After leaving door open, Rob Gronkowski closes it again

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Until Rob Gronkowski shows back up on a football field, it seems people will continue to ask him if he’s showing back up on a football field.

And he’ll continue to answer, even if the answer changes from day to day.

After saying last week he’d always keep the door open for a possible return, Gronkowski seemed to close it again Tuesday.

During an appearance on WEEI, Gronkowski was asked by a caller to give a yes-or-no answer to whether he’d return to the Patriots.

“I’ll give an answer,” Gronkowski said. “When I retired, I retired for a reason: because I needed to step away. So it would be a no. There it is.”

That’s as close to definitive as we’ve gotten (or perhaps as close as we’ll get), from a guy who has gone out of his way to not be definitive in the past.

“I never say no, because I’ve said no, and everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, he’s kidding. He’s coming back,’ ” Gronkowski said. “But it’s a no. In my mind, that’s how it is. It’s a no. . . .

“No, man. I’m very satisfied where I’m at. I say it all the time: I would have never left the game if I was going to be itching every single day. I’ve said that before, many times. I had those thoughts, too. ‘Would I be missing it?’ And I just knew that it needed to be done. I’m very satisfied where I’m at.”

Gronkowski made his FOX broadcast debut last week, and is also endorsing a line of CBD products, so he’s staying busy, and appears to be content.

At least until the next time someone asks him.