Brian Flores changes his mind again, benches Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has made a decision at quarterback. And it’s not the same as his previous decision.

Flores announced today that Ryan Fitzpatrick will start on Sunday against the Bills.

That news comes a week after Flores declared that Josh Rosen was the starter for the rest of the season — only to change his mind during Sunday’s game and go to Fitzpatrick, who nearly led the Dolphins to a comeback win. Flores then said after the game that Fitzpatrick came in only to give the team a spark, and that Rosen would remain the starter.

Flores then left the door open for another switch back to Fitzpatrick, but at the time he said that would be based on “what happens this week in practice.” Now Flores has gone back to Fitzpatrick on Wednesday morning, not after a week of practice.

How long Fitzpatrick keeps the job remains to be seen, and give the decisions Flores has made so far, this decision has to be considered subject to change. But for now, Fitzpatrick is the starter.

48 responses to “Brian Flores changes his mind again, benches Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. You’ve got to feel sorry for Rosen. What a terrible chain of events. His career is dead before it starts.

  2. From watching Brady on the same sideline to a black hole of suck. Must be very frustrating for Flores.

    But he is getting millions in exchange so I don’t feel particularly sorry for him.

  3. Iam sorry starting Fitzpatrick is a minor league move ! Your season is over what do you have to gain !

  4. Good thing Flores got the Dolphins to fully guarantee his 5-yr contract, because this is a disaster ..or maybe it’s a disaster because he can make long term decisions knowing he has the security of a guaranteed contract ..either way, disaster

  5. I like this coach less and less every day. He seems overwhelmed and disingenuous. Staying with Rosen makes sense to see if he can develop. What does starting Fitz get you? Nothing whatsoever other than a happy Fitz.

  6. Fitzpatrick has been off the Bills long enough to where he no longer has any inside info.
    Although, it might be best to go with the more experienced QB for this game.

  7. I feel like Flores is being set up as the patsy. Not sure that he will be given the chance to rebuild the team. Just tank it for 2 years and then hire a new head coach once all the picks are in hand. BB probably warned him.

  8. Why does it even matter? Why can’t they just stick with Rosen for the rest of the year? There is nothing at all to gain by starting Fitzpatrick, unless they are actually tanking and they think he is the worse QB. Makes no sense to me.

  9. Even Ross has to realize hiring Flores was a mistake after this year right? This is a lost season, there is absolutely no reason to go back to Fitzpatrick unless Rosen is injured. This is the worst Coaching hire the Dolphins have made, and that’s saying a lot! I’m not talking wins and losses, they are terrible! Flores has screwed up the handling of everything! Please go back to New England! Darren Rizzi was the right guy for this job, go figure the Dolphin screwed it up! Which is why I have no faith with all the draft picks and cap space, they will screw it up!

  10. Doing wonders for his credibility with the locker room.

    Think players believe in him to come up with a game plan when he goes full sea bass, flip flopping like this?

    I’d expect a lot more calls made to agents…

  11. Fitzpatrick is the better QB right now. This is a surprising move because Rosen won’t get the necessary experience, and, Miami is going nowhere anyway.

  12. Starting Fitz sounds counterintuitive to the Dolphins goal. He might mess around and actually win them a game…..

  13. Not even Brady could help that team. That’s the whole point people are missing. The Dolphins are trying to lose games, but not in an obvious fashion like the Colts did. Miami will get their picks and before you know it, they’ll be back to their typical 8-8.

  14. Why feel sorry for Rosen? Two teams took a chance on him and he’s failed them both miserably. If he had shown any ability, he wouldn’t be in this position.

  15. I would change qb’s every quarter of every game to help insure we keep losing. Not sure if we need anymore help losing but when the heck.

  16. The animus towards a first-year head coach who knowingly went into a situation that was a rebuild is shocking to me!

    Those of you who are old enough to have kids entering the workplace; think if you’d want for them to get this reception.

    It’s easy to throw stones; particularly if you’ve never done it before.

    Give the guy some time to right what wasn’t right when he got there! He’s not a miracle worker and he’ll need a couple of drafts and free agency periods for you to know who he is!

    I’ll remind all of you that the Cleveland Browns did this to Bill Belichick and look at both now!

  17. Wow, I know Flores is a rookie HC and that the Dolphins are tanking but this is just sad. Dude is all over the place, I’m starting to think Freddie Kitchens isn’t the only new HC in over his head as the head man.

  18. If Rosen didn’t come off as such a putz, I would feel more sorry for him than I do.

    Either way, his stock has fallen in a Matt Barkley-esque fashion. Gone from potential #1 pick to a scrub that nobody wants. Kind of sad really.

  19. You can’t judge a new coach the first year.

    They are working with leftover trash from the last staff, that was canned because they stunk.

    Not a Flores fan, but give him a couple of years before you measure him for a coaching casket.

  20. “Why feel sorry for Rosen? Two teams took a chance on him and he’s failed them both miserably. If he had shown any ability, he wouldn’t be in this position.”

    You call those “teams”? I’m a Fin fan but both “teams” are/were dumpster fires that also failed Rosen miserably, so there’s that…..

  21. Neither Rosen or Fitzpatrick is the future franchise QB, so Brian Flores is excused from any decision he makes this year due to the Dolphins management choice to tank the season. I’m sure the losing annoys Flores and the tank plan was not communicated to him when he took the job. That being said, he gets a rare opportunity to learn how to be an NFL head coach and not have to win to keep his job.

  22. Why are all the comments so heated on a tanking team? Hello, they’re tanking but they don’t want to be too obvious so they give the impression they are competing!

  23. Rosen can’t catch a break. If he lands on a different team next season, hopefully third time will be a charm for him.

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