Earl Thomas hopes practicing against Russell Wilson pays off this weekend

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Earl Thomas is heading back “to where I started” this weekend as the Ravens will be in Seattle to face the Seahawks team that employed Thomas as a safety for the last nine years.

Thomas said at a Tuesday press conference that “nothing’s really hit me yet” in terms of an emotional reaction to being back at his old stomping grounds. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t considered what will happen this weekend.

Thomas said he hopes to “get a couple of cheers, not too many boos” from a Seattle crowd that respects what he did during his time with the Seahawks. He also hopes that his familiarity with quarterback Russell Wilson bears some fruit.

“Hopefully all those practices I had against him throughout all those years pay off on gameday. It’s going to be a battle,” Thomas said.

The Ravens added another piece to the defensive arsenal for that and other future battles by trading for cornerback Marcus Peters on Tuesday. Thomas said communication will be key to getting Peters ready to play a role in slowing down Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks this weekend.

9 responses to “Earl Thomas hopes practicing against Russell Wilson pays off this weekend

  1. Without a pass rush it’s going to be tough. I get the feeling that they’re going to go back to their 9, 10, or 11 at the line of scrimmage, send the house scheme for this game. Try to confuse Wilson and take advantage of a suspect OLine. Further proof in the acquisition of Marcus Peters. Whether it works is a different story.

  2. ET was used to having to give a ton of “over the top” help for Richard Sherman. Now that Marcus Peters is on the team he better get used to it again, trust me on that.

  3. Looking forward to a fantastic battle between in my opinion THE best free safety in football and at this time THE hottest qb in the game just now in Russell Wilson.

    Earl will always be loved in Seattle, it wasn’t the fans or players he didn’t get on with, it was the management and coach because he didn’t get his deal ( fwiw he was in his final year, not 2 years left or such nonsense like that, and should have been re upped )

    It will be a great game this weekend, Thomas, Humphrey and Peters will have their work cut out v Russell Wilson and that Seattle run defence better be ready to go if they hope to stop Lemar, Ingram and Gus the bus

    Game of the weekend coming up me thinks

  4. ggth I’m a giant Seattle fan and I live in Seattle and I’m telling you that you’re wrong. A whole lot of people no longer love Earl Thomas just like they don’t love Richard Sherman anymore.

    Those guys didn’t just go away they completely burned their bridges.

    Imagine doing something in your life that causes an entire large metropolis to love you personally… And then throwing that all away.

    He was a great football player, but I am a Seattle Seahawks fan first and when he flipped off Pete Carroll and the organization he became a guy I can forget about.

    Two weeks ago Marshawn Lynch had a bicycle fundraising ride in Seattle right before the Rams game and a ton of people showed up because we still love Marshawn Lynch. He didn’t flip off the organization. He can come to Seattle and people will give him anything with a huge smile on their face because he’s smart and didn’t destroy that love on the way out of town.

    It was just time to move on and we all understood that. What Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman did was something else entirely.

  5. Hawks fan from Scotland

    with you being a Seattle native i guess you have a feel for the local mood

    just other native hawks fans i speak to on other forums recon it wasnt a shot at the fans, rather management over the contract, i mean just the other week he said he`d like to retire a hawk.

    while the hawks are my favourite team, since i started watching the nfl 20 years ago,i also really like the ravens, lions and eagles, and thought as 2 of my teams are playing each other i drop in for a chat

    wasnt intending to upset anyone man

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