to get a win under its belt, and I still think we can have a great year and feel good about it and feel great about Jason and his staff and feel like we’ll go to work here this week and move forward.”

Of course, Jerry Jones said multiple times in 2010 that Wade Phillips would finish the season before firing the head coach after a 45-7 loss to the Packers dropped the Cowboys to 1-7. That marked the only time Jones has fired a coach mid-season.

The Cowboys always have played hard for Garrett, who is in the final year of his contract.

“I think you turn on the tape, and our guys are playing hard,” Stephen Jones said. “I just think go back to the word execute. We just have to execute better. We’ve got to get off to a faster start. I know everybody is going to want to read into that and try to figure what you say when you say that, but I don’t think it’s really that complicated. We just have to get out there and execute and hopefully get a little more healthy as we move forward and play better.”

The Cowboys’ season now is at a crossroads. They are in a first-place tie with the Eagles with Philadelphia coming to town for Sunday Night Football before the Cowboys get an off week.

The Cowboys lost to the Jets on Sunday despite winning time of possession, total yards and the turnover battle. Since 1991, NFL teams are 90-1 when doing all those things while picking up 25 first downs and converting at least 10 or more third-down attempts, according to Bobby Belt of NFL Network. The Cowboys’ loss to the Jets is the outlier.

25 responses to “Stephen Jones feels “great” about Jason Garrett, coaching staff

  1. Uh oh never a good sign when the defacto decision maker praises your work after such a complete failure. Cowboys won’t fire Garrett in season but if he fails,again, he will be let go in offseason with nothing on the books owed.

  2. Jason Garrett is smart, but he’s not football smart. He’s the kinda guy that can probably learn anything someone is willing to teach him, but he is not able to figure things out on his own…
    Of course, nobody can teach him how to be a successful head football coach. Jerry fired his two best shots at learning those ropes. He gets out-coached in every big game. Sometimes the talent of this team is able to win in spite of him, but not in big games against well coached teams.

  3. Message to Jerry and Stephon Jones – You are spot on, Garrett should get a new 5 year contract, regardless of the Cowboys record this year.


    The rest of the NFC East!

  4. “We just have to execute better“, guess whose job is to make sure they do execute better, Stephen ? Yes, that should be the head coach.
    You almost never see that problem in New England.

  5. If the Cowboy’s organization thinks they have the right talent on the team, which they have stated is the case


    said talent is playing hard, which they have stated is the case


    doesn’t that leave only bad coaching to be the X factor holding a team back?

  6. None of the players would high-five Garrett after leaving the field, in an awkward moment caught on camera. Jason returned to his clapping.

    It’s obvious the players no longer respect Garrett. Former, credible players equally blast Garrett for his offseasons and game preparation.

    It’s time for some new blood. They’re headed down the path of the Redskins, who allowed their young, sharp, energetic coordinators to be hired away and have success at other clubs (Sean McVay to LA Rams, Matt LaFleur to Green Bay, and Kyle Shanahan) — only to later give the lame duck head coach the boot.

    The Cowboys need to give Kris Richard a shot at head coach before they lose him. Time to move on from Garrett.

  7. Listen, Stephen, not everyone can afford the drugs you take to see the same rosy picture at head coach, year after year of mediocrity.

  8. Uh huh sure he does. Garrett is a puppet. Until they give a coach actual power like Jimmy Johnson had they will never win. The jones’s need to let the coaches coach, an actual GM be the GM. If they sign Dak to some new ridiculous contract it will set them back another 5 years. Learn your lesson already. The cowboys are the definition of insanity.

  9. They’ll have to move on next year. They’ve demonstrated their loyalty to a Head Coach, so for that reason Lincoln Riley will take the job.

  10. At least the cowboys aren’t the redskins. They have a little hope while the redskins have no hope of a winning season.

  11. Of course they have feel good about thier players, if not that would be the GM’s fault.

  12. You know there is trouble when the owner/front office has to come out and tell everyone how much support or faith they have in their coach.

    *Claps* “We need to get better, execute better. We’ll work on it, and figure it out.” *Claps*

    That’s all I see/hear from Garrett. As a person that loves seeing the Cowboys and their fans in misery, please keep Garrett around.

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