Sean Payton: Ultimately I think we’ll be dealing with full-time officials

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Officiating has been the talk of the NFL after Monday night’s game between the Lions and Packers was impacted by a couple of controversial penalties called on Lions defensive lineman Trey Flowers.

That comes on the heels of many weeks of discussion about pass interference replay reviews and the apparent unwillingness of the league to overturn calls on the field. Saints head coach Sean Payton is a member of the Competition Committee that recommended adopting the replay review rules and he was asked about all officiating matters during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday.

Payton said it has become clear that there is “a real, real, real high bar” for making changes to calls on the field. He also referenced the calls from Monday night when he said there’s “nothing more difficult to deal with than a foul that wasn’t a foul.” He didn’t follow that up with a call for further changes to replay or a sky judge, but did share where he believes everything will wind up.

“I think, ultimately, we’re going to be at some point dealing with full-time officials,” Payton said.

Payton cited the speed of the game and the fact that video reveals missed calls with greater clarity than in the past as reasons supporting a move to full-time officials that has yet to take hold in the NFL.

20 responses to “Sean Payton: Ultimately I think we’ll be dealing with full-time officials

  1. Not sure full time officials solve the problem.

    Lots of people pull full time wages and are bad at their job.

    You need YOUNGER officials with accountability. Answer media questions after the game, be fined for mistakes etc.

  2. Full time officials will mean nothing.
    Why does anybody think having a 50+ year old dude as a “full-time” official will changes missed calls? We have replay, and that doesn’t even change missed calls.

    Good grief.

  3. We’d be better off with no refs vs what we’ve seen so far! MY GOD, and the NFL is hiring these refs full time?

    I fire people that are this incompetent!

  4. Years ago when we had the replacement officials, we went on and on about how they would ruin the game. The image in Seattle where one official signaled touchdown while the other signaling a touch back was the imaged that epitomized how believed how horrible the NFL officiating was. In last night’s game, we the same thing occurred at the goal line. One official signaled touchdown and the other signaled the ball down at the 1 yard line.

    I don’t know if full time officials is the answer. But one of the solutions HAS to be the NFL has got to stop protecting them. Everyone from the ground crew to the team President is open to criticism, yet you’re fined for even remotely criticizing the official. Make them available to answer questions after each game, just like the HC is required to.

  5. A billion dollar a year company with nickel and dime officiating, C’mon NFL, also stop trying to be too overly protective, it’s destroying the game, you can only make the game soo “safe”….. bigger, stronger, faster athletes will always make for bigger hits. The only thing left is for the NFL to take away players helmets and start calling themselves the NFFL, for National Flag Football League.

  6. Full-time officials MAKES NO SENSE.

    It takes 15 years HS/college experience just to be qualified for NFL duty. That means at a minimum the official has seen (15 yrs x 15 games/yr x 120 plays/gm) over 27,000 football plays. An veteran NFL official with 5 years experience has seen over 36,600 football plays on the field. There’s NOTHING he hasn’t already seen before.

    Just because an official saw in differently from his on-field perspective (and not your 12 tv replay angles) doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff.

  7. Full time or part time doesn’t make a bit of difference Coach! What matters is competence. Having good eye sight. Good judgement. Being athletic and agile. And then working together as a team. It’s everything BUT what we have been seeing so far….

  8. Just let men play like men and officiate accordingly. As a fan, you should not cringe when one of your players makes a hard tackle or a sack fearing a flag. The rules and their interpretation by the officials both on and off the field have reached the point of absurdity. Can I please just have a tackle football game back? You know, like in the old days when the game was decided by the players. That would be really cool! Guess I’m just the old geezer shouting, “Get off my lawn, you hippie refs!”

  9. So, the clowns from last year’s Saints-Rams debacle and the crew from this year’s Lions-Packers fiasco (and many many others this year) will become full-time employees? Seriously?
    Why not just start holding the repeatedly incompetent ones accountable — even if it means firing them in the middle of the season (you know, like the owners do by replacing players in the middle of the season)?

  10. HagemeisterPark says:
    October 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Im more concerned with the Lions touchdown that never crossed the goal line and was never reviewed
    It was reviewed. Every scoring play is reviewed. You just don’t like the conclusion that the call stood.

  11. That won’t make any difference! They’ll still miss calls and get over ruled by Riverton! Integrity? What’s that?

  12. It won’t matter at all if they are full time or not. Whether they are young or not. Whether they are experienced or not, Nothing is going to change until the league stops asking HUMANS to be perfect. We certainly don’t expect the players to be perfect in the game, why should the officials.

    While I think replay can be a asset to the game, I’m beginning to wonder if the game itself might be a better one without it. There was a time when human error by the officials was just a part of the game. You overcame a bad call, just like you overcame a fumble or drop….and you moved on.

    Now days we see fans pitch a hissy fit, every time the fifth iteration of slow motion SEEMS to show whatever call was right or wrong.

  13. HagemeisterPark says:
    October 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm
    Im more concerned with the Lions touchdown that never crossed the goal line and was never reviewed than a single hands to the face oversight.
    Were you concerned about the 3rd down try where he did cross the line and ruled short?

    Past that, if you are worried about the 4th down play you could take the overhead view that shows the nose of the ball across the line instead of worrying about a line judge that made a call without seeing through the defenders.

  14. Kinda makes it hard to wave that integrity of the sheild flag. When the refs have been this bad for so long not just recently but for a few years now. It sure makes it look bad some conspiracy theoriest have fuel for the fire. I must say sometimes i find myself wondering.

  15. But one of the solutions HAS to be the NFL has got to stop protecting them.
    Yeah well then the NFL wouldn’t have the ability to rig games so that’s out the question.

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