Antonio Brown says, “Free AB”

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Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown is technically free to sign with another team. But with no team willing to sign him while the league continues to investigate civil allegations of sexual assault and rape, Brown is as a practical matter serving an unpaid suspension.

And he’s apparently starting to get frustrated by his status. On Tuesday morning, Brown tweeted, “Free AB.”

Some quota-filling news about nothing percolated over the weekend regarding his desire to return to the NFL (duh) and his interest in returning to the Patriots (double duh). The impediment continues to be the investigation.

It’s still unclear when the investigation will end. At some point, the league will interview Brown. And unless he gets good advice (and heeds it) on how to behave when being interviewed for the league, he may not be free to sign with any NFL team for a while.

Whenever he’s cleared to return, he’ll likely have a market for his services, thanks both to his talent and the genetic defect that causes every coach to think he can get the most out of a troubled player. The ongoing delays in the investigative process are operating, intended or not, as a barrier to Brown being gainfully employed. Although he’s hardly a sympathetic figure, there’s a fairness component to this process that needs to be respected by the league — and highlighted by the media.

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  1. The person who needs to free AB is AB! If he doesn’t act like a petulant child and (allegedly) criminally assault a woman, then he’s running free, catching passes in Oakland or New England. Clean up your act and take some responsibility for yourself, then you will be free!

  2. As a team owner I think you would be more worried about signing him and being wrong than you would worried about whether he is getting treated fairly. A team could point to a fair amount of other situations like the helmet, his fight with Mayock, his bashing of the Raiders, freezing his feet, and throwing furniture off the building to not sign him while this plays out.

  3. you made your bed, now sleep in it…Good Night Princess, sweet dreams…we will wake you after the super bowl.

  4. There is no way a team will sign this guy even if the NFL clears him. He is a total flake and will skip practice, meetings, and games at his own desire. Sorry, but no one can get away with that, especially not a 32 year old receiver who has been kicked to the curb by 3 teams in the past year.

  5. I sincerely hope this oxygen bandit never plays in this league again…..he will have to find a new platform to use to drum up attention for himself.

  6. Dear PFT

    If Rosenhaus wants to schedule AB for an interview with the league office I think Drew has the phone #

    With AB having gone off the rails in his deposition for the landlord lawsuit and anything he says probably being subject to discovery in the sexual assault lawsuit Rosenhaus may not be eager to set up that interview

  7. Really feel for this young man… he’s misunderstood and he’s getting a raw deal…


    No one, ever

  8. If he thinks he’s frustrated, imagine how the Steelers felt after dealing with his nonsense after all those years. Then there’s the frustration the Raiders felt after this guy’s antics this year. And probably anyone who has ever dealt with AB has been frustrated with his general dirtbagness. It’s hard to feel sorry for AB when HE caused these situations (alleged rape, condo incident, never paying his bills, etc). Maybe if he spent more time trying to be a better person he wouldn’t be in this position.

  9. “Free AB”. Haven’t we already gotten that tweet? I think something like “Be careful what you wish for” is more appropriate given that he is “Free”

  10. A “fairness component?” Sure. The League has an obligation to be “fair” with AB. All things being equal, the NFL should make their ruling to resolve his status. But, AB gamed the system to get freed from the Steelers. Then he gamed the system to get free from the Raiders. So what is fair is this case? For the League to step up and resolve the situation so AB can play…or to game the system and give AB a taste of his own medicine? PFT is always pointing out how players can work the system to their advantage. Well, sometimes what goes around comes back around.

  11. “It’s still unclear when the investigation will end. At some point, the league will interview Brown. And unless he gets good advice (and heeds it)…”

    Yeah, that part in parenthesis shouldn’t be, it should be bolded and in a ‘WAR ENDS’ font.

  12. Translation AB and Drew are realizing he is going to lose most if not all of his grievances and wild guess AB doesn’t have a strong back account (like most NFL players who are bankrupt within a few years after being out of the league) so he is running out of cash after throwing away the $50 million from Raiders.

    Some owner, GM and coach don’t really care about morals, decent human behavior, ethics and what most fans think (cough, cough Browns, Dallas, Kansas City. Patriots will be added if he shows back up) in the hope that the malcontent or women abuser can get them some wins.

  13. Kaepernick will get signed before this train wreck. Who would bother? The minute he signs the NFL will put him on the exempt list or suspend him. Would have enjoyed seeing what the Pats could do with AB. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t hold his water.

  14. I hear McDonald’s is hiring, AB. How’s it feel to be one of us? Your gonna have to buy a ticket if you want to be around the NFL. Talk about self destruction!

  15. I have watched multiple episodes of First 48 so I know that investigations don’t have to take this long. NFL investigators obviously bill by the hour.

  16. Free AB?
    His antics to free himself from the Steelers and Raiders should be enough to cause any team to be unwilling to sign him. When will he turn on them?
    The Patriots should have known better.

  17. Of course Florio! But I heard he went back to school. I guess he’s been kicked out of there too!

  18. This guy is a real meat head. What Antonio Brown’s problem is, is that he should have kept his mouth shut and attitude checked — playing good football, breaking Lynn Swann records over 16 years in Pittsburgh.

  19. There are many things Brown could have done to speed up the process, but he hasn’t. Indeed, nearly everything he’s done seems to add weight to the accusations.

    Would love to see him back in a Pats uni, but there’s a whole lotta stuff that needs to be cleared up and not much of his energy seems to have been directed to that cause.

    Hey, maybe next year? Suffice it to say, few will care if he signs with any of the other 31 teams in 2020. One must ask why the in-depth SI article only broke when he signed with the Pats. (It took more than a few weeks to research and write.)

  20. This kid has certainly antagonized many people with his activities. Whether you like him or hate him he is still innocent until proven guilty. Condemning someone based on unproven accusations while the media fans the flames seems to be a thing now. Many of the accusers have an ulterior motive if anyone bothers to dig deep enough. Money, politics, and getting their 15 minutes of fame top the list, and don’t rule out just plain crazy. Try thinking for yourself rather than mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon.

  21. To be redundant, two phrases come to mind about AB: “You can’t fix stupid!” & “Common sense isn’t that common!”.

  22. Of all the voices running around in his head, why does he only seem to listen to the IDIOT one??

  23. I’m confused Antonio and apparently you are too, because you asked to be free from the Steelers you got your wish, you asked to be free from the raiders , you got that wish and you did not directly ask to be set free from the Patriots but your antics and behavior lead you to become free from them and than sent tweets you no longer want to play NFL football which means you guessed it free from football..
    Seems to me you got your wish over and over and over and over!
    Best of luck to you , hopefully you can find a nice 50,000 desk job.. ahh freedom

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