Rams accelerated pursuit of Jalen Ramsey after trading Marcus Peters

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When the Rams traded cornerback Marcus Peters to the Ravens, the Rams didn’t have an agreement in principle to acquire cornerback Jalen Ramsey from the Jaguars. After the Peters deal was done, the Rams made their move.

Per a league source, the Rams increased their pursuit of Ramsey late Tuesday afternoon, after trading Peters. Before that, roughly six teams had serious interest in Ramsey, and those teams had been checking in periodically with the Jaguars. The Rams knew what it was going to take to get Ramsey, and they moved quickly to get it done.

The Jaguars were serious about keeping Ramsey, and they would have unless they had gotten what they wanted. The Rams stepped up with two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick, and the Jaguars were able to trade him out of the AFC.

Surely aiding the process was the relationship between Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell and Rams G.M. Les Snead. They worked together in Atlanta before getting the jobs they now hold.

Boosting the Rams’ willingness to make the deal without a long-term contract in place for Ramsey likely was the reality that, after trading Peters, the Rams needed to get the Ramsey deal done before one of the other five teams or so realized what the Rams were in the process of trying to accomplish, and potentially mobilized to beat them to the punch.

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  1. Les Snead is absolutely horrible.

    Ever since he fleeced the Skins with ease in that RG3 deal. The problem is, he got poor return on those picks used.

    And then he started buying up his base, where it failed in the SB last year.

    Now, in cap hell, you ditch your leverage, and then get fleeced for TWO 1st rd picks for a malcontent, immature leader that you will overpay?

    Explain how this man should remain employed? This is on the heels of

    Anyone can open a checkbook and/or ditch picks left and right like the Jets. It does not work.

    The John Elway School of moronic management is not a way to do it.

  2. So they had to hurry up and throw away their future before someone dumber beat them to it. I’m sure Ramsey had his fingers crossed behind his back when he told them “I won’t pull that trade me or I’ll get a bad back” trick on YOU!

  3. That’s insane. So they traded away their backup plan before negotiating with Jacksonville for Ramsey? If they hadn’t landed Ramsey were they going to do a raffle before each game and have a lucky fan start at corner?

    There’s all in and then there’s the Ram’s going all in. Let’s back ourselves into a corner (no pun intended) before negotiating with the Jaguars, all without negotiating an extension with the player being traded.

    That’s a loss on the compensation to the team and a loss on compensation to the player eventually but at least they have someone to trot out on the field this week.

  4. The Rams need more help then a cornerback. The only way this works is if the Rams win a super bowl this year. Its not going to happen. And this won’t fix the offensive line. Not only did Snead get played but he has mortgaged the future of this team in doing so.

  5. The Redskins in the glory days also had a habit of trading away their first round picks. They made only two first round picks in the 22 years from 1969 to 1990 and it contributed to three Super Bowl victories and another appearance. (Those two first round picks were Hall of Famers Darrell Green and Art Monk, which also helped).

    All of which is just to say that trading away first rounders for known quantities like the Rams are doing right now has worked before.

  6. I would not have made this trade. They paid way to much for a selfish me me me type of player. I feel like the rams will be back to being a 4-12 type franchise is no time.

  7. You have to figure Gurley will be released this off season, so the money they would’ve paid Gurley and Peters will be paid to Ramsey.

  8. How are the Rams paying all these players ? Surely they’ll be in salary cap hell soon what with Goff/Gurley/Donald and soon a huge contract for Ramsey ?

    Fair play to them for going all out but surely they’ll have to deconstruct soon due to the cap

  9. Taking a different take to other commenters; traded just in time to shut down Julio Jones?

  10. So thankful I am a Patriots fan.

    BB does not make dumb moves like this (closest was the AB deal…except that didn’t cost draft picks).

  11. Whoa, apparently the Rams are all in right now. They have an aging team and now they are dumping picks? They got nothing for Peters and I’m not sure how much better you get by replacing Peters with Ramsey. They scored 7 against the Niners last week and I’m not sure how this move would have made a difference. The Seahawks, Niners, and Arizona aren’t lining top-notch wide receivers up against you.

  12. This is NFL hubris run amuck. Delusional ownership and management racing against themselves for one immediate player who won’t make that much difference, while mortgaging their future viability as a team.

  13. Why wouldn’t you just draft a Ramsey in RD 1 next year? See, if they had Joyner still on the team without cap hell, they could have slid him over from a nickel spot for the rest of the year and then just used 1 1st rd pick in the 2020 draft for a #1 CB instead under rookie money.

    The stupidity is epic.

  14. joshhatesthesteelers says:
    October 16, 2019 at 10:55 am
    Not a fan of Ramsey or the rams, but 2 late first rd picks for a young shut down corner who takes away one side of the field seems like a no brainer to me.


    LA is currently 3-3 and really didn’t get better. Might be middle of the pack 1st rounders. Also, if they resign him (brinks truck), how much will they have to fill out the rest of their roster with competent players?

  15. man are the ramis and their fans are in for a surprise.
    Broke the draft bank for a self centered, bad team mate quitter
    when he doesn’t get what he wants…..which I suppose now he has.
    Enjoy your short time in the golden state and hope all that flying back and forth
    doesn’t hurt your back. (He never lived in jacksonville, a 1 hour flight home, stayed in nashville)

  16. Unless it is a franchise QB no player is worth 2 first round picks. When you do that you are going to holes in your team in other places and you won’t be any better than you are now for the next 2 years. If you aren’t getting better in the NFL you are getting worse.

  17. Just like the “lambs” to something dumb like this! How does this fix your o line or your offense? You just mortgaged your future for a guy you don’t even know if you will be able to sign at the end of next year! WOW! No wonder you didn’t have any Lamb fans in the stadium last Sunday!

  18. Lots of complaints from Rams fans here, wow. The Rams just got the best CB in the game. Be happy. Who cares if it cost you the chance to draft the 2021 version of Michael Brockers?

  19. how many late first rd picks in the last 5 years are A. All pro or and effective starter for their team or B. Still in the league….I ask not cause I know but cause I’m curious…if more players fit into option B than option A then the Rams made one hell of a trade

  20. I get that Ramsey is better than Peters…but is he better than Peters and two first round picks? Wonder what the wins above replacement metric would say about this? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be all that high this year…and in the future it would probably go in the opposite direction. Rams just keep making questionable moves.

  21. Rams, no first or second-round draft picks in 2018, no first-round pick in 2019. Now, no first-round picks in 2020 and 2021. If you compare the Niners 2018 and 2019 drafts to the Rams, you will see 2 organizations heading in opposite directions. Rams have very little to show for their last 2 drafts. From the last 2 drafts, the Niners have 7 starters plus Richie James as their return man and Wisnowsky as their punter.

  22. Many here don’t seem to realize that Gurley has one foot out the door, and they just upgraded from an inconsistent, gambling corner who is good to probably the best CB in the game. The money will be easy to fit with Gurley off the books and the cap going up naturally. If you have the chance to get the best players at any position at that age, you do that everyday and twice on Sunday. This isn’t a 29-year old. Guy is 25 and elite. Chances of hitting on that with your first round pick is remote at best. This is Chicago fleecing the Raiders for Mack with the Jags getting a better return. Elite doesn’t grow on trees, especially at premium positions like CB.

  23. joshgordonsbong says:
    October 16, 2019 at 11:34 am
    how many late first rd picks in the last 5 years are A. All pro or and effective starter for their team or B. Still in the league….I ask not cause I know but cause I’m curious…if more players fit into option B than option A then the Rams made one hell of a trade


    In a vacuum, maybe, but this isn’t in a vacuum.

    CB wasn’t their biggest need until they traded their 26 year old pro-bowl corner for a ham sandwich. They had traded for Marcus Peters only last year and now are now trading for his replacement.

    All of this while the Rams offense is stuck in neutral. 2/5ths of the offensive line from the superbowl are gone and a 3rd has declined horribly. The superstar RB has arthritis and the QB panics without a clean pocket.

    But sure, let’s get the shiny new toy at CB.

    At least the Falcons and Bengals are next up. If the offense can’t get it going against those 2 teams, the season is over.

  24. tylawspick6 says:
    October 16, 2019 at 11:10 am
    Why wouldn’t you just draft a Ramsey in RD 1 next year? See, if they had Joyner still on the team without cap hell, they could have slid him over from a nickel spot for the rest of the year and then just used 1 1st rd pick in the 2020 draft for a #1 CB instead under rookie money.

    The stupidity is epic.
    Sorry but that whole comment was stupid. For starters, you act as if the Jalen Ramseys of the football world are falling out of trees. He’s may be the best Corner in football and he’s only 24!!! I’m not saying I would have wanted my team to give up THAT much for him but there is definitely a case to be made that he is well worth the price!! In the history of the NFL, especially modern day NFL, has there ever been a trade of the BEST corner in football who was ONLY 24 at the time of the trade? The only trade that probably could even compare would be the Portis for Champ Bailey trade( Bailey was 25 at the time of trade). Ask the Broncos if they wouldn’t take Champ Bailey 100 times out of 100!!! The Rams weren’t getting a Ramsey talent in the late 1st and if they did, it would be total luck. It’s like trading prospects in baseball, most of the time, the prospects never even pan out! With Ramsey, you know what you have!

  25. It’s not just two 1st round picks and a 4th round pick. It’s all that PLUS the giant contract he will demand.
    So, for all those draft picks plus $100 million, they got an elite shutdown corner. I dunno. Seems a bit pricey to me.

  26. Got to love the “Arm chair Gm’s” on here that are predicting cap hell and painting the Rams offense as terrible. Maybe if you checked your facts you would see PRIOR to the 49er game (Who has the 2nd best D in the league), they were averaging almost 30 points a game.
    They lost at Seattle by 1 point on a missed last second Fg by a normally reliable kicker and are the only team to beat the Saints.Lots of expiring contracts after this season and Gurley may be cut. So let’s stop acting like Nostradamus’ and trying to predict the Rams demise just yet.

  27. The Rams tried to peak for the new stadium but looks likes they are now desperate. They won’t be good for the new stadium. The Chargers will be bad as well. It’s a finicky band of fans in LA.

  28. Thanks LA for gifting us the AFC South for the next decade and cutting out the locker room cancer that was devastating us. Foles and Minshew plus Fournette ready to make this club shine! Go Jags

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