Chargers don’t think run game struggles have to do with Melvin Gordon

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Among the things that have gone wrong for the Chargers in back-to-back losses is the disappearance of their running game.

They averaged 103.5 rushing yards per game over the first four weeks, but posted just 67 yards on the ground in their losses to the Broncos and Steelers. That coincides with running back Melvin Gordon‘s return to the lineup, but head coach Anthony Lynn isn’t pointing the finger in that direction when it comes to explaining the sluggish results.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with Melvin Gordon,” Lynn said, via the Los Angeles Times. “We’ve got to open up more running lanes. . . . Everybody’s got to be accountable for the man in, and those runners they really don’t have a chance. So, we’ve got to do a better job up front.”

It hasn’t helped that the Chargers have lost center Mike Pouncey to a neck injury at a time when they’re also without left tackle Russell Okung. Pouncey is on injured reserve, but the team is hopeful to get some good news about Okung’s recovery from a pulmonary embolism this week.

15 responses to “Chargers don’t think run game struggles have to do with Melvin Gordon

  1. Melvin is going to go from a contract of 10 million a year offer to being let go once his rookie contract is up to try to get some team to pay him 4 million a year…..

  2. Your #1 WR is averaging less than 10 catches per game. Should probably start there since he is no longer viewed as a threat.

  3. It has to do with the fact the Chargers had a better record last year than they played, got some major lucky breaks. This year they aren’t getting those breaks.

  4. This is hilarious. A good example of what a me first player adds or subtracts from the team. They were better off without Gordon. The injuries on line don’t help, but in this case Gordon hasn’t either.

  5. Doesn’t help that Rivers is flailing and flopping around out there offering no concern for opposing defenses. He looks done with a capital D.

  6. Fairly certain that the majority of teams’ #1 receiver averages less than 10 catches a game. Considering the RECORD is 143 in a season this seems like a fairly stupid argument. And if you by chance meant targets, he’s averaging 10 a game, tied for 3rd in the league so I don’t even begin to know what your argument actually is.

  7. LOL i think you mean targets bud, i’ve never in my 38 yrs seen someone avg 10 catches a game, that would be pretty amazing.

    jjackwagon says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:21 am
    Your #1 WR is averaging less than 10 catches per game. Should probably start there since he is no longer viewed as a threat.

  8. The online has been depleted as of late the schedule was much more favorable in the first 4 games Vs the run Than the previous 2. Melvin Is not the problem. He’s very talented, you can argue his holdout wasn’t worth it or he isn’t worth 13mil/year (both likely true) but he’s still a premier back. Both he and Eckler have averaged like 2 yards a carry the last two weeks.

  9. Oh Yeah. Blame Rivers as he’s been “carrying” the team for years. Hello..the LA Chargers have “like” 9 guys in some sorts of injured condition. That’s why they’re losing. Oh, by the way they have no fans and thus no “home games.”

  10. As a long tortured fan of a greedy, cheap,
    antiquated, unimaginative owner (Bengals owner mike brown)…
    I have watched this very situation MANY, MANY TIMES.

    brown and his family choose to not pay #2 wrs and #3 wrs,
    watch them leave for more money, and replace them with INFERIOR QUALITY athletes
    (instead of improving at positions).

    The problem is when the O-Line isn’t playing…
    … you need high quality, EXPLOSIVE, QUICK SEPARATING receiving depth
    due to decrease O-Line protection measured in less than two seconds.

    When the O-Line is weak and receiving depth is weak… defenses load “up front”
    and enjoy playing a week against a quickly and consistently collapsing line and
    slow, sluggish, non-separating wide receivers.

    DON’T FORGET: If your team doesn’t have a QUALITY tight end… you are SUPER UCKED
    Safeties on your overwhelmed triple teamed #1 wide receiver (Keenen Allen) who is operating on less time.

  11. Haven’t seen a full Chargers game otherwise this year, but that o-line was bad against the Steelers. Bad pass pro, and when the Chargers ran it, Steelers were in the backfield or at LOS waiting. Not to say none of it’s on Gordon, but not sure any other RB would do better.

    BTW, I know people dump on him, but gotta feel for Rivers. Doesn’t have many years left and there’s always fatal flaw-level deficiencies with these Charger teams. All that on top of leaving SD.

  12. When Philip Rivers was OVER-hyped was
    when he was the recipient of that loaded offense
    in his early years and middle years.

    HOF tight end
    HOF running back
    Receiving depth
    Good offensive line

  13. Austin Ekeler was doing alright until Mel showed. Now both are useless. Tommy-John (Spanos)braintrust isn’t working. Telesco need to fire John Spanos……Oh wait.

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