Jalen Ramsey “overjoyed” with trade to Rams, hopes to play Sunday

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Jalen Ramsey got his wish to get out of Jacksonville. Tuesday’s trade to the Los Angeles Rams has left the Pro Bowl cornerback “overjoyed.”

“I was overjoyed. I was super, super excited,” Ramsey said in meeting with reporters in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. “A fresh start and a fresh start at a place like L.A. with the culture that I’ve heard about here. I’m a young guy still. Everybody around here is kind of young. I feel like it will be a little bit more understanding. So I was honestly just super excited. Words can’t really describe it.”

The Rams sent three draft picks, two of which were first-round selections, to Jacksonville on Tuesday to pull off the trade. Ramsey asked for a trade from the Jaguars and said he believed the team and himself had lost respect for each other. Now he gets a fresh start with the Rams.

“I like the defense,” Ramsey said. “I like the philosophy. I think I’ll fit in well. I’m going to bring a lot of passion, energy and heart to the team, to the game. So I’m excited to get out there whenever that may be and do my thing see how I mesh well with the guys.”

Ramsey will have just a couple of days to get ready to play for his new team Sunday in Atlanta. Despite sickness and back issues (if legitimate) that supposedly kept him from playing the last several weeks with the Jaguars, Ramsey said he hopes to be able to play against the Falcons.

“I hope so. We’re going to see, though,” Ramsey said.

“I’m sure not only myself but the coaches and everybody will come up with a good game plan and if it’s smart for me to go out there on Sunday, then I will. I’ve been missing football. I love football, so I would love that, but at the end of the day, we do have to be smart as well so I don’t know. I can’t tell you yes or no right now.”

As far as his health goes, Ramsey, shockingly, is feeling better now that he’s on the west coast.

“I’m feeling pretty good, getting better and better every day,” Ramsey said. “Feeling pretty good, really.”

14 responses to “Jalen Ramsey “overjoyed” with trade to Rams, hopes to play Sunday

  1. I think he should not be paid for the recent games missed due to his “bad back” unless an independent Doctor’s report shows he actually was injured. It isn’t much in the big scheme of all of his pay, but right is right. Glad he is happy……..wondering how long that lasts?

  2. “… Everybody around here is kind of young. I feel like it will be a little bit more understanding.”

    Is that a shot at Tom Coughlin?

  3. Lets see how happy Ramsey is to be there once he figures out they’re not thst good anymore and are on the decline, the Rams can have that guy I wouldn’t want him on my team after what he pulled in JAX showing that Ramsey is all about Ramsey. Good luck with that head case.

  4. He feels good now but when he realizes his new State is 58% more expensive things might change. It will be California arriving at the Rams building with a Wells Fargo armoured truck to get it’s cut!

  5. Yes, it’s expensive living in Heaven. And if you’re living in a wonderful place, say, Arkansas, you’d move here in a minute if you could afford it.

  6. I think what he did was ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that people like this (he and AB) can throw temper tantrums and get what they want. The Rams will regret the day they traded for this child.

  7. One of the greatest days of my life was seeing the “Welcome to California” sign in my rear-view mirror. Heaven? More like a hellhole. And cost had nothing to do with it.

  8. Sure, Ramsey’s happy now. The defensive coordinator hasn’t called a defense he doesn’t like yet.

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