Jaguars send Jalen Ramsey to Rams for two first-round picks

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The Jalen Ramsey era in Jacksonville is over, and now he’s heading to Los Angeles.

The Jaguars are trading Ramsey to the Rams for two first-round draft picks as well as the Rams’ 2021 fourth-round pick.

That’s a massive haul for any one player, but the Jaguars weren’t going to give Ramsey up for anything less than a major haul. Ramsey has made it clear he wanted to be traded, but Jaguars owner Shad Khan did not want to lose him. Apparently they decided that the Rams’ offer was too good to pass up.

It’s an aggressive move from the Rams, who have fallen behind both the 49ers and Seahawks in the NFC West and are eager to turn their season around. The Rams’ pass defense was already struggling, even before putting cornerback Aqib Talib on injured reserve and trading cornerback Marcus Peters to the Ravens.

Ramsey is one of the most talented cornerbacks in the NFL and has the potential to be a major difference-maker. For the Rams, he’d better be. They’ve just given up a fortune to acquire him.

130 responses to “Jaguars send Jalen Ramsey to Rams for two first-round picks

  1. Good for Jacksonville to be smart and get a haul for him. Great player, not so great teammate.

    Can’t really blame the Rams here as things can come crashing soon as they will have to pay the piper when it comes to the salary cap.

  2. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who is one temper tantrum away from being hurt for the rest of the season. All because he got his poor little feelings hurt by the Jags. I’m sure the Rams will welcome him to their locker room…until he quits on them too. Good riddance.
    I guess the Rams haven’t been paying attention.

  3. Hasn’t the Rams signed every Pro Bowl player yet? I’m surprised there are any left that the Rams haven’t signed. Tomorrow we’ll here that Trent Williams was signed by the Rams.

  4. The Ram’s true colors. Desperate, rent-a-player team building, again. Guess their coach has been exposed (see the last SB and last Sunday) and there’s no one in the bldg to say no to these Einsteins.

  5. The definition of insanity is doing the Same thing over and over expecting a different result. Rams traded for a problem child player last year in Peters. Now doing it again. Smh

  6. This was a major win for the Jaguars. Two first round picks and a forth rounder? This was a robbery.

  7. Wow…. full panic mode. 2 firsts???? This team is imploding on offense and a really good corner isn’t gonna change that this season. They’ve set the franchise back some years with this stupid trade. Enjoy 7-9 thru 9-7 seasons

  8. That’s a lot to give up to finish in 3rd… They had a cute and expensive 2 years, but it’s back to being SF and SEA battling for the top

  9. Those criticizing this trade, go back and look at picks 16-32 of just about any year and tell me, nah, you don’t want Ramsey for two of those guys.

  10. Love all the people saying that the Jags fleeced the Rams. Truth is, we won’t know that for a year or two. Draft picks are nice, but they really are the unknown quantity. The Jags could hit on both first rounders and really set themselves up nice, or they could be the next Blaine Gabbert, Luke Joeckel or Justin Blackmon. At first blush I like the deal from the Jags side, but lets see how this plays out before declaring a winner. That’s why I HATE when talking heads give out grades for the draft. How the heck can you grade a draft when they haven’t even been through mini camp.

  11. You only do this when you are ONE player away from winning it all, but by the looks of the Rams they need much more than ONE player. Definitely a bad reach.

  12. If you thought the rams were in salary cap hell before, just wait until this guy starts demanding more money….

  13. I just want to mention that the Bears also got the Raiders 2nd round pick back in the Mack trade. So they did NOT trade 2 firsts for Mack, they traded a 1 and swapped a 1 with a 2.

    In light of these Tunsil and Ramsey trades, that looks like robbery now. But give the Raiders credit, Jacobs looks like a beast. It’s looking like a win-win..

  14. terripet says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:55 pm
    Jacksonville got the better of this trade

    How do you know that?

  15. Yikes. Why would the rams go all-in now? The window may have closed already with Gurley’s knees and the o-line falling apart. Even defensively, the Rams have been gashed on the ground, not just the pass.

    It’s too bad the Jags couldn’t get it together on defense. They had a sick unit with Ramsey!!!

  16. As a Bengals fan this should at least wake Mike Brown up. If he can get a 1st round pick for AJ Green and possibly another for Geno Atkins he needs to make the deals.

  17. Panic move that will bury this team for years to come. “Junior Genius” McVay had his chance last season – and failed the test. The Rams window closing fast.

  18. Until the Rams fix their offensive line, nothing else matters. Goff is a game manager that needs perfect conditions to succeed and the offensive line went from one of the best to one of the worst this past offseason.

  19. Rams just want to panoc and win now. This after the Goff trade up? I just dont this Rams defense is the problem. Maybe score more than 7 points? Dumb move. Just don’t get it.

  20. Rams front office is why the Rams are relevant.

    Rams have a lot of young players, and 1st round picks are no guarantee.

    Will see how things play out in the next couple of years.

  21. After this ridiculous move I think the Rams are being run and managed better on Ballers than real life. Plus the true elephant in the room plays QB.

  22. As a general proposition, you shouldn’t trade two first round picks and a fourth for a loser who quits on his team mid-season, missing games and practices with phantom injuries and illness.

  23. So the upgrade from Peters to Ramsay is worth 2 1rst rnd pcks and more money? That’s insane! Just another team the Patriots wrecked. Twice.

  24. Baffling to give up the picks and also have to pay that guy a massive salary.

    If you draft with those picks you can get good players on peanuts deals and fill in a few FAs.

  25. he’s a star – and he’s still only 24 – but he does come with some baggage – and he’s not a QB or a lights-out passrusher. feels like a 1st and a 3rd was the right place to cap out for him.

    pretty interesting though.

  26. Great move Dave and Tom…run off the one guy who cares about the game so much he cry’s on the sideline meanwhile fournette misses treatment last year working on his “rap album”…u extend blake “mr shot guy at Neptune beach” bortles , pass on deshaun, Mahommes and Jackson, over pay for Foles while screwing up your cap so u can’t pay Jalen or Yanique…meanwhile Caldwell has blown draft picks since he has been in jax and look@ how many of his guys arent even in the league and he gets an extension….a complete and utter joke…..i luv being a jag fan..smh

  27. Bailey, Revis,Sanders,Sherman, corners like that that in their primes that literally shut down a side of a field, you give those types of picks up for them. Ramsey is good but not two first round picks good. And if the Rams continue to scuffle, heck they should’ve lost to the Browns, that 2020 pick is going to be relatively high.

  28. Good riddance! So tired of his drama. First he calls every QB besides Brady “trash” then he shows up for training camp in an armored car with a rapper. Jalen is all about Jalen. Give it a week & he’ll be blistering Jacksonville. Truth is that the Duval faithful gave up on him already

  29. jurgyisgod says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:21 pm
    As a general proposition, you shouldn’t trade two first round picks and a fourth for a loser who quits on his team mid-season, missing games and practices with phantom injuries and illness.

    He wanted out. He got his wish.

  30. So Ramsey goes from a state with no personal income tax, to California. Where success is heavily penalized, via taxation. Well done.

  31. The Jags won this one. They weren’t going to win much this year anyways, and they weren’t going to back up the Brinks for JR. Better to get those picks and build on the base they already have. The Rams are doing the classic win now, lose later because of salary cap hell. They really needed a O-line, and linebackers. At this point, I don’t think anyone believes that they are a stud DB away of going back to the SB.

  32. Will they be able to pay him with all the big contracts they already have? Must be able to if they made the move but he’s going to require a huge contract and it’s coming up soon

  33. If you look up the definition of “punk” in the dictionary, you are going to see a sketching of Jalen Ramsey. He gratuitously trashes other players, quits on his teammates, and constantly clamors for more attention and more money. The Rams were crazy to give up a king’s ransom for the second coming of Antonio Brown.

  34. thirstyforliberaltears says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:14 pm
    As a Bengals fan this should at least wake Mike Brown up. If he can get a 1st round pick for AJ Green and possibly another for Geno Atkins he needs to make the deals.


    Pretty sure no one, except maybe the Rams, is giving up a 1st rounder for players turning 32 in under a year.

  35. Why not trade draft picks for high quality players. The draft is such a crap shoot and you can look no further than the Bears taking Trubs over Watson or Mahomes…

  36. I wonder if the Rams would have swapped Gurley for Fournette in the deal to save money? Funny how many people cry about the necessity of signing a star player but quickly begin to realize that RB’s don’t last long and that’s it’s a waste of cap space.

  37. As a Ravens fan, I’m not going to hate on this move one bit. 3 weeks ago before the KC game I was begging the Ravens to give up 2 first rounders for Ramsey. After Jimmy Smith got hurt week one, and Kyler Murray scorched our secondary week 2, I knew we needed a good to great corner along side Marlon Humphrey to deal with the QBs on our schedule coming up. Now that Jimmy Smith’s almost back, I like the move for Peters over giving up so much for Ramsey. But if I were in the Rams shoes, I’d give it up in a minute. Talib’s down for the year. Makes sense to me to swap Peters for Ramsey who we all can agree is better than Peters at this point.

  38. Edward Halverson says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:13 pm
    terripet says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:55 pm
    Jacksonville got the better of this trade

    How do you know that?


    Because Ramsey made it clear that he wanted out no matter what, and the Jags were still able to get a nice haul for him.

    No one knows what those two 1st round picks will turn into for a few years, but getting those two picks now is better than him sticking around through the remainder of his contract disgruntled, and then walking in free agency after next season with the Jags getting, what, maybe a 3rd round comp pick? That’s a no-brainer.

  39. Rams made good moves today to shore up two of their biggest weaknesses. Peters was good for getting a pick and then burned the rest of the game. I think he would be better in a zone scheme because he’s more reaction than jam the corner. Ramsey is a perfect fit. He’s the best man-to-man corner in the league. The Jags had to take the deal. It was a lot for someone who was just going to be unhappy until he got out. Not many teams have the luxury though of having another number one corner (Bouye) on the other side.

  40. Doesn’t he make big money? I saw a post tge other day that showed they already have 100 million next year tied up n just 4 players

    With dead money and anyone nat at nfl minimum they better hope Ramsey can play both ways and be a receiver too

  41. This is difference between the athletic industry and mainstream America.

    Why would anyone trade for a guy who quit on his former employer?

    Guess I’m tainted because someone holds me accountable.

  42. Dumb move. They need those picks to have potential starters on rookie contracts which are relatively cheap. Already paid Goff, Gurley and Donald big money. Ramsey will command top CB money. They’ll have no depth unless they hit on later round draft picks at an unusually high rate.

  43. Rams pulled the wool over the Jags/NFL – obviously the Rams intentionally lost 3 games in a row to entice the trade with the Jags, who thought the Rams were regressing for good … Remember how there was news of the Jags rejecting offers from a team that was ‘too good’ and thus with likely only offering late 1st round picks ..

    Its analogous to a team letting another team score near the end of the game so that the first team can get the ball back with some time on the clock – BRILLIANT!

  44. Idiot move that will bury this team, only trade that would justify giving up Two Firsts would be for a proven Franchise QB! Plus, salary cap hell to follow once they attempt to resign Ramsey. What the heck were they thinking? Good luck Rams fans!

  45. Jags got the better of this deal. JR is a great player, but jeez, only one full season left on his rookie deal – and the Rams are cutting it close against the cap

  46. PhD says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:03 pm
    The Ram’s true colors. Desperate, rent-a-player team building, again. Guess their coach has been exposed (see the last SB and last Sunday) and there’s no one in the bldg to say no to these Einsteins.

    Bad trade maybe, but you don’t trade 2 1st’s for a rent a player. They’ll just get rid of everybody else. Too many high paid players on that team, at some point, somethings gotta give, especially when they’re paying all that money to keep losing.

  47. The Dolphins got a similar haul in picks, the extra 2nd was a cherry on top. Is anyone surprised the Texans offense has started to steady itself?

    As for the Rams, Suh next to Donald, allowed his dominate game to flourish.

  48. I’m sorry, but no one in the league that isn’t named Rogers or Brady is worth that.

    I would argue that Russell Wilson is worth more and Patrick Mahomes maybe much more than the two guys you mentioned if for nothing more than their age and time left to enjoy your shiny new future HOF qb.

    As for this trade I think the guy talking about selling psl’s was onto something. They have a big new stadium with not many loyal local fans in LA(this has been tried before) and they have to sell a lot of tickets.

    I’m guessing ownership didn’t expect to fall out of relevance so quickly…figured a couple more years at the top to sell those tickets. Losing the last 2 weeks to Seattle and SF prompted this trade and they are hoping Star Power will fill the seats. Future draft picks certainly won’t.

  49. Two picks sounds like a lot, but they’ll likely be late picks, and for an elite CB? I think it’s a fair trade. I’d rather have Ramsey if he plays his best, than two random late round picks that might bust out or just be average starters.

  50. This guy is selfish to the core, he quit 100% on his team the Jags with a *couch couch Fake injury the guy isn’t a team player and potentially a cancer. Not an example of the kind of people you want to reward.

  51. Seriously WTF is howie doing??? peters AND ramsey get traded and he couldnt have got one of them??? i mean christ does he not watch the games? Eagles will not win crap with that defensive backfield. not the nfc east…not the nfc conf championship and damn sure not the superbowl!!!! the defense is a freaking joke!!!!! A UNFUNNY one but still A JOKE!!!!

  52. Doesn’t he make big money? I saw a post tge other day that showed they already have 100 million next year tied up n just 4 players

    Yikes!!! If that true that’s scary. I’m actually happy the bills are sort doing things how NE does. As much as big splashes are fun, they don’t often work In terms of long term sustainability.

  53. It’s not just the picks. It’s also the contract it will take to retain him.
    So he’s going to cost the Rams all those draft picks plus a huge contract. And the Jags get all those picks plus they save themselves a huge contract that they can now use elsewhere.

  54. As a Jags fan – dude was a really good player but he had to go. Hes an immature punk who gave up on this team. You cant come back from that.

    Also – take a guy like him and then give him a ton of $$ and see what you get…bet it won’t be good.

  55. One comment about cost-of-living increase, but none about personal tax increase. Maybe the Jags really socked it to Ramsey, especially with no new contract included.

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