Ezekiel Elliott: I’ve just got to be better

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Ezekiel Elliott had five carries of 30 yards or more as a rookie in 2016. He has had four in the 31 regular-season games since, including none this year.

“Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know,” Elliott said Wednesday what asked about it. “I just think you know it may be luck of the draw, something that’s off about me. I’ve just got to be better.”

Elliott’s last game-breaker came in the Cowboys’ postseason victory over the Seahawks in January.

His longest run on 28 carries Sunday was 13 yards, but his second carry, which went for 12, could have gone for a 75-yard touchdown. It’s one he wants back.

“It’s definitely a play I wish I could get back, a play that could have changed the game and a play that could have won the game,” Elliott said. “When I look back on the first six weeks of the season, I need to leave Sunday not having those regrets or not having those plays that I wish I could get back.”

Elliott said he’s “not really hunting” long runs, but he would love to have one.

“I don’t want to press it,” Elliott said. “I’m not going to try too hard to create a big play. Just opportunities like [the one Sunday], just making sure I take full advantage of it so Monday, I’m not regretting or thinking that I could have done something different or done something better.”

Elliott’s longest run this season is 27 yards, and his 491 rushing yards ranks sixth. Elliott won the league rushing title in 2016 and last season and led the league in yards per game in 2017 when he served a six-game suspension.

15 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: I’ve just got to be better

  1. He signed a mega deal, which leaves little money left to pay the backups for Tyron (almost a decent backup) and La`el (rookie free agent nowhere near the talent of La`el), until they return Zeke shouldn`t expect much of anything from Dallas`s offense, that is the price of trying to pay the stars, once they get hurt the drop off is immense.

  2. The way that he runs, he is searching for contact. So he has bulked up a bit and worked on his strength. But this has affected his speed and agility.

    He is missing the FACT that he was already plenty strong enough and that it was his speed, agility, and vision that he needed to work on.

  3. We would all like for him to bust out and have long runs each time he touches the rock. With that being said that also just shows how consistent he is. He doesnt need runs of 30, 40,or 50 yards to get over 100 like most backs do. Curtis Martin was the same back in his day.

  4. His problem is that he’s too big. He lacks that burst and explosiveness, but still retains his power. He’s always gonna get his 5 yards, but he’s not gonna many more 50 yard runs. It will also affect his ability as a receiver in the open space and as a route runner (if he ever gets there).

  5. He was paid to much but this isn’t the main problem . In all six games this team was lousy in the first half, then got going in second half .they start slow because they are not prepared for what the opposing team is going to do and then figure it out at the half. This shows a lack of preparation during the week the fault of this belongs to the head coach.

  6. There are guys that only take what the OL gives them and there are guys who can also create by making LBs miss and knocking over DBs. Elliott’s issue seems twofold. The OL isn’t giving as many big holes as it used to and he’s not quick enough to make LBs miss often. If he ever could get to the third level, he could likely throw around any DB trying to tackle him, but you need to get through levels one and two first.

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