Six future first-round picks have already been traded

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NFL teams value first-round draft picks, but an increasing number of teams are showing that they’re willing to trade away first-round picks in the future to get a player they want now.

In fact, six future first-round draft picks (four in the 2020 NFL draft and two in the 2021 NFL draft) have already been traded. Here’s the rundown:

The Jaguars have the Rams’ 2020 and 2021 first-round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade.

The Dolphins have the Texans’ 2020 and 2021 first-round picks from the Laremy Tunsil trade.

The Dolphins have the Steelers’ 2020 first-round pick from the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade.

The Raiders have the Bears’ 2020 first-round pick from the Khalil Mack trade.

The Ramsey trade was a particularly lucrative one for the Jaguars. With two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick going to Jacksonville, the Jaguars got more for Ramsey than the Raiders got for Mack.

The NFL trade deadline is still two weeks away, so we may not be done seeing players traded for first-round picks.

23 responses to “Six future first-round picks have already been traded

  1. Acquiring Ramsey without an extension was a big risk for the Rams and trading their previous young #1 corner for a McDonalds happy meal is perplexing. It seems it was only a year ago where we were told this Rams team would be together for years.

    All of those high 1st round pick players McVay inherited? The bill is due and they just added to that by acquiring a CB who will demand to be paid a record setting contract next year. If Ramsey doesn’t fix what ails them, they are done as contenders and the players will just keep getting more expensive with no real replacements in the wings.

    For Ramsey, this will be another year without the playoffs and possibly a refusal to sign a contract with the Rams next year.

  2. The Dolphins have the Steelers’ 2020 first-round pick from the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade.


    100% onboard with this trade. The Steelers have had issues drafting safeties since Polamalu and Clark. After 3 games, it’s clear that Fitzpatrick is the best safety they’ve since those two. He’s only a year removed from being drafted, so he’s on his rookie contract for 3 more yrs. 1st-round caliber player without having to deal with rookie year development.

  3. If you can get pressure on Goff, the Rams are EASILY beatable. Their defense is not as good as they look on paper.

  4. Rams still have a stout D Line. It’s their O line that’s going to struggle against division rivals. That was a desperation move for JR. Way too high a ticket for the return, and they will have to over pay him.

  5. The Rams keep making curious decisions. Ramsey is a talent, no doubt, but is he enough to fix what ails them? I don’t think so. And what are their plans for next year and beyond? Looks like they have some pay cap issues threatening to cripple them.

    Again, the Rams keep making curious decisions.

  6. The Eagles are so injury prone their trade targets are getting injured. Reportedly they called the Bengals. Then on Sunday both CBs they likely targeted went down with injury. For the Bengals its expensive injures as Jackson is a 4th year CB with a 5th year injury guarantee. Dre Kirkpatrick is on the team longer as well for over 10 million. If he enters the offseason injured his contract for next year is fully guaranteed.

    Broncos better trade Chris Harris fast because if he gets hurt a compensatory 5th might be the most they get for him. Patrick Peterson may not get traded after all, Cardinals GM wants a 1st round pick for him. Xavien Howard is on the trade block but the asking price for him starts at a 1 for winning teams. Eagles are inquiring about him for less.

  7. Xavien Howard could fetch two first round picks if dealt. He’s got s more favorable contract situation because Miami can eat the bonus money. Miami might be very fortunate he didn’t play last week or they might’ve won. Not sure he was hurt though.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Miami and Philly make a trade before the deadline.

    Devante Parker would look nice in Green Bay. Also a decent contract situation for anyone sniffing around him.

  8. As a poster pointed out on another article – there are first round picks and then there are first round picks. Assuming the Rams are able to right the ship and make a playoff run, those picks will be late picks. The REAL winner here is the Dolphins. The Titans are changing QB’s (Mariotta is a bust) and the Steelers are on their 3rd string QB. These Miami picks have the potential to be very high, at least for 2020.

  9. The Rams mortgaging their future says Silent Stan is looking to be a good team through the first year of the new stadium and lock up those PSL’s for 10 plus years, after that Fisher’s 7 and 9 will look like a great season. The issue with the Rams is McVay’s “Game Changing” offense got figured out mid way last year, so far he has shown he has no ability to adjust or change his offense to match the talent on the team. Like all their system offense head coaches they have a very short shelf life versus the two O-head coaches (Andy and Sean) that coach to the players strengths and last quite a while. The Rams should trade McVay to someone like Miami or back to Washington to get back those wasted 1st rounders because unless they are willing to pay like up to $20 plus million a year Ramsey is gone.

  10. 1billsnation says:
    October 16, 2019 at 9:27 am
    The teams with these picks still have to hit on those picks. If you have a crappy scouting department then the picks will be useless.
    not necessarily … it give these teams the draft capital to trade, move up, down, acquire future picks, etc,

  11. You’re right about the Mack vs. Ramsey trade – only because the Raiders were stupid to give a 2nd in 2020 back to the Bears, which probably wasn’t necessary.
    Based on the Raiders exceeding expectations, it probably won’t be as high as expected.

  12. The Dolphins gave up 2 #1 picks that were solid players for 3 #1 picks who could all be solid or all be busts. Given the draft history of the Dolphins this could get pretty darn ugly. Those fans for tanking better hope they pick the right guys. What if they pick Tua and he winds up like Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell. Then what? No QB, no O-line, no safety, no edge rushers. That’s a lot of holes to fill with 3 picks that might not work out. How many years and coaches will be needed just to get to 8-8 after that?

  13. It’s not a bad strategy to give a first round pick for proven elite talent like Ramsey because despite how valuable first round picks are, you could draft a bust and don’t know what you’re getting. So a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush in these cases. But we do run into trouble when we are investing multiple first round picks into trades.

  14. inozwetrust says:
    October 16, 2019 at 9:48 am
    …The REAL winner here is the Dolphins. The Titans are changing QB’s (Mariotta is a bust) and the Steelers are on their 3rd string QB. These Miami picks have the potential to be very high, at least for 2020.

    I think you have the Texans and Titans mixed up. At best, the Texans 2020 1st rnd pick will probably be middle of the 1st round. But there’s also a 2020 2nd round pick from the Texans and another Texans 1st rounder in 2021. The pick I’m really keeping an eye on is Pittsburg’s 1st rnd pick for 2020, could be top 5.

  15. jurere_internacional says:
    October 16, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    The pick I’m really keeping an eye on is Pittsburg’s 1st rnd pick for 2020, could be top 5.


    Not likely happening.

    Steelers won’t be great this year with Ben and Tuitt out, but barring a collapse, they won’t do much worse than 7-9. Defense is good enough to keep them in games and Rudolph will play it safe.

    Five teams as of now that’ll likely finish below PIT in WAS, ATL, MIA, NYJ, and CIN. Also several teams on the cusp of being close to PIT in DEN, SD, CLE, JAX, TEN, NYG, ARI, DET, and TB. As a best case scenario, with nothing else changing, that puts them closer #10-15. Not saying that’s a good place to aim for, but it’s not top 5.

    No clue where the Steelers will finish. Injuries might pile up and a meltdown occurs, or Rudolph might develop, the WRs step up, and the offense clicks. Barring things getting really weird, though, wouldn’t hold my breath on a top 5 pick.

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