Brian Flores definitely will be back in 2020, perhaps to tank again

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With so many people covering the NFL so zealously, sometimes news isn’t news. But even then, it’s news.

For the Dolphins, who are 0-5 with no clear indication that any/many wins are coming (or that they want them), the news-that-isn’t-really-news from the quarterly league meetings, courtesy of Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post, is that coach Brian Flores definitely will be back next year.

Habib undoubtedly reported it because he undoubtedly got it from owner Stephen Ross himself, who likely wouldn’t be inclined to fire Flores on the front end of an obvious tank job. Indeed, some believe that it’s a two-year tank, with Trevor Lawrence the ultimate target in 2021, not Tua Tagovailoa in 2020.

So even if the Dolphins go 0-16, Flores will be back. Which really isn’t a surprise, because they seem to want to go 0-16, securing the first overall pick in the draft to go along with the first-round picks they’ll also have from the Texans and Steelers.

18 responses to “Brian Flores definitely will be back in 2020, perhaps to tank again

  1. What people don’t realize is Flores isn’t tanking. This is the best he can do. He’s trying to win and this is the best he can do.

  2. If I know the Steelers, they’ll come off their bye and play as bad as they possibly can against the lowly Dolphins next week. Miami might have to work to lose that one.

  3. 2 years seriously? I don’t care who the rookie QB is, if your team is completely decimated of talent (to guarantee 1st overall picks) and inept coaching your team is doomed for years and years…

  4. As I said before, the coach who suffers the tanking days is never the one who sticks around when the team is finally good. Because when the players are finally expected to be good, they’ve already accepted losing and don’t play well until a new HC comes to town.

    The best two recent examples of this are Hue Jackson and Gus Bradley.

  5. The Dolphins play hard every game. They traded vets for picks, because by the time the Fins are good, the vets will be old and overpriced. Flores may have been hired to he fired, but he’s doing it right. A little sad the rest of the AFCE is waiting for Brady and BB to retire

  6. The kid from Clemson be a home run. Don’t waste the pick on Tua.
    Use Rosen for the next season also and draft OL OL OL
    Miami will be worthy in 2021 as long as they use the picks correctly

  7. Do they really have any other option? It’ll be five years before the Dolphins matter again!

  8. @vaphinfan

    Last I checked, Flores isn’t blocking or dropping passes. They are doing what they can with the lower talent level that they have.

    You’ve had it in for Flores since day 1. What gives? Are you actually a closet Pats fan who still has a bone to pick with Flores because he left and took some coaches with him?

  9. vap just has an obsessive, pathological hatred for the Pats, and anything connected to them. Flores could turn into the next great HC, but it wouldn’t matter because Flores worked for the Pats. Whatever.

  10. I don’t think for a second the team will be like this next season. If next yr is like this yr, there will be hardly anyone at games. I think they shld take Tua with the first pick. Great prospect. Lawrence honestly hasn’t looked that great this season. Not as sure as I was last yr that he’s a sure thing.

  11. If this is indeed a two year tank job, then look for them to trade down except for a few OL’s in 2020 for a truly record amount of picks in 2021. Maybe as many as 7 picks in the 1st round.

  12. Miami didn’t get this bad overnight. It’s a bad team with a clueless owner. Miami has needed a culture change for a few years. Flores was brought to Miami to change the culture. He came thru the Patriot organization. I’m going to clarify this, I not a Patriot fan. Truth be know, I can’t stand the Patriots, but they are a winning organization. Simply put, they find a way to win every year with the players they have on their roster. It a culture known as the Patriot Way, no excuses.

    That’s what Flores was brought in to instill in his players, a culture to find a way to win. There are going to be growing pains. It will be a trial and error process. It may not be easy, and it might take a few season to achieve. If Flores can turn the ‘Fins around, it will be worth it.

  13. They Signed Flo to a 5 year contract and he KNEW EXACTLY what he was getting into as for ONCE in our lifetime the Coach, GM and Owner are all on the same page.
    18 years of we are 1 player away-We were never 1 player away..6-10,8-8,7-9.
    He has a chance to build from the ground up a team with team players and for Fins fans and the NFL in general I hope he does and for the first time i think we are finally on the right track to better days ahead instead of false hope that by 5 game we are crushed emotional and physically.

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