Freddie Kitchens: “No doubt” Baker Mayfield plays the next game

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The Browns have the week off, so holding quarterback Baker Mayfield out of Tuesday’s practice is apparently just a precaution.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said that Mayfield’s hip injury wasn’t a big deal and that there was “no doubt” Mayfield would play on Oct. 27 against the Patriots.

“He’ll be in better shape physically and he’ll be in a better place mentally too,’’ Kitchens said. “We’ve got to get him ready to play the last 10 games.’’

It looks like their bye is coming at a perfect time, for a number of reasons.

Mayfield was in obvious discomfort during Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, and went to the locker room to get checked by the team’s medical staff, but didn’t miss a snap.

But beyond the physical, Mayfield looks like a guy who could use a week off to hit reset. His 11 interceptions lead the league, and his 66.0 passer rating is currently 32nd in the league among qualified passers.

19 responses to “Freddie Kitchens: “No doubt” Baker Mayfield plays the next game

  1. But he’s #1 in the league when it comes to mowing lawns. You have to concentrate on the important stuff.

  2. Maybe teams have actually had a chance to really watch film on him and find out his weaknesses. he played great his rookie year and may very well end up being an outstanding QB with his skill sets, but it always amazes me how we anoint these rookie QB’s as future stars based on playing well in their first year before teams really get time to go through all of their film. Garoppolo was struggling last year before getting back to playing well this year, while Mariota is still struggling. Baker still has a lot to learn! Will he put the work in or just believe the hype little Johnny did?! We’ll see…

  3. Good that he will get the rest and time off. He probably should focus on the mental part of the game…like redzone reads and identify the one on one receivers with no safety help during pre-snap…He might have recognized that OBJ was open multiple times in the game against Seattle…This needs fixed now. Ball placement next. Freddie should help him with his focus by benching him the next time he turns the ball over multiple times.

  4. This season,so far, is like Godfather III. “Just when I thought I was out,they pull me back in”

    I wish I could cancel and get money back on NFL Gamepass.

  5. He was already showing signs he isn’t mobile enough to get outside the pocket. Guys his size who are stuck between the tackles don’t have a lot of success in this league. Brees comes to mind but Mayfield doesn’t look like Brees to me

  6. Should of never went no huddle in the first preseason game score a touchdown and run around like it was a super bowl win … last year i was rooting for the Browns but now I root against them … Karma.

  7. Just for the record Danny Dimes isn’t any better , he is awful at tight window throws and has about the same TD / INT ratio Baker has 😆

  8. Baker will be just fine , dude set the rookie td record in 13 games. It isnt his size or tape on him. It’s bad offensive line plus bad play calling . They are leaving him behind an awful line on 7 step drops . Odell was the last thing this team needed. Nothing like a selfish me first attitude. Our worst games have been the games we forced him the ball. Our best game have come when we organically let him get it. Odell brought more hype than substance. If your worried about height look at Cleveland’s WR . Landry is 6ft beckham is a small 5’11. Beckham let mayfield down a bunch of times already this year.

  9. Mariota and Winston are the latest Heisman winners and 1st round picks to be bust, not a good track record for that combo…who is next Lamar, Kyler and/or Baker…probably all three.

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