Rashard Higgins surprised, frustrated he didn’t play despite being active

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Receiver Rashard Higgins still doesn’t understand why he didn’t play Sunday despite being active.

“I just didn’t get in. I don’t know why. I was a little surprised,” Higgins said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “I felt like I was ready for the San Francisco game [in Week Five]. Little frustrating. I feel like I’m somebody that Baker [Mayfield] can rely on, and when I’m in the game I can make a difference. It’ll show next game.”

Browns coach Freddie Kitchens explained Monday that Higgins was not in the doghouse. Instead, Kitchens, who doubles as the team’s play-caller, said the Browns played mostly 11 personnel and used Antonio Callaway as the third wideout after a good week of practice.

The Browns had a package of plays that included Higgins but never used them.

“Hig should have played some in the game, but the situation did not arise where he was in the game,” Kitchens said. “We were moving the ball with three wide and one tight end. We had a package of. . . I am not going to get into anything else, and we just did not use that package and did not feel like we needed to.”

Higgins said he asked for an explanation but wouldn’t share the answer.

I just didn’t get in,” he said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Higgins said “this offense needs me” because of the chemistry he has with Mayfield, and he expects to play in Week Eight when the Browns return from their off week.

Higgins made two catches for 46 yards in the season opener before injuring his knee.

9 responses to “Rashard Higgins surprised, frustrated he didn’t play despite being active

  1. Kitchens better get control of his locker room fast: this is rookie coaching free-for-all. Players and coaches need to keep these discussions in house AND DEFER TO ANSWER when questioned by the media.

    I don’t wholly blame Higgins if he was asked unless coach has told him (as he should have by now) that these discussions are for his office or the locker room: not for the podium.

  2. The correct response, Mr. Higgins, is:

    “My number wasn’t called, and I have every confidence in my team mates to make the plays when they’re in and I’m not. When my number is called, I’ll be ready.”

  3. The browns had a nice young nucleus with Jarvis, Higgins, and calloway. They brought in obj when they didnt need him. I’m a huge obj fan (his skillset just to be clear) but that wasnt what the browns needed. My raiders would be smart to kick the tires on Higgins and maybe calloway (he has a suspension already so I’d be cautious) to shore up our WR for the long haul of the season.

  4. For some reason they favor Calloway over Higgins. I get Calloway has the breakaway speed, but I don’t see what he has done to earn anyone’s trust. Higgins has been reliable, and the safety net for Baker, so this move is puzzling.

  5. “You have to ask Coach. I’m just doing everything I can to be ready to help this team win when my number is called.”


    Every Patriots Receiver That Stayed Employed. Ever.

  6. Try him out for 21 days and if you’re not complete satisfied, return for a complete refund.
    But keep the amazing Spiral Slicer as our free gift to you.

  7. Makes total sense to leave your most reliable 3rd down/possession receiver on the bench in a 4 point loss. You know, if you’re going empty backfield anyway, you don’t have to split the RB out wide – you can put a WR in there. No reason they should’ve been throwing to a backup running back with the game on the line.

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