Roger Goodell says NFL sees no evidence of teams tanking

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Roster moves made by the Dolphins leading into and during the 2019 season led to a lot of questions for team officials about whether they are tanking in hopes of securing the No. 1 draft pick to jump start their rebuilding effort.

Everyone from that Dolphins has rejected that suggestion. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did the same at a press conference from the league meetings on Wednesday.

Goodell emphasized the competitiveness of the league and said “we don’t see that” there are signs of teams doing anything other than trying to win games.

He also was asked about the prospect of instituting a draft lottery to lessen a team’s incentive to finish with the worst record in the league. Goodell said that the league finds the draft successful on many fronts and that there’s no “active consideration” being given to changing the format to include a lottery.

33 responses to “Roger Goodell says NFL sees no evidence of teams tanking

  1. This bozo doing what he does…burying his head in the sand and being the league puppet “nothing to see here.”

  2. In this case he’s telling the truth. The Dolphins are so unwatchable he literally hasn’t seen any evidence.

  3. Goodell says exactly what the owners tell him to say, that’s why he’s the Commish, the owners Puppet!

  4. If the worst team in the league winds up with the first overall pick, but retains their head coach, then tanking is under suspicion.
    Cleveland did it with Hue Jackson.

  5. Oh, well if Mr. “Integrity of Game” Roger Goodell says there is no evidence, then we have nothing to worry about. Right? Right guys??

  6. To the lottery comment, don’t change a thing. I think it is good that a team can tank and be rewarded for it. Most professional leagues, you know who is going to be good going into every season. The beauty of the NFL is that you can tank and be a serious contender in 2 years. I don’t want to see it take a team forever to turn it around. I’m a Niners fan and if it wasn’t for high draft picks the last few years, we wouldn’t be where we are. Arizona will be good in a year or 2. The Dolphins can turn this thing around quickly and it is better than seeing a team be bad for 10 years. At least with the system they have now, teams can bank on draft picks and rebuild quickly.

  7. Roger is taking the looooonng view on tanking. If you look at the efforts over 3 years, the dolphins, redskins, and bengals are all trying to win. This year, not so much.

  8. tedbundysson says:
    October 16, 2019 at 2:02 pm
    If the figure out a way to make more money with it they will institute a lottery…


    I think tanking to get in a Lottery would still be in play. The value of the 6th spot vs the 1st spot is negligible based on historical results of the players unless there happens to be 1 or 2 truly generational talents available. That said, everyone thought RGIII and Reggie Bush were generational talents out of college, so even that is hard to assess.

  9. The only thing that is keeping me going through this season is the thought of getting the number 1 pick. I’ve never seen a more hapless team on offense. I knew this would be a tough season but it’s really tough to watch.

  10. Literally everything out of this guy’s mouth is BS. He has no credibility left at all. None. I cannot believe that he can say this with a straight face.

  11. The NBA is a league where there are only 5 guys on the floor at one time. There are also prospects that are about as sure as a lock as you’ll see in any sport.

    Tanking in football leaves no guarantees. Even the most bonafide prospects can fail spectacularly. They are 1 of 22 starters. On top of that, you can find so many guys who are nothings in college that take the pros by storm.

    If a team tanks, let em. This isn’t the Cavaliers.

  12. Seeing evidence that doesn’t exist in Framegate. Blind to overt use of HGH by Manning and awarding him a goodbye Lombardi. Blind to Eli selling fake swag.

    It’s called selective vision.

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