Three Packers receivers miss practice due to injury (along with Jimmy Graham)

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The Green Bay Packers found a way to win on Monday night, despite an ever-growing list of injured pass-catchers. Those injuries lingered into Wednesday’s practice.

Receiver Davante Adams (toe), receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling (ankle, knee), receiver Geronimo Allison (concussion, chest), and tight end Jimmy Graham (ankle) missed Wednesday’s practice due to injury.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers once again showed up again on the injury report as limited with a knee injury.

Rodgers was on the injury report last week, but played without any apparent limitation. Adams missed Monday night’s game and the prior Sunday’s win at Dallas; Valdes-Scantling and Allison suffered injuries in the one-point win over the Lions. Graham apparently did as well.

The 5-1 Packers, who are completing a string of five of six home games, face a rested 3-2 Raiders team that is emerging from its bye.

18 responses to “Three Packers receivers miss practice due to injury (along with Jimmy Graham)

  1. We hope these WRs don’t miss too much practice. We barely win the way it is. The Packers need to practice lying, cheating, and stealing to win games. Please don’t mess that up. Where would we be without it?

  2. Well, the raiders will be without their best wr so hoping these packers wr get the rest that they need

  3. Someone’s still salty I see. Haven’t seen any PI go in favor of JG recently but I understand the need to vent.

  4. The Packers did not practice Wednesday. Had a walk-thru.

    We will see what todays actual practice brings.

  5. One thing is for sure, we’re going to find out how good the Packers run defense is on Sunday.

  6. joetoronto says:
    October 17, 2019 at 9:18 am
    One thing is for sure, we’re going to find out how good the Packers run defense is on Sunday.
    The lions have rushed for 116, 94, 86, 186 and against the packers they had 56. That’s playing with the lead the whole time. The packers run defense is improving so I’m optimistic.

  7. I’m really torn with how I feel about this team. I love that we’re 5-1 but with these wide receivers, no Davante Adams and a hindered Adams whenever he comes back, I don’t see them keeping this up. If they make a trade for Emmanual Sanders, they have a chance to get somewhere but I don’t know if it will be enough to beat the Saints, 49ers or Seahawks in the playoffs. I highly doubt Gutenkust thought we’d be 5-1 at this point. He thought we were one more year away from making a real run. Good GMs tend to stay the course, so I think that’s what he’s going to do. I don’t think he’s going to give away resources for a run this year when he’s really been building for next year. That said, he got rid of daniels right before the season to free up cap room, so they could bring in a difference maker and have the money to do it, so maybe he was leaving the door open for making a move. If he gets a wide receiver it has to be a true game changer. It’s pointless to add another #3. I don’t know, I see the packers finishing 10-6 at the very best. But next year we will be for real if Gutenkust can improve the team as well as he has during his first two years.

  8. ackattack22 says:
    October 17, 2019 at 2:20 am
    No point in practicing when you already know the refs will make sure your team wins.
    The packers have lost MANY games because of the refs. The worst one was not the fail mary. The worst was in 2009 when the Cardinals returned a fumble for a touchdown when there was a blatant facemask on rodgers that wasn’t called. It was in overtime and the packers didn’t get a chance to win. That said, most packers fans were disappointed because Rodgers missed a wide open Greg Jennings for a touchdown a couple plays earlier. Overall the loss stung less because it’s when we knew we really had something in Rodgers.

    The packers are NOT being given wins by the NFL because the NFL wants the packers to win. That’s straight up delusional.

  9. “Rodgers can make any receiver look like a pro bowler.”

    …as long as they catch the ball

  10. The depth at wide receiver helped win that game over the Lions. Clutch performance by Lazard. I know……who?

  11. “Lazard. I know…..who?”


    If you read here regularly, you have seen me write positively about Allen Lazard since the Packers got him last season. I have watched him and liked his talent at WR since he was at Iowa State.

    So much depth on the Packers that Allen Lazard didn’t even make the 53 originally this season.

    Our WR depth is more proven in the fact that the Packers #7 WR a few weeks ago is now a starting WR for the Raiders.

    Injuries for sure have hurt the WR position with EQ going down and Davante and G-Mo missing time, but depth is there, no doubt.

    I know you crave my attention in Barneyville, but stop with your butthurt over me stating a fact in April about the Vikings WR depth being the worst in the NFL. That is why you obsess on WR depth. Duh. Get over me already.


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