If Jason Garrett would be in high demand, why haven’t the Cowboys extended him?

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Twice this year, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has insisted that coach Jason Garrett would be in high demand, if he were on the open market. Meanwhile, Garrett is 10 regular-season games away from getting to the open market.

So the obvious question becomes why haven’t the Cowboys extended Garrett’s contract? That’s the best way to keep Garrett from leaving, if/when other teams are inclined to pursue him in January 2020.

In January, Jones talked up the coach that he had under contract for one more season.

“If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would’ve had five offers for head coaching,” Jones said. “I know that.”

On Tuesday, Jones did it again.

“He’s had a lot of years that he’s been a part of the Cowboys and he evolved into what, I think, is a top coach,” Jones said. “He would be a very sought after coach if he were out here in the open market.”

But would he be? Garrett became a free agent in early 2015, after the #DezCaughtIt game in the divisional round of the playoffs. Seven jobs were open that year. The Falcons waited until after the Super Bowl to hire then-Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Other hires were John Fox in Chicago, Rex Ryan in Buffalo, Todd Bowles with the Jets, Gary Kubiak in Denver, Jack Del Rio in Oakland, and Jim Tomsula in San Francisco.

Garrett, who everyone knew was entering the last year of his contract, never had his name come up in connection with any of those vacancies.

Five years later, what has changed? Garrett’s team went 4-12 in 2015, 13-3 in 2016, 9-7 in 2017, and 10-6 in 2018.  The Cowboys made it to the playoffs twice, losing both times in the divisional round. While not horrible, it’s not Lombardieqsue.

“Everybody is aware that we’re on the last year of his agreement,” Jones said Tuesday. “But that really just means that we can all sit down and take a look at things at the end of the year.”

At the end of the year, however, Garrett can walk away. Or he can use the leverage that comes from having other teams want him to get a better deal to stay.

And if Jones truly fears a land rush for Garrett’s services, there’s one way to avoid that outcome: Sign him to a new contract now. The fact that the Cowboys haven’t secured their future with Garrett shows that they have no fear that he’ll leave — and that they quite possibly may want him to.

53 responses to “If Jason Garrett would be in high demand, why haven’t the Cowboys extended him?

  1. Jerry should do the opposite of what Al Davis did and end his Cowboy career with grace. Enter retirement. Take a long walk on the beach. Until that happens the Cowboys are not going to a Superbowl.

  2. Jason Garrett is and always has been a middle of the road coach. He’s not a leader and being a leader is what separates middle of the pack from the great coaches. Jerrah is gonna fire him.

  3. “If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would’ve had five offers for head coaching,” Jones said. “I know that.”

    Yeah…..offers to be the crossing guard after school in his neighborhood

  4. Belicheck couldn’t win with this Cowboys Roster. Only Cowboy fans think they can play. Others know they can’t.

  5. Maybe Jerry is keeping his options open? Maybe Jerry recognizes, that while Jason would be in high demand, Jason’s allegiance is with the Cowboys and that he’d have no problems in re-signing Jason if/when the time came. And by making the statement that he did, it’s gotta relieve and comfort Jason. Just a thought.

  6. @crookedcreek

    I am afraid it is more than 20 years too late for Jerry to end his career with grace. He would need the ‘boys to be playoff competitive again, and that currently seems implausible.

  7. Sounds like Jerry wants another coach and if he can’t get the other coach Garrett will do. Jerry’s going to make a run for Mike Tomlin and outbid the redskins.

  8. He would be in high demand. Any coach that takes two quarterbacks that were afterthoughts(Romo and Prescott) and turns them into stars deserves serious consideration for a team with a Young QB to develop. Wake up people, the cowboys have never really been a good team and he consistently makes them compete year in and out. IM A GIANTS fan too.

  9. Sometimes (OK a lot of the time) you have to wonder about Jones. He’s living in an alternate reality.

  10. Jerry likes to assume his hires are great since he’s the one who picked them, therefore he’s a great talent discoverer. It’s just a self supporting dialogue that no one else really believes but no one in the inner circle dares say it. Face it, he’s not that good which is why no one is lining up for him. But whatever you have to do to make yourself feel smart other than what’s reality.

  11. Herschel Walker trade wasn’t Jerry’s genius plan and he hasn’t gotten over the fact that it wasn’t. That’s why he can’t ever be outshined by a coach again.

  12. Garrett needs to go deep in the playoffs if not the SB or he is toast. If he fails to make the playoffs or goes one and done I’d find it hard to believe he would sign him to a new contract…

  13. Jerry Jones also said that Dak Prescott was as good as Tom Brady. ROTFL. Jason Garrett is in high demand for owners who like to take credit when the team wins, but blame it on the coach when the team loses. There is another owner just like Jerry, and he is in the Hall of Fame. He is also 6 feet under and his son is moving his team to Vegas.

  14. ‘In high demand’ is relative to your head coach standard and expectations. High demand for the Dolphins or Redskins, for example, is far different than most of the NFL.

  15. They’re basically daring him to leave and wind up on a worse team, or stay and sign Jerry’s chump contract.

  16. Stop comparing Jerry Jones to Al Davis. Before Davis was old and senile he was one of the brightest minds in football. That’s where he made all his money and he was directly responsible for the Raiders 3 SB wins. Jones on the other hand is an oil man who knows no more than the average fan about football. Jones does deserve credit however for hiring Jimmy Johnson who is responsible for all 3 of the Cowboys 90s SuperBowl wins.

  17. The same talk was said about Mike McCarthy before he was fired – “He won’t be unemployed for two days before someone signs him as a head coach.” So where is he coaching now?

  18. The same talk was said about Mike McCarthy before he was fired – “He won’t be unemployed for two days before someone signs him as a head coach.” So where is he coaching now?

  19. Please don’t give Jerry and ideas. Especially in away that challenges his proclamation.

  20. It’s bad enough he negotiated his players contracts in public with the media, now the head coach too…..

  21. JJ is so much smarter than you give him credit for. It’s the comments like these ones that keep JJ going. He knows what we all know and he knows no real coach will ever stand by while the owner chooses the coaches and players and has final say on all things. Garrett will be in Dallas for a long time. Jerry just wants the rumor mill running at full speed to take minds off the product on the field.

  22. When Garrett still tried to high five defensive players when they are still behind 8 points with only couple minutes to go shows what kind of coach he is. Defense players knew they played a bad game giving up so many points to winless team so they are not in the mood to high five.
    He is a “cheerleader” not a “head coach”!

  23. Garrett is an average coach at best. However, even if he was a good coach, Dallas isn’t going anywhere with Jones as the GM/Owner. Similar with Washington and Snyder (yes I know Dan’s not the GM). Both meddle too much.

  24. After Landry, I’m not sure why any coach commits to Jerry Jones. It somehow worked to Dallas’s favor with Jimmy, but if I was Garrett, I’d be looking for a new job as clearly my current boss isn’t taking steps to secure a future or appease any wonderment about what’s next.

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