Deion Sanders: Jalen Ramsey may not be with the Rams for very long

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Cornerback Jalen Ramsey officially is a member of the Rams. So how long will that continue?

Maybe not very long.

By giving up two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick to acquire Ramsey, the Rams supposedly want Ramsey for years to come. But they have Ramsey under contract for only the next 26 games, before the franchise-tag dance would begin. One former player who knows Ramsey believes that Ramsey may not be with the Rams for five or six years, or more.

“One thing is that Jalen is a businessman,” Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who like Ramsey played at Florida State, said on NFL Network. “Secondly, I don’t feel like the Rams are the Rams of old. Thirdly, taxes . . . Taxes in California, the cost of living in California is not feasible to a guy who’s just coming out of Florida. . . I don’t know if this is a situation that’s gonna last over a year. This may be for right now.”

Florida has no state income tax. In California, state taxes take 13.3 cents from every dollar earned.

This makes the decision to trade for Ramsey without a new deal even more surprising. He now has greater leverage in the contract talks to come; at a minimum he’s going to want the Rams to “gross up” his bonus and salary to compensate him for the difference between a state with no taxes and the state with the most.

Sanders definitely considered those factors when he became a free agent after the 1994 season. He said that the Raiders were the highest bidder, but that he took less from the Cowboys.

“I wanted to go to Texas,” Sanders said. “No state taxes there, baby.”

Apart from the issue of taxes, Ramsey may not want to simply be the highest-paid cornerback, which currently has a top-of-market value of $15.1 million per year. He may want to be paid like linebacker Khalil Mack, who gets $23.5 million per year. Indeed, the Rams gave up more to get Ramsey than the Bears gave up to get Mack.

Then there’s the fact that Ramsey may not want to stay in L.A. if he doesn’t believe the team has the foundation in place for sustained success. And if Ramsey wants out, he knows how to make that happen. Indeed, he has just created the bad-back playbook in order to make his exit from Jacksonville.

If that happens, it could be disastrous for the Rams, who could have gotten up to 160 games from those two first-round picks and another 64 from the fourth-round selection sent to the Jaguars. In the end, the question becomes whether their return for Ramsey via a second trade matches what they gave up to get him.

79 responses to “Deion Sanders: Jalen Ramsey may not be with the Rams for very long

  1. lol @ the cost of living not being feasible for a player who will likely receive the richest defensive contract in league history. Deion my man, you are out of touch.

  2. Selfish players like this are bad for the game, bad for the team, and a bad influence on the younger players. Rams will regret this trade for years to come.

  3. Umm he is? I mean he did drive a brinks truck to practice

    garyandersonsonly1998fgmiss says:
    October 16, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    I stopped reading when I read “he’s a business man.”

  4. So glad this clown is out of Jax. He made no friends here, a shameless self-promoter, famous quitter, liar, faker, all the while smug but nearly illiterate. Now the RAMS problem. And we get 3 picks. It’s like Christmas in Jax.

  5. “Secondly, I don’t feel like the Rams are the Rams of old.”

    Wow they have really aged quick! NFC Champs last year, now they’re nothing…

  6. Consider deal is done to lock him up for future, consider that parties can not disclose fearing that there was some mild tampering taking place that everyone sans the Jax owner was on board with.

  7. Um, if Deion is right, then the Rams truly are clueless. Why would you give up two first round draft picks for a short-term rental? You don’t – that’s totally idiotic – unless you’re in this for the long term. Ramsey has a ton of leverage to drive up his price on his next contract because he know the Rams have to pay him.

  8. If he does indeed revert back to his “bad back playbook” to force another trade, he’s toast in the league. Nobody would touch him after quitting on two teams.

  9. Only shows just how tough it is to stay at the top. Injuries, retirements, contracts, all cause massive changes to teams and their rosters. Last season the Rams were a Superbowl team with what most people considered the most talented roster in the league. This season they are a .500 team making trades to keep a sinking ship afloat. THAT’s how fast things can change in the NFL. And THAT’s why what the Pats have done for the last 20 years is so amazing.

  10. California is going be a problem in the future. Highest taxs, and everything is taxed and only going higher, paid college athletes, ruining college sports in general, ruining football, eliminating small sports, and certainly ruining everything for everyone east of the state line.

  11. To give up that many top draft picks to land a guy who is under contract for the next 10 games this season, and next season is ridiculous. I’m surprised the Rams were that stupid.

  12. You got to like LA 2 years after moving and splashing onto the scene they are already in a win now mode. Thing is they will trash the future and in 10 years for now when they haven’t made the playoff in 7 consecutive year the fans will leave and the talk will start about other cities that want a team.

  13. Conveniently, you left out the Franchise Tag year to fit your narrative…

    The Rams have him for the next 42 games at a relatively cheap price (ie rookie contract + tag) for elite level talent.

  14. IF he makes it through this season on his present contract, any guesses on whether he drives a brink’s truck to practice next spring?

  15. Ramsey’s contract lasts 26 games (per the article) and a franchise tag to boot. Sounds like a good deal for both teams. I don’t think either team is SB bound.

  16. The idea that he would get anywhere near Khalil’s deal is flat-out crazy. His position doesn’t make anywhere near the impact and he’s not as good at it as Mack is at his. He may want something like that, but he’s nowhere near that caliber of a player. Mack has been a DPOY, and top 3 in voting for it multiple times. Ramsey isn’t even a clear cut top 3 DB.

  17. California is a huge handicap. Not many people want to move there and most of those who live there want out….

  18. “Do you really want Ramsey on a long term contract? Let him play out the one he has. franchise him twice and move on if you need to.”

    Play it out? Is that as in ‘play’ like he did in Jax? Sit on the sidelines with a made up injury kind of play?

  19. sounds like those points that he outlined there have already been discussed. deion is always trying to give advice to players (even though I think he doesn’t pay that close attention to the game anymore but reads his script on TV)

    I wouldnt be surprised if Deion is part of the reason that Jalen stopped showing up and got traded.. maybe not the team he wanted but at least out.

  20. I’ve never liked Ramsey as much talent as he has he’s much better at running his mouth. Was he injured in Jacksonville or did he just pretend to be because he was pouting like a baby.
    Seems the Jags got the better end of the deal.

  21. and those pointing out the franchise tag… Did you forget that he just stopped showing up to work? Im not sure how much value that has anymore. I bet the next CBA dumps it or changes how it is used.

  22. He will have many opportunities, in the LA market, to make endorsement deals that more than make up for state income taxes. But he just isn’t worth the price paid to begin with.

  23. factschecker says:
    October 16, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    Is Ramsey a top 5 CB? I’m really not sure. Seems like he never plays.


    Are you serious? He’s missed 3 games (the past 3 weeks) his entire career.

  24. I can’t imagine that LA hasn’t talked to him/agent and understand what they were/did trade their picks to obtain. I suspect that he will be signed to a long term extension before next season.

  25. For the people in this thread talking about the franchise tag – who’s to say that the franchise tag even exists when Ramsey’s contract is up?

  26. Or maybe the Rams see him as a rental that they can use this season and is it didn’t work, turn around and trade him this off-season. Get a bidding war going and possibly get back the two first round picks.

  27. I’ll give the Rams credit for knowing what they are doing. And if he doesn’t want to play for McVay, you’d question who he does want, and what kind of team guy he is.

  28. I never blame a player for looking out for himself. I mean, that’s what I do in my employment as well. But, what a crazy amount to give up to get him for the Rams. No way is he worth this trade. Jacksonville has to be very happy.

  29. In 5 or 6 years he won’t be one of the very best d-backs any longer so he won’t be worth a huge contract. I don’t hate on guys for wanting to get paid but from the team perspective elite defensive backs are almost like running backs in that their prime is pretty short so it’s easy to wind up with guys making way more than their play justifies.

  30. 13.3% state income tax. Ouch. No wonder so many working-class people are leaving for other states.

  31. Traded from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, that is a 13.3% pay cut. Now that’s a smart businessman.

  32. 13.3%, plus you pay through the nose for every single thing, and, your rich and the state generally does not like the rich except to tax them some more. Also, to think a guy with this mind set will stay focused and risk his butt for the next few years to get what he thinks he is worth, a person would have to be dreaming

  33. PrincePaul says:
    October 16, 2019 at 12:51 pm
    The Odell Beckham of CB’s.

    31 6 Rate This


    Really good comparison. The Rams are finished.

  34. Goff 110 million guaranteed
    Giving away their drafts for Ramsey, who will want 100 million guaranteed
    Gurley, Donald, Cooks all gonna have ridiculous cap numbers soon.

    This Rams thing isn’t going to last long…

  35. Do remember though you get taxed by the state you earn the money in, so he will get taxed by Ca for the home games, but then will pay different taxes in each state he plays in…

  36. The Rams are thinking it gives them 2 years to win a championship, which they believe is more than sufficient for a genius like McVay and an all star cast of mercenaries field-tested and certified fresh by other franchises. I mean, 3 Super bowl appearances are enough, right? You can beat the Patriots once in that time frame.

  37. whenwilliteverend says:
    October 16, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    13.3% state income tax. Ouch. No wonder so many working-class people are leaving for other states.
    Florida and California are both warm-weather States. How badly is California being mismanaged that it needs 13.3% more of your income that Florida does not? If voters scrutinized their politicians and parties as much as fantasy football owners spending picking players for their teams everyone would be better off.

  38. He’s a businessman and people are made because he looks out for his best interest. This is a league called Not For Long. Winning is great and everything, but the goal is to feed your family and be able to attain financial security for the rest of your life. People should do this more. They’d be able to retire sooner.

  39. How long will it take Ramsey to quit on the Rams? He is never going to be satisfied no matter. He has A LOT of maturing to do.

  40. aa1829 says: “13.3%, plus you pay through the nose for every single thing, and, your rich and the state generally does not like the rich except to tax them some more.”

    All that and I’d still rather be there than live in Jacksonville…

  41. How is Les Snead filling out the roster with quality players.

    Goff- 4yr 134 mil. 33 per
    Donald- 6yr- 135mil. 22.5 per
    Jalen will want close to 20 per

    That’s 75 mil for 3 players. Obviously they’ll move money around but that’s a lot of cap for 3 guys.

  42. It’s not the taxes. It’s his mouth that will determine how long he’s there. Phillips will not put up with that crap!

  43. I dont belive the Rams are stupid enough to not have parameters of an extension in place before giving up 3 picks essentially mortgaging the future. They wont have a first round pick till 2023!

  44. What people don’t understand is they already have their franchise cornerstones in place at key positions. They can continue to build other areas through the draft. Don’t need first rounders to do that. Just need a strong scouting department. Drafting in the last 20s isn’t that much different from doing so in the second round.

  45. Taxes? Haha, no one making that much is worried about taxes in picking one place over another. It’s more about where they can best build their “brand”. Big markets are great for exposure and that’s what these guys crave. Ramsey wasn’t getting it in Jacksonville, no matter how low Florida taxes are.

  46. I love all these people claiming Jalen Ramsey doesn’t play.

    He has never missed a game in his entire college and professional career until this season, in which he is sitting out to get traded/contract leverage, not because he’s injured.

    So lets stop with that narrative, it’s simply false.

  47. The Rams of old were garbage. This team might end up with depth issues, but they’re well-coached and they’ve got most of their core players locked up.

  48. Ramsey is a great man to man corner, Jax wanted to pay him and keep him. Deion has a different opinion, why do so many athletes retire in Calif if they all only think about money. I’ve lived in Texas and Florida and wouldn’t live there again. Jalen will sign an extension but still think the Rams gave up too much, but then again draft picks aren’t a science anyway, who’s to know if any of the draft picks would be all pro. Rams need OL

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