Washington “emphatically” denies rumor of Trent Williams trade to Browns

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Maybe a dysfunctional team will indeed continue to do dysfunctional things.

Amid a rumor from Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository linking Washington tackle Trent Williams to the Browns, Washington has put out the word that a trade isn’t happening.

Via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, team officials “emphatically insist” that the rumor of a Trent Williams trade to Cleveland are not true.

In situations like this, the truth is always elusive given the strategic benefits of obfuscation. If Washington denies the trade rumors now and the trade eventually happens, what would the consequences be?

It could be that the two teams are talking, and that Washington wants more than the Browns are willing to offer. Some think Washington president Bruce Allen is angling for a Laremy Tunsil-type package for Williams.

Or maybe Allen wants Odell Beckham Jr., a move that would bring OBJ back to the NFC East and align him with former nemesis Josh Norman (unless he gets traded, too).

Browns G.M. John Dorsey recently has decried rumors of a Beckham re-trade as “fake news,” but it’s easy to make the case that Cleveland should simply admit that it’s not working and that it won’t work and that they should get what they can for him and move on. If they really want Williams and if Allen really wants Beckham, who knows what will happen?

23 responses to “Washington “emphatically” denies rumor of Trent Williams trade to Browns

  1. Dumbest franchise in the NFL. He obviously wont be playing for you so trade him for aomething instead of losing him for nothing.

  2. The fans should insist that Dan Snyder be dumped as the owner. It’s the “only” way this team turns things around. Because little Danny inherited his money from his father he thinks he’s a genius. He insisted they sign Albert Haynesworth. He’s a genius alright.

  3. Bruce Allen can’t even trade away a player who will never play for his team again. Who needs extra draft picks when you are 1-5? The magnitude of Allen’s incompetence is staggering and he sticks around only because Snyder values Allen’s shameless flattery.

  4. ravenmuscle says:
    October 15, 2019 at 7:41 pm
    The fans should insist that Dan Snyder be dumped as the owner. It’s the “only” way this team turns things around.
    We know. Trust me. We know. Fans of other teams seem to feel like they need to *convince* lackadaisical, ignorant Redskins fans that Dan Snyder is the problem. No one is arguing with you. You will not find one single Redskins fan who supports Snyder, or the way he runs the team. Every single weekend since 1999 has reminded us of his absolute incompetence.

    This is not an original or controversial idea. Trust me.

  5. Well with the dufus Allen involved count
    On it not happening, he’s what’s ruining the organization, he’s stuck in his father’s era of Redskins football…he’s also the main the main reason the fan base is shrinking.

  6. Any team with OBJ, Scary Terry McLaurin, and Slinging Sammy Dwayne Haskins would be an instant Super Bowl contender. Unless I am missing something, hard to see how any team could stop that juggernaut.

  7. Hey Trent, pack your bags, you are being shipped out buddy. Everyone knows that if anyone in Washington DC “emphatically denies” something, it is presidential speak for lying through their keister!

  8. Sadly for us Browns fans, what the Redskins really meant to say was “we traded him to somebody else”.

  9. As a Redskin fan, my question is to all other Redskin fans is, what is the legacy of Trent Williams? I am torn between being very angry and also completely understanding. I am figuring after his retirement, that he will be accepted back, as time heals all wounds.

  10. I think the Browns and a straight trade for OBJ make sense.
    Browns need the line help and moving OBJ is MAJOR addition by subtraction.

  11. Hasn’t the city learned anything from the Bryce Harper fiasco? Teams don’t thrive on divas or superstars. History is replete with examples of teams that unexpectedly flourish after losing a superstar.

  12. as soon as possible…trade for what you can get….1. Williams…2. Reed….3. Norman 4. Peterson( I do not care how good he is or has been ..you do not correct your QB in the middle of a play) 6. Bruce Allen

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