Lions irate about “awful” officiating

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The Lions had other things to be frustrated with last night, including themselves.

But the officials made such a convenient target.

The Lions were rightfully angry with a number of calls, specifically the two phantom hands to the face calls on defensive end Trey Flowers which helped the Packers come back for a win.

I didn’t think hands to the chest was a penalty,” Flowers said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I thought hands to the face, but I had him right here in the chest. The second time I changed it to right here [another spot on the chest]. That’s part of a move that I do and, yeah. So, nah, I don’t think that was a penalty, but they did, so . . .

“They saw something different than what actually happened and they called what they thought they saw. I was doing it all game. I didn’t know that was a flag to the chest, so I could change it to [another spot on the collar]. They called it again.”

Those weren’t the only calls that angered the Lions, as safety Tracy Walker was upset with a personal foul for a helmet-to-helmet hit when he was going for the ball. Officials explained afterward that intent wasn’t a factor, and that the foul would have been called even if Walker picked it off.

“Extremely pissed off right now,” Walker said. “It is what it is. Disappointed. Hurt. We had that game. it’s going – I’m going to say the same s—, we should have won it. It is what it is, though. Got to bounce back. . . .

“I feel like we could have had a better game and we was supposed to come victorious with that game but Green Bay came to play. There was some awful, awful calls, but we got to play through that. We got to overcome those, and so we didn’t, obviously, and we came up short.”

Walker was asked if he was worried about being fined, and he said he did not care.

“Detroit vs. Everybody,” he said. “I’m saying it. Detroit vs. Everybody. It’s awful.”

Of course, that would imply this year’s officiating problems have been unique to Lions games. They have not been, and that creates an issue the league can’t continue to ignore.

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  1. Except they will ignore it because those calls helped the Packers. If they had helped the Lions the league would take immediate action.

  2. How many people lost money as a result of the incredibly inept officials? How many will lose if the game figures prominently into the results at the end of the year? The crescendo of complaints over terrible officiating is now the largest issue tarnishing the NFL’s image. As much as I hate to admit it – the “Sky Judge” is the only answer. That along with Al Riveron getting his walking papers and bringing back Blandino.

  3. Teams like the Browns and lions get the shaft for decades from officials who are biased. The only way the league will get a message is if we stop giving the nfl money. I personally will never buy a ticket to see a rigged game.

  4. Imagine this scenario. A part-time referee can make $100K by throwing one flag, without any repercussions, and change the outcome of a “professional” sport in someone’s favor. Hard to believe? It’s happening right in front of us. The league gave the green light to gambling. It now has to reap what it sows.

  5. If you wanted to fix an NFL game you would not bribe players, but, instead, find ways to influence officials (something that is easier to do when they are NOT full-time employees of the NFL).

  6. These calls giving away games at a record pace has to be dealt with. I think Belichick’s suggestion that all calls can be challenged or some form of that, otherwise the league is going to have a lot of unsatisfied customers. Last year it was New Orleans with as brutal a bad call as there ever was. Today Detroit is hurting and if any team doesn’t deserve it the Lions are that team.

  7. As a Lions fan you just come to expect it.

    Year after year it’s one obscure rule or another, a phantom call or a no call, or just a complete choke job by one of the officials with no one ever being held accountable.

    Whatever, nothing is ever going to change so there is no point in complaining. The rest of the country saw last night the league mandate we’ve been seeing for years; when it comes to the Lions, screw them early and often,then, screw them some more.

  8. They have a right to be irate. These calls mean that the Lions go from first place to last in the division- perhaps out of the playoffs as a result. For the NFL, it’s a disaster and being in prime time makes it worse. And the Packers may get better seeding in the playoffs-just an awful look for the NFL. And then they”ll give us the usual BS to try and whitewash it all.

  9. Im a vikings fan and i feel ya. We went through the same bad calls against them. Unfortunetly the nfl wants certain teams in the playoffs, packers, patroits, seahawks, and will make sure it happens. Its so obvious with these late calls that change games.

  10. feels like officiating has never been worse. gut the system. out with goodell. out with riveron. start over.

  11. I am a Steeler fan and I love American Football, I love teams like GB, but Lions were robbed. Al Riveron needs to quit. What kind of fine Will get the referees? Go Lions.

  12. The last paragraph in this article is the most important.

    “Of course, that would imply this year’s officiating problems have been unique to Lions games. They have not been, and that creates an issue the league can’t continue to ignore.”

    The real question is WHY is the league ignoring this?

    As with any business, it starts at the top. Sadly for our game, the “top” is the bottom of the barrel in the form of Alberto Riveron and company.

    Due to Riveron’s inept ways, morale is clearly low among the game and replay officials.

    Meanwhile, the Commissioner and Troy Vincent continue to fiddle while Riveron and company burns.

    Perhaps Detroit Lions ownership should call the Commissioner directly if they really care about the integrity of the game.

    Think Roger Goodell! Think!

  13. The first hands to the face was a bad call, the second one was legit. Sorta feel bad for Lions fans. I don’t feel bad for Vikings fans. Should be quite a morning at the water coolers in Minnehaha, SKOLOLOLOL.

  14. i would say that allison initiated that content more than walker. how can the refs say that intent doesnt matter. is the defense just supposed to let receivers catch the ball now? this league is shooting itself in the foot.

  15. I’ve said it before get guys in there that used to play but didn’t make an NFL team. There are plenty of them who know the game, are used to its speed, and would love the chance to be around the game again. Guys could major in kinesiology and minor in sports officiating. But then they might not be Goodell’s over reaching justice arm.

  16. I nor anyone can blame the Lions for being irate about the two phantom calls against Trey Flowers. Bad officiating calls are literally costing teams games. The NFL has to fix this mess. I used to laugh at people who’d say the NFL is rigged. Now, after watching the refs throw 6 straight flags in the Cowboy vs Jets game, four in favor of the Cowboys as they were driving in the last minute of the game to win makes me at the least raise an eyebrow and wonder if there are some predetermined wins, if not officially, at least in the ref crews thought process.

  17. Penalties on Flowers were bogus. Penalty on Walker was totally deserved and shows the NFL and players and talking heads, including talking head ex-officials, still don’t get it on head trauma.

  18. Helmet-to-helmet hits should be subject to automatic review the way they are in college. Replay challenge should be allowed for all penalties. When there are blatantly obvious mistakes that can’t be corrected, it’s a problem.

  19. Look on the bright side: the league and officials will have labor peace for several more years. So, several more years of these debacles await all teams.

  20. Now, just for a minute close your eyes and imagine… imagine it was the NFC championship game and not week 6. But saints fans are such whiners, right. NFL has a serious problem. LionsGotRobbedToo.

  21. 3 of the 5 Packers wins are due to blatantly biased officiating in their favor. It’s an obvious joke at this point.

    Packers are actually a 2-4 team, AT BEST. They’ll be lucky to finish 8-8. And the entire world sees it.

    Fans across the league must continue the talk, write, and comment on this at every turn, because THIS is what will truly kill the sport. Only a supplicant would idly accept this kind of indefensible and unwatchable shamockery.

  22. Even without that call the Pack is still kicking a go ahead FG.
    It did not cost them the game, it cost them “a chance” at coming back down to score. Call it what it is.

  23. You’d think that the NFL would try to fix the clear officiating issues with Everyone complaining about, even every announcer during every game

    I guess it’s another example of Goodell knowing what’s best for everyone else though

  24. It was the correct call both times on Flowers. The penalty is for contact to the head or neck. I am pretty sure that holding someone by the collar also means you are contacting their neck, unless of course it is Matt Stafford who doesn’t appear to have a neck.

  25. I think if your head coach has publicly humiliated and bad-mouthed the CEO of the corporation he works for than you can hardly be surprised when people hired by the front office treat you badly.

  26. It’s getting more obvious every week of the NFL’s agenda of who should win and who should lose.

  27. I feel great that I didn’t stay up late to watch the refs blow yet another prime time game

  28. The Lions got 2 bad calls, the Packers got a couple also. But the last 2 were really bad. The way his head went back I though it was a good call, until it showed it again from a different angle. If I were a Lion fan, I would be mad as hell.
    On one of the Packers longer runs, the camera angle showed one of the old refs trying to run down field to keep up. He was running like a 75 man, even though he was most like only 60. The NFL has a officiating mess.
    If I wasn’t a Packer fan, I would not even watched last night.
    The whole NFC North is good this year, there isn’t going to be room for errors, including from the refs.
    A billon dollar industry, with 10 cent officials. That includes the great Oz in NY

  29. I can see the officials making the mistake on Trey Flowers the first time. For Flowers to get robbed TWICE for the same thing is beyond ridiculous. And the zebras just got a new contract? For this kind of performance?

  30. We can all see where this is going = NFL’s darling Aaron Rodgers and GB needs some help to get to SBLIII in celebration of the 100 Year Mark.

    Lions fans should of revolted along with the whole Team – it was that bad.

  31. I agree that those calls were bad. That said, the Lions also shot themselves in the foot (12 men on the field for a FG try on 4th and 4).

  32. This problem could’ve been fixed by means of a sky ref. The Alliance used one and it was so much smoother than this garbage. The Lions were at least denied a chance to get the ball back and at most had the game ripped away from them. If you’re the Lions or the Browns, the league obviously doesn’t care but wait until this happens to New England or Green Bay. So disappointed with the NFL right now and I’ve been watching for 40 years. Who wants to watch a game that aggravates more than entertains?

  33. The officials have directly effected the outcome of several games this season.
    The new rules are too much. Open for too much interpretation and human judgement.
    We need to go back to the days of smash mouth football. Take the pink off and let’s tackle again.

  34. Can’t blame them for being upset. Those two calls, along with the missed PI call that would have resulted in a Detroit first down in the red zone instead of a punt would have certainly changed the course and perhaps the outcome of the game. I have no dog in this fight, but that Packer win gets a big assist from very poor officiating.

  35. Everyone criticized Mayfield when he complained about the officiating but, like Flowers, he had a very valid complaint. Both games were terribly officiated and this needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Fix is the key word here because right now it looks like the fix is indeed in on certain games.

  36. When you have a guy named BOOGER defending the NFL and it’s officials, you know you’re in trouble.

  37. Every year 32 business owners (NFL owners) get together and figure out what’s good for business and what’s bad. They assume controversy is good for business because we talk about the NFL 24/7. They’re in this business to make money. Meanwhile, I can sit on my couch, 2,000 miles away from the action, and get every call correct within 2 seconds, and I only have the one or two angles they show on TV. College football does a lot better job, and they can even go well beyond what they do. The bottom line is the NFL doesn’t want to let the players and coaches determine the outcome of every game. The commissioner and the referees all work for the owners. They’re doing exactly what they’re being told to do, and they’re the best in the world at it. The way the TV money is evenly distributed among teams guarantees every owner makes a ton of money whether they go 16-0 or 0-16. We, the fans care a lot more about winning than a lot of the owners.

  38. MARK MY WORDS: The Patriots will benefit from this PI review in a crucial spot of a big game.

  39. The Lions have every right to be furious. Officiating seems to be getting worse, not better.

  40. Every year they change the rules and every year the Refs stink. Offsides, delay of game and unnecessary roughness should be the only penalties, everything else is pretty objective.

  41. Cry cry cry. The Lions just weren’t that good and the Officiating was just fine. Anyone who claims there were bad calls is unknowledgeable and knows nothing about Football. Those hands to the face calls were 100% correct.

  42. And some people say you can’t blame the refs. LOL. I believe poor officiating has changed the outcome of several games this year already and this may be the most poorly officiated season ever. Went in to the offseason to fix things and only made it worse.

  43. They should be more irrate about giving up a TD because they had 12 players on the field.

  44. I mean everyone understands that the NFL is more rigged than WWE, right? And that refs absolutely bet on games as well?

    NFL mealticket’s Rodgers and Packers miss the playoffs again? Yeah, that isn’t going to happen, the league will make sure of that.

  45. He should be. Did the Lions or Packers play mistake free football? No. Did they leave points on the field? Yes. Are these two teams evenly matched. Yes. Did 4 bad calls (fumble overturn, PI non call, 2 hands to the face) in the 4th effect the outcome. Yes.

  46. We know at home within what, 30 seconds if it was truly a penalty. TV runs the replay, Mike Pereira makes the snap decision and we know.

    What not do the same thing in real time and relay the decision to the referee?

  47. How about the fact that Stafford couldn’t get the ball into the endzone. How many FG kicks did Prater make instead of TDS. The Lions could have easily won that game if they could score on offense. Even with the bogus rushing TD in the beginning of the game.

    The two penalties on Flowers were ridiculous and he was clearly holding the shoulder pad both calls. However, the entire NFL has been harder to watch this year with the poor officiating overall.

  48. Let’s be honest GB fans, Lions got jobbed last night. Go Pack Go! Kings of the NFC North !

  49. NFL head office to officiating crew, “hey guys, we really need the Packers to win this one. Do whatever you have to do to make sure that happens. Just don’t make it too obvious.”

    Im not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m really starting to to believe that the officiating crews are puppets to the NFL Head Office and they are controlling the narrative of the season as it goes along.

  50. In addition to the pass interference call not made and that the is no point in challenging. Plus the call for helmet to helmet when he was just going to try for an interception. Just when you think it can’t get worse….

  51. The league just does NOT want to see certain teams win (Detroit and Cleveland to name a few).

    I know most people watched MNF, but if you watched the Seattle vs Cleveland game it wasn’t any different. It doesn’t matter about the amount of flags for each team, but WHEN the flags are thrown. CLE was called for a PI that was a BS call, puts Seattle on the 1 and sets them up for 6 points. Then CLE later in the game were pinned down within their own 10 yard line, Landry gets called for a “blind side block”, which was BS. CLE ends up punting to what the 50 yard line? All Seattle has to do is drive 10-15 yards and have a chance at 3 points.

    Baker calls out the refs and everyone wants to point the finger at him, LOL

  52. College officiating is vastly superior. It’s not even debatable.

    The NFL seems to have created this problem on their own. It’s odd that it seems to have hit rock bottom when the NFL aligned themselves with NFL sponsored gambling.

  53. Why does the NFL love Green Bay so much? I truly dont understand this and its getting ridiculous. I saw another incident where the play clock hits 00s and they didnt call rodgers for delay of game. This has happened for several weeks. I know im not the only one complaining about it and every week there is some weird call that makes no sense. In the vikings game there were a couple of Offensive pass Ints that were called on MN that made no sense. Last night the #25 for GB egregiously interferes #11 and they dont call it and the hands to the face call on Flowers was horrible!

  54. They should be irate. Riveron and the NFL are digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole, gutting the integrity of the officials.

    “Clear and obvious” isn’t called, ticky-tack (or non-fouls) are called. Ridiculous. I turned it off and went to bed after the Flowers penalty.

  55. The game officials should be fined like the players are. I’m not a fan of either team but some of the penalties against Detroit were terrible. This looked like a rigged game.

  56. The flag on Walker was even worse than the 2 Flowers calls. 2 guys diving for a ball and 1 guys gets penalized for it? C’mon NFL, get it together before it’s too late

  57. Quit crying Lions. GB pulled out a win despite 3 turnovers. D killed it all night but for a few plays. Good win for The 13-time world champs. 3-0 in division.

  58. Bad officiating, unwelcome outside politics seeping into the game, diva player’s twitter wars, player’s off the field behavior becoming tabloid news, and the ongoing revelations about CTE. Don’t expect these problems to be rectified anytime soon. In fact, don’t even expect them to make it to the top of the NFL to-do list. The top two spots are reserved for expanding market share and getting cities to build stadiums with tax money for billionaire owners.

  59. The Lions absolutely got hosed. It was obvious the league wanted the packers to win this game at all costs. Makes me never want to watch this crap again. There is a reason I stopped watching WWE. It is getting close to that here in the NFL. And no I am not a Lions or packers fan.

  60. What happen to the Lions last night was
    I wish the NFL would focus on getting the officiating right the way they worry about playing these useless International games.

  61. Lions did get screwed over on officiating overall but people make it sound a lot more one-sided than it was. That on-call on the packers DB was the right call. Having your hand on a receiver isnt a penalty. He didn’t arm bar or hook him or turn his body.

    But what should have been called were at least 3 DPI calls on the lions, absolutely mugging packers receivers on deep drives. Overall it was a badly officiating game with the lions getting the short end of the stick. Just don’t act like it was completely one-sided.

  62. Gotta love it when a team only scores 22 points and then blames the refs when they lose. Try scoring more points. Try scoring more than one touchdown.

  63. myspaceyourface says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:14 am
    When you have a guy named BOOGER defending the NFL and it’s officials, you know you’re in trouble.

    You clearly aren’t paying attention. Booger is the color guy for MNF, he was ripping the officials not defending them.

  64. Dumb technique by Flowers to begin with. The object of football is to get the ball carrier (Rogers). Why tie your hands up on a block? Shed the block and go after the QB!

  65. The officiating is terrible. But all the folks ’round here telling us they’re “done with the NFL” will be back on these pages, complaining again, next week.

    It’s human nature.

    But the NFL really does need to take steps to protect the integrity of its game.

  66. The officiating in the game was horrible. But short of reviewing EVERY play and considering that official’s calls are made in real time, bad calls are bound to happen. My question is this, G.B. safety Redmond committed obvious pass interference with his arm across the receiver’s chest. With the emphasis on P.I. this year and it being a reviewable call, why didn’t Patricia throw a challenge flag? The call would have been overturned and would have changed the complexion of the game. Again, the officiating was horrible, but some of the Lion’s loss was caused by coaching. The red flag doesn’t do your team any good if the coach keeps it in his pocket.

  67. Can you blame them? Not a fan of either team but last nights game was a joke because of officials. You can bet it won’t be the last as more and more fans say the ga’e Is rigged. Games like this make you wonder seems teams like the packers and patriots are usually the teams that benefit.usually in the 4th QTR . Not sure if it’s honest blown calls, paid off refs, or orders from the league. The timing of these “penalties” makes me think it’s one of the later choices . Seen an article not long ago Goode said the league was about entertainment, funny. I always thought it was a sport. Entertainment means stuff is scripted to please the most people ( pro wrestling) . If this is where the NFL is headed that’s a shame players risk their health to win ( some for the money) fans spend mega dollars to support teams believing its fair . If that’s not the case anymore screw the nfl .

  68. The league needs to put a serious investigation into the officials & corruption. The officials changed a TD against the Packers to a penalty for the Vikings. That isn’t how the replay is supposed to work because it wasn’t called on the field. I still don’t understand how this isn’t being investigated earlier. If there are only 4 people in the booth in NY who make those calls, then it is easily corrupted. Look into all 4 of their finances. The culprit will be caught.

    Also investigate the cheating P.O.S. Pete Morelli’s finances all the way back to his beginning in the league. Really check Dec 09 Jan 10 finances.

    There has to be games thrown just like with Tim Donagy in the NBA. I have no doubt. Eric Gregg was fired from the MLB for the same type of issues.

    The NFL is corrupt & they don’t want to investigate because it will open a can of worms they don’t want to address regarding huge games from the past thrown by the officials.

    It happened & will happen again unless they do something about it but they don’t want to in fear of the repercussions.


  69. It’s the Packers. It’s the Lions. What else should we expect? Can’t have the Packers lose on a nationally televised game now, can we? After all, there are more cheesehead fans nationwide than Lions fans, and the NFL knows on which side its bread is buttered.

  70. Matthew Stafford was 18/32 with 265 yard and (0) ZERO TDs.

    Those are Mitch Trubisky numbers.

    Nobody sees the poor QB performance from the Lions or maybe it was the GB defense.

    Either way, bad calls or not the Lions didn’t play that well except for the first five-ten minutes of the game. Even with the fluke rushing TD given to them.

  71. The officials in this league are too old. 65 year old men trying to officiate these athletes doesn’t work, and the NFL proves it year after year.

  72. It’s pretty obvious, the FIX was in…. Just think how those two calls against Flowers changed the game and ensured a Packers win. A lot of money bet on a Monday night game, I mean a LOT of money. Did you not see it? Clear to me…

  73. I am surprised that the Lions are surprised. This is how games go against the Packers.

    In other news, the Packers have announced that Clete Blakeman is being added to the Special Referee Wing of the Packer Ring of Honor.

  74. TrubiskyIsGarbageAndTheBearsShouldHaveDraftedMahommes

    Stafford looked exactly like Trubisky last night didn’t he? Yeah he did….and you know it. Karma is coming back around son, keep trying…one day you’ll be a big boi!

  75. All NFL fans need to understand that there is a chance the refs are going to win or lose a game for their team. Most losing teams and their fans feel like victims of the refs. It’s not going to change, no matter what “the committee” comes up with. If you can’t handle it, find something else to do.

  76. If two players are diving at the same time for the ball and hit heads, how does one determine which one is at fault?

  77. What is the point of replay when officials won’t even consider over turning the call? There are so many games where there is an opportunity to get it right and they just won’t… The non-call pass interference in the Giants/Pats game even after replay clearly showed the Pats defender holding and all over the WR for 5 yards… is all you need to see. The game is becoming unwatchable.

  78. the calls were lame and they happen almost every game across the league, move on from it and look at the real issue with the loss that has been pointed out many times on here:

    “Matthew Stafford was 18/32 with 265 yard and (0) ZERO TDs.

    Those are Mitch Trubisky numbers.

    Nobody sees the poor QB performance from the Lions” and too many FGs instead of TDs.

  79. The games are truly becoming unwatchable. I was enjoying the game until those 2 calls. It was blatantly obvious his hands never touched the facemask. I am taking my Sundays back. I used to enjoy watching the games, I dont, and have not for 2-3 years now. Time to get more riding time in on my motorcycle instead of watching a terrible “product” as the NFL calls itself. The Lions have been hard shafted every year by a terrible call no one can explain. I am a Cowboys fan, could care less about the Lions, but why does this keep happening. The only answer one is left with–these games are fixed.

  80. thinkrogerthink says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:13 am
    The last paragraph in this article is the most important.

    “Of course, that would imply this year’s officiating problems have been unique to Lions games. They have not been, and that creates an issue the league can’t continue to ignore.”

    The real question is WHY is the league ignoring this?


    You’re getting warmer! It’s so Goodell can control outcomes of games. That’s why. There’s no way refs paid 6 figures like this, standing right there, can be this bad for a multi billion dollar operation.

    Since they are, literally making up rules as they go, with orders from Goodell to help one team over another by looking the other way or making up phantom calls, to hope the result is what they want.

    They wanted LA money in the SB last year, hence Goodell telling the refs to look the other way for LA vs the Saints. It happens every week, actually. Once you realize WHY they want one team over another, it makes it easier to see.

    Trust me when I tell you as a Pats fan, we’ve been looking for this and have been trained to see it for over 10 years now. It started when Goodell took over.

  81. patrickpjm says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:02 am
    Packers always get the calls…or is it the Patriots…or the Cowboys?

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    Yes, the Pats, a team that has been framed twice and been on the receiving end of end of game phantom calls on national tv to lose games, somehow magically “aklways get the calls”…


    NE has all but destroyed NFL ratings, yet you think owners and Goodell want NE more so on the tv screen?

    How dumb are you?

  82. Anything to fit your narrative. 5 field goals?? Score more points. 12 men on the field on defense … how about 11 and no penalty? Phantom td where ball didn’t cross the goal line. After 1st quarter Lions offense did nothing. 13-0 lead, up by 9 in 4th quarter … you lost because you didn’t finish.

  83. and that the foul would have been called even if Walker picked it off.
    So a DB doesn’t have the right to the ball? It sounds like the official is just trying to cover up for his bad call

  84. Let’s take a moment to thank Alberto Riveron for stopping by to give the only thumbs down on any reply that criticizes him.

    Pathetical Al. Instead of wasting time with submitting a thumbs down on this website, focus on stepping down so that the game does not become worse than you already made it.

    Think Roger Goodell! Think!

  85. The Lions lost the game because they gave away eight points–four on the Hockenson drop in the end zone and four for the 12 men on the field penalty that ended up in a touchdown, instead of field goal, for the Packers. Officiating at the end of the game was painful, but good teams put themselves in a position to win, even if the calls don’t go their way.

  86. myspaceyourface says:
    October 15, 2019 at 8:17 am
    MARK MY WORDS: The Patriots will benefit from this PI review in a crucial spot of a big game.

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    Yes, afterall the Pats are great for ratings, haven’t almost singlehandedly sunk the league wit their dominance, so Goodell and the owners want more of what is bad for business.

  87. What makes it worse is the pandering and nonsensical attempts to “explain” these calls. We all have eyes and saw the same thing. 2 bad calls on 3rd down which allowed the Packers to keep the ball. A missing PI call that was also very obvious. They are making it worse and worse. Think I am being a contrarian? Watch any upcoming game, any one, and notice how much the announcers are talking about the officiating. They used to almost never even mention it. Now, its 40% of the talk in some games. That is NOT why we watch, to debate good/bad calls. It’s about competition, sporting excellence, team work, coaching, and hitting the apex at critical moments. Officiating exists to keep rules enforced that all have decided are NOT part of the game. Well, rules, officiating are MOST of the game now. Sadly.

  88. The backlash is at an all time high. Unfortunately, it will never come to anything because the casual fan is to dumb to protest the league. The only way the NFL will even remotely come close to fixing anything is if people stop watching games, stop going to games, stop buying merchandise, and stop everything NFL. If every fan across the country did that, the NFL would have two options, fix it, or eventually fold.

    To all the fans on here. Check your teams schedule and see if you play Green Bay. If you do, just write “Loss” on the schedule as the NFL is not going to let GB sit at home during the playoffs this year.

  89. Darin Gantt says:
    “Of course, that would imply this year’s officiating problems have been unique to Lions games. They have not been,”

    WRONG! Time and again, year in and year out, the Lions, especially in big games, are beaten by the zebras and not the opposition.
    It IS unique that the Lions never get the game changing bad calls.
    This game wouldn’t even have been close, had the Personal foul, non call PI and the 2 phantom face masks been called or not correctly.

  90. Even Tony Dungy criticized three bad calls and one non-call for PI. When you have lost Tony Dungy….

  91. Granted,the Lions definitely decreased their chances of winning this game by kicking field goals,and that’s on the them. The officiating,however was bad. Hands on the shoulder pads is not a penalty. The official was looking right at it. I would be irate,too.

  92. Trubisky2019MVP says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:21 am

    and that the foul would have been called even if Walker picked it off.
    So a DB doesn’t have the right to the ball? It sounds like the official is just trying to cover up for his bad call


    No it sounds like your missing the real reason for the loss. Not the refs, but the poor performance from the Lions and their inability to score TDs.

    Stafford looked just like Trubisky last night btw….

  93. sojournofred says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:18 am
    I get it…but also, 5 FGs? 12 points for the final 3.5 quarters?

    What does that matter? The Lions stopped them twice, and the officials extended GB drives both times, each resulting in scores. Keeping opponent points off the board matters too. Stupid comment.

  94. edukator44 says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:17 am
    i would say that allison initiated that content more than walker. how can the refs say that intent doesnt matter. is the defense just supposed to let receivers catch the ball now? this league is shooting itself in the foot.


    Helmet to helmet is helmet to helmet.

    They call it whether they feel there is intent or not.

    It’s nothing new.

  95. patrickpjm says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:02 am
    Packers always get the calls…or is it the Patriots…or the Cowboys?


    It is all of them. I’ve seen people on this site say the NBA has better refs. Ever heard of the Jordan rule?

    The lions played poorly enough to let a HOF QB take it away after the refs made some questionable calls. Sounds like just about every game I watched this weekend. I’ve seen so many games this year with drives extended by multiple penalties. You aren’t watching if you think this is about any individual team. The cameras have allowed for micromanagement of everything the refs call.


    I can guarantee that the Packers coaching staff was telling the refs about how Flowers grabs the top of the shoulder pad and pushes it up against the neck. Any good coaching staff will do that to take away someone’s strength.

    I guarantee BB would be pimping the refs about it. It’s why some teams always find a way to win.

  96. Just saying Just saying…. combined scored was 45 and GB won by 1…the over/under was 47 and GB gave Det 3.5..Just saying..

  97. Phantom rushing TD for the Lions (there only 6 pointer) started the array of bad officiating….but, but, but the refs are always against the Lions & Vikings and for the Packers…wah..wah..wah. Get mentally tough or don’t watch/play football. The Lions created 3 turnovers to the Packers none and couldn’t get done…bottom line!

  98. As a Packer’s fan, I must say several of the officiating calls were horrible at best. We too have had some BS calls over the years. As a fan I try and take into account the entire game. Fact: Detroit caused 3 Turnovers, yet failed to turn any of of them into TD’s. Fact: TE Hockenson dropped a very catch-able TD in the End Zone. Detroit had the chance to put the game away in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and couldn’t score TD’s. When the calls go against your team, try and look at the entire scope of the 100 or more plays and more thank likely 2-3 bad calls against your team wont be the teams entire undoing.

  99. You’re basically watching pro wrestling on a football field, folks. Face the facts.

    Now that gambling is officially legalized and the NFL has partnerships with Vegas casinos, it’s only going to get drastically worse. As it already has this year.

  100. tylawspick6 says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Yes, afterall the Pats are great for ratings, haven’t almost singlehandedly sunk the league wit their dominance, so Goodell and the owners want more of what is bad for business.
    I always had the feeling viewers tune in hope of seeing the Pats lose.

  101. Crybaby central in here. The Lions were plus 3 on takeaways. They kicked 4 field goals. How about the ref that called the Lions short on 4th and goal? Keep your conspiracy theories.

  102. Does any team benefit more from poor officiating than Green Bay?

    Now that is an easy one to answer and very obvious…..the Pats.

    Homers will never complain about bad refs until they get screwed like the Lions, Saints, and Steelers have and to say otherwise is just insulting.

  103. The only people defending the REFS are probably the REFS.
    NFL has been historically bad this year on calls and the amount of flags being thrown. DAL vs JETS was so bad I decided to go do yard work. Every year the NFL adds more and more rules which equals NFL players trying to adapt to a fast pace game resulting in more and more flags. Review system has been a joke this year. And Goodell doesn’t care as along as he is being paid millions every year..

  104. How would Rush Limbaugh have put it. “The officiating community is desirous that Aaron Rodgers do well.” They are desperate to see him reclaim his former glory. And who’s going to shed a tear fir Detroit and he who wears T-shirts depicting commissioners as clowns.

  105. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:24 am

    To all the fans on here. Check your teams schedule and see if you play Green Bay. If you do, just write “Loss” on the schedule as the NFL is not going to let GB sit at home during the playoffs this year.

    To all the fans on here … check to see if the Packers made the playoffs the past two seasons. Newsflash, they did not. In addition, youtube the video of the Vikings fan who smashes his TV, when Favre threw to Tracy Porter. There he is … ARod(in his collarbone). SKOLOLOL.

  106. Refs controlling the outcome is the reason I stopped watching the NBA. The NFL is now almost as bad. The Cowboys-Jets game was a joke, and this was an even worse one.

  107. Easy, Vikings fans…last year’s roughing penalty against Clay Matthews cost the Packers the game against you… It evens out…

  108. patrickpjm says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:02 am
    Packers always get the calls…or is it the Patriots…or the Cowboys?
    Well, according to Patriots fans, all the calls go against them and the league does everything in their power to try to get them to lose more, but they’re just so awesome that nothing the league does against them works, so it can’t be them.

    Must be the Packers or the Cowboys. Although I’m not sure what happened last week. Maybe the Packers got all the calls in the first half and then the Cowboys got all the calls in the second half?

    These conspiracy theories are just too difficult to keep up with.

  109. golforepar says:
    October 15, 2019 at 6:55 am

    Hey Lions Hands to the face is…… Hands to the face!!!


    Except when there is no hand on no face!

  110. Definitely need a way to overturn obviously bad calls, which at least two were. That said, I didn’t hear the Lions complaining in 2016 when my birds were penalized 14 times to their 2 times, and the officials clearly got a out of bounds fumble call dead wrong. Literally cost us the game.

  111. Welcome to the Seahawks world, Lions fans. This happens to us at least once a year, and sometimes in Super Bowls.

  112. The Lions got robbed. No doubt about it. The officials can control the outcome of
    almost every game. The most ridiculous thing this year is having one standard for PI and a different standard for overturning it on replay. That is just plain wrong. Whoever dreamed that up is crazy.

  113. Maybe next time, kick 6 field goals… and/or do something in the second half. Great teams fins a way to overcome. Great teams don’t need excuses and when they lose- they move on. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: Better Football for Better People.

  114. says:
    October 15, 2019 at 6:59 am
    Im a vikings fan and i feel ya. We went through the same bad calls against them. Unfortunetly the nfl wants certain teams in the playoffs, packers, patroits, seahawks, and will make sure it happens. Its so obvious with these late calls that change games.

    Bears fan and feel the same way. How many times do your pass rushers have to be tackled from behind before they throw a flag for it? Apparently the Bears didn’t hit that limit, because Mack couldn’t get a call for his life and it happened almost every down. And if he’s not a big enough star, who exactly is?

    Lions got absolutely screwed. Every single big call went against them, and it cost them at least 10 points if you aren’t feeling charitable, more likely 17. In a playoff race as tight as it’s going to be in this division, the refs have really helped decide it. Absolutely despicable, and that game should cost that crew their jobs. Those are mistakes. That’s showing that they’re incompetent.

  115. I don’t blame the Lions. They have every right to be ticked off. The NFL has become a complete clown show. Worse than Pro Wrestling at this point. The refs got their ‘Golden Boy’ a win. The ‘FIX’ was clearly in…. UGH!!!!!!

  116. boiler72 says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:15 am
    The first hands to the face was a bad call, the second one was legit. Sorta feel bad for Lions fans. I don’t feel bad for Vikings fans. Should be quite a morning at the water coolers in Minnehaha, SKOLOLOLOL.
    You realize the Vikings won this week right? SKOLOL indeed.

  117. When you look at both plays the tackles head was bent back to give the appearance of hands to the face so you can easily see how an official could call that. Even on the slow motion replays, especially the last one, it looked like his hands were under pushing under his chin. Even though his grip may have been on his shoulder pads, you cannot push on the pads or jersey without also pushing on the face or chin. This is going to get called every time.

    I also saw some phantom holding calls on GB that stopped a drive or two. Just wish the NFL would do something to stop allowing plays that do not impact the outcome of the play having an impact on the game. They can call holding on every single play but it makes you wonder why and when they actually decide the throw the flag.

  118. tqaztec says:
    October 15, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    I’m shocked the Aaron Jones wide open TD drop wasn’t ruled a TD since it touched his hands in the endzone.
    Oh, you mean like the TD they gifted Detroit? The ball never broke the plane, multiple camera angles show it, go ahead and look it up, but they spotted them 7 and that’s OK right?

  119. Terrible calls are ruining the game. So my team the Saints got hosed last year and everyone said get over it. Now it is your team and all 32 teams will get a taste of an outcome change sooner or later from bad calls. Enough is Enough.

  120. Not a fan of either team but here’s my beef. I get that calls are missed for both teams in every game, fine get over those. However, with Green Bay it crosses the line to where it is OBVIOUS the refs are CHEATING to help out the Packers. No logical person can watch ANY of their games and see anything different. Bears game–Mack is held EVERY play. Same goes with GB’s OL every game. Minnesota game–let’s start with all of the b.s. offensive PI penalties on MN. Detroit game–how many do we need to mention? The missed PI on the Detroit WR? The bad PI on Detroit playing the ball? The two complete horse crap hands to the face calls on the Detroit DL that extended drives and gifted 10 points to GB? The 12 men on the field for Detroit penalty but no penalty for 13 for GB? Any non biased, GB homer PLEASE explain any of it to me…I’ll wait…

  121. The games are rigged. Bad calls are not overturned on review and there is no repurcussion for the refs aside from maybe not officiating a playoff game later in the season

    Jonathan jones was called for hit to the head of Josh Allen. With bare eyes you could see he led with his shoulder and hit Allen in the shoulder; On top of that, the crown of Josh Allens helmet hit the side of Jones’ helmet. not the other way around, because Allen dove head first into the defender instead of sliding.

    It was a critical 3rd down stop that was turned into a personal foul and new set of downs. Against another team, it could have turned the game around, but it was Buffalo, sooooo…

    Buffalo fans wanted Jones ejected and were irate that he was allowed to play on regardless of the fact that video completely cleared him of any wrongdoing.

    Total BS call. In fact, Jones wasn’t even fined for the BS personal foul. SO it was obviously crystal clear that no foul occurred

  122. The idea that the refs are always helping the Packers is really stupid. They let Lions db’s headhunt the Packers receivers all night long. A phantom holding call that killed a Packer drive. If you are going to parse every call, parse EVERY call. I remember Matthews getting crappy roughing calls several times last year. Lions fans are infantile. They think everyone is against them. Why didn’t your team finish redzone drives? Why did your “stud” rb manage only 34 yards? Was it the refs? Quit whining, your football team has deficiencies.

  123. uzuck says:
    October 15, 2019 at 9:00 am

    The officials in this league are too old. 65 year old men trying to officiate these athletes doesn’t work, and the NFL proves it year after year.////

    Legitimate concern but add to that the officials review stuff and get it wrong on top of that. Those refs have multiple angles on field guys don’t have and can’t get it right.

  124. las0023 says:
    October 15, 2019 at 11:14 am
    Easy, Vikings fans…last year’s roughing penalty against Clay Matthews cost the Packers the game against you… It evens out…
    Ssshhh, we can’t let facts ruin their narrative. After all, tHe PaCkErS gEt EvErY CaLL.

  125. Alvin KarmaSutra says:
    October 15, 2019 at 11:04 am
    only fans of the green bay packers would be bragging after a game like this. shows you what kind of people they are.
    Only fans of the Minnesota would take it so personally when Packer fans celebrate winning when football is just a game. Shows what kind of person YOU are.

  126. There was obvious intent on the part of the officials to use their position to alter the outcome of the game. I agree with all the people talking about the Lions scoring field goals not touchdowns, but that is not the point. This was not a random bad call but rather an example of clear intent on the part of the officials. It wasn’t a call, it was several clearly bogus calls that stopped drives or extended others. This should trigger immediate suspension for the officials and investigation by law enforcement for suspicion of racketeering. Time to stop tip toeing around. Taking money to do something subversive that influences potentially millions of dollars is a criminal act. We need to stop demanding the league do something and start asking the justice department why they don’t do something? I have never seen a fiasco like Monday night. There have been bad calls that gave games away before, but the difference here is the intent to alter the games outcome jumps out at you. I bet this post doesn’t make it on line. If it does I will apologize to the Profootballtalk powers.

  127. Boy I don’t see many people complaining about the fact that Detroit got 80 yards of offense after the first quarter. Or the fact that they kicked 5 field goals. I think those had something to do with them losing too.

  128. 1st, hands to the face is any thing above the frame of the player.

    2nd, the frame is defined as anything below the neck.

    Therefore the neck is part of the face, and this a legitimate call.

    But I also saw way too much holding no calls on GB.

  129. Gotta love all the people deflecting away from the bogus calls and saying Detroit left a lot of points on the field. It’s a game, it’s not perfect. They got hosed out of a possible victory….end of story.

  130. As a Raiders fan we deal with this kind of officiating every game, but I do feel for you Lions.

  131. I hope the Lions fans are paying attention to all of the comments from the vikings fans on these stories today. They’re not a very clever or original fan base, so they’ll just be recycling them and using them as excuses for when they lose in Detroit next week.

  132. Funny, us Saints fans were told to stop whining when we were forced to beat the Rams twice due to blown calls and couldn’t do it. Now, the Packers steal one from the Lions and its an outrage. LOL That said, sorry Lions fans, it sucks- you literally had a game stolen. They say, well stop them. You did, a sack on 3rd and 10. Say score more points…well, you would have if the arm bar on a wide open WR was called. Its so easy to say, you should play better so the refs cant decide a game. Thats crap- its hard to beat good NFL teams multiple times to overcome officiating mistakes.

  133. ALL 10 or 15 yd. game altering penalties in the last two minutes of games should be reviewable. Games should not be decided by officials without review.

  134. Contrary to popular belief, the Patriots don’t get all the calls .Just watch Super Bowl LII. When the Eagles scored on their Philly Special play, it was an illegal formation. This was never called. In 2015, the refs blew their whistle in the middle of a live play after Amendola caught the ball for no reason whatsoever. In the 2015 AFC championship game, Brady was knocked down 23 times and took all the hits without any crucial roughing the passer calls. That same tuck rule was used against them in the 2001 matchup against the Jets. Instead of finishing 12-4, they ended up 11-5. I’ve seen some worse stuff in those Packers and Cowboys games.

  135. My apologies to the powers that be at Porfootballtalk. I was convinced that based on the politically charged and inflammatory nature of my previous post that they would never allow it to be read. However they did post it and I apologize for questioning your motivation or impugning your honor. My bad.

  136. First off, long time Lions fan here. Last night’s game was so painful to watch, and feeling the inevitable loss coming on, particularly when the bad calls started in the fourth quarter. The worst part is the inability to repair the damage after the fact, even when the league admits an egregious error. The game cannot be re-played or resumed at a later date. Both teams’ records are affected, as are playoff seeding and draft order. Heaven help the NFL if a member of an officiating crew is convicted of actually taking a bribe to affect a game. How will the league ever deal with that?

    Suggested officiating fixes:
    (a) all calls are reviewable, including calls in final two minutes of each half.
    (b) Coaches have an unlimited number of challenges, but
    (c) maximum of two or three unsuccessful challenges – after that, no further challenges allowed.
    (d) same rules in OT. Two bad challenges allowed.
    Not sure how to deal with non-calls – e.g., Packers’ 13 men on the field. Could coach just yell “They’ve got 13 men on the field!”? or throw red flag to bring it to the ref’s attention?

    Next time Packers play Lions is season finale in Detroit. Both the league and the press will refer back to this game and the crew calling that game should be more vigilant before making or missing bad calls.

  137. I’m not sure that the Lions deserved this game or not. First, they blundered their way to five field goals. To be honest it probably should have been six field goals because I see no evidence the Lions scored on the 4th and one running play that was ruled a touchdown.

    This forum basically is entertainment for those who want to vent their anger at the officials who have an impossible job. This is a shame because just watching Stafford in the first quarter was worth the price of admission. What was even more impressive was watching Rodgers pick apart the Lion’s secondary with a group of receivers who are replacement level at best. Keanu Reeves must have edited this script.

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