Rich McKay declines to say whether pass interference replay is working

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NFL Competition Committee Rich McKay declined to say today whether he thinks the NFL allowing instant replay to review pass interference has worked so far.

McKay was asked at a press conference if the new rule is working, and McKay wouldn’t answer.

“I don’t think we would give a summation of whether a rule that’s been in place for six weeks is working or not working,” McKay said.

McKay did say, however, that replay was only intended to overturn obviously blown calls, not to re-officiate the play.

“We want to get the egregious ones, and we want to get them overturned,” McKay said. “It’s got to be an obvious error and it’s got to be one that results in substantial hindrance. So I’m not going to get into how it’s currently being done from New York, because I think that’s something we’re all better off doing . . . at the end of the year.”

Through six weeks, most NFL fans seem to agree that it’s been a disappointment, not an improvement. Even if the NFL won’t say so.

29 responses to “Rich McKay declines to say whether pass interference replay is working

  1. Sure it’s working, they don’t overturn anything! The only problem is they’re destroying the flow of the game with all of these challenges and you can’t celebrate a big pass play or TD for 5 minutes after it happens.

  2. McKay clearly needs a dictionary as it is obvious he does not understand the meaning of OBVIOUS. Or egregious for that matter. As in “The application of this rule has been an example of egregious mismanagement.”

  3. Why would you need replay to overturn an “obviously” blown call? Ther play that started all of this was pretty obvious, no one needed to see it again to know that a penalty should have been called. This could easily have been accomplished in a couple of minutes with the officials huddling and fixing it. Get rid of the replay aspect and fix it on the field if all you are worried about is the egregious calls.

  4. That’s the stupidest answer he could have given. So if it’s kinda PI, they’re not going to change a call??? Only if it’s like horns honking/lights blaring/tackling guy and doing a dance on him before the ball gets there PI????

    The whole point is to get things right. All the time. Isn’t it?

  5. LOL

    Why is a guy who got caught for actual cheating on such a committee?

    Whinebaugh, Tomlin, etc…I don’t want actual known cheaters (not the made up variety) on these kinds of committees.

  6. “We want to get the egregious ones….”

    The problem with that is who is defining which ones are “egregious”.
    With PI calls already being subjective most of the time, a booth review is just adds another layer of subjectiveness.

    The replay isn’t the problem, it’s the people who are doing the reviewing.

  7. Why not re-officiate the play? have someone in the booth confirming these calls in real time, ping in when they’re getting it wrong.

    If you dont want the booth-guy throwing a flag, thats fine, but every flag should just get a quick check by the eye in the sky so mistakes can be avoided.

  8. Perhaps when they approved this rule, they should have been transparent regarding the type of plays that would have been overturned w/ replay. Yes… they repeatedly stated the “blatant” cases of missed calls, but they should have used highlight reels to show what would not have been over turned.

  9. Soon, we’ll have replay on every penalty, TD and field goal.
    6 hour games coming to a stadium near you.

  10. “It’s got to be an obvious error and it’s got to be one that results in substantial hindrance.”


    What I don’t get is why are flags being thrown for PI in real-time but the same violation might not be overturned in replay because of the substantial hindrance requirement.

  11. The egregious pass interference call is the last thing that should need replay because competent refs shouldn’t miss that call. The problem is they can’t define what’s egregious and therefore they are clueless as to what is even run of the mill pass interference. I hate replay stoppages but I hate when you call one team and not the other for very similar violations even more. Or when they call penalties early and let stuff go late or vice versa. Unfortunately we need more replay because all of the referees have a different definition of what institutes pass interference.

  12. “McKay did say, however, that replay was only intended to overturn obviously blown calls, not to re-officiate the play.”

    Unless of course your name is Diggs and it take away a TD against the Packers. Then it’s okay to “re-officiate” the play.

  13. tylawspick6 says:
    October 15, 2019 at 3:06 pm
    Why is a guy who got caught for actual cheating on such a committee?


    Hey, Rich McKay had to sit out a whole 3 months of Competition Committee meetings. Such a harsh, harsh penalty. I don’t know why a human rights organization didn’t step in.

  14. Lol are you kidding me? Egregious….when you have a defender that is actually riding on the back of a reciever for 5 yards and the Zebra doesnt throw a flag, and then you challenge the no call only to be told that it wasn’t egregious enough we all know it isn’t working. God I cant believe the owners pay Goodell over $40 million a year to oversee this dumpster fire.

  15. “McKay did say, however, that replay was only intended to overturn obviously blown calls, not to re-officiate the play.”

    Except that’s exactly what happened in Vikings vs. Packers at Lambeau. New York took a score off the board after the fact, when no flags were thrown, as directly leading to the Packers’ victory in that game as the terrible calls against the Lions last evening. The Packers’ first place position in the NFC North is completely fraudulent.

  16. All these new rules are working according to plan. Here it is Tuesday afternoon and we’re all talking about the NFL. Nobody is talking about the MLB playoffs. Lol. Rich McKay and others who work for the 32 NFL owners have one responsibility, and that is to make sure the owners make money. The league will break it’s revenue record again this year, as is does every year. Believe me folks, the rules are working just fine. The NFL owners are very intelligent people. They could easily have an officiating system in place where they get every call 100% correct without slowing the game down one minute. But then what would we have to talk about 24/7? Cha Ching!

  17. Don’t know what his definition of obvious is, but there’s been TONS of obvious PI situations (PI or no PI) that were not overturned so far this year.

  18. Still looking for an explanation on why any pass interference or non-interference challenged by a coach is never overturned but Riveron was perfectly happy to take a Vikings touchdown against the Packers off the board for a ticky-tack offensive PI that wasn’t called on the field. Perhaps what transpired last night helps to explain it.

  19. In the game last night a Pack receiver got knocked to the ground by the DB and no flag was thrown. I was sure the Packers would throw a red flag but never did. I can only assume they’ve given up trying to get a reversal….

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