Dwayne Haskins gets first-team reps, shows progress

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Washington didn’t immediately make Dwayne Haskins its starting quarterback upon firing coach Jay Gruden, but interim coach Bill Callahan did move him up a rung on the depth chart.

So with starter Case Keenum getting a day off to rest his foot and shoulder yesterday, that left the first-team reps in practice for the first-round pick.

“It’s invaluable for a backup to take all the starting reps especially at the start of the week in terms of putting your plan together and laying it out there and making all the adjustments whether it’s new communication, new formations, handling the motion game — the shift-motion game,” Callahan said, via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post. “I thought he did a really good job today.”

Haskins only started one year in college, so reasonable minds figured that it might take him longer to develop. But now that he’s ahead of Colt McCoy in the pecking order, he got access to the time on the field he needs.

“His growth is starting to show in practice and also in his preparation,” Callahan said. “He’s in [the facility] earlier [in the morning], [and] he’s out later [in the day], so it’s all coming to fruition. It’s going to take a little time, but it was good to see him take a major step today in the practice.”

He’s only made one appearance in a game this year, and promptly threw three interceptions. That cooled any fervor to start him, and now they’re giving him the time — and the reps — he needs.

11 responses to “Dwayne Haskins gets first-team reps, shows progress

  1. Good to hear. I don’t want him to be thrown to the wolves but Case hasn’t played well except for a few moments here and there and Colt McCoy has a weak arm. I don’t see how he can be any worse than the status quo right now. They do need to try and protect Haskins at all cost, by keeping an extra blocker, roll outs, etc so he can keep his head downfield. Case has been holding the ball too long in the pocket leading to fumbles and sacks.

  2. Kid gets some reps with the staters because Keenum is nursing an injury , ohhhh that must be Snyder’s doing lol … you guys are Brilliant !

  3. Dude you are a first round quarterback draft pick that started a baker’s dozen games in college. Should ALWAYS be the first one in and the last one out each day. DUH.

  4. In 17 passing attempts Dwayne Haskins w/ 3INTs & an insane 17.6% INT percentage/attempt has already thrown as many INT’s as fellow rookie Kyler Murray (Low 1.5% INT rate) has thrown in 254 passing attempts, 254!!!! Daniel Jones is better than Haskins protecting the ball but still has real issues protecting the ball & not turning it over w/ 6INTs thrown & 3 Fumbles lost in just 140 attempts w/ a crazy high 4.3% INT rate. Murray protects the ball exceptionally well for a rookie QB especially considering how much he throws it, Haskins on the other hand not so much. That stat highlights just how far behind his peers & raw Haskins is, I mean teams dropped Haskins down to the bottom of RD2 top of RD3 the closer n closer we got to the draft last season with several reports coming out prior to the draft that Haskins was falling down boards, I think we’re now seeing why. Given the Redskins will be picking either 1, 2 or 3 in next years draft I could see Haskins easily getting the Josh Rosen treatment w/ the Skins now able to select a much more gifted & NFL ready QB Prospect in A LOADED QB CLASS w/ names like Tua, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Jake Fromm, Jourdan Love, Steven Montez, Jacob Eason, Kellen Mond, Sam Ehlinger, KJ Costello just on and on and on. Next years QB Class is loaded, if I were a betting man I’d bet my home Haskins gets Josh Rosen’d over the off season.

  5. As a Niners fan, PLEASE start him. If so, we have 8 defensive lineman that will be more than happy to welcome you to the NFL.

  6. Play Keenum and run the ball alot. Keenum seems like a game manager that doesn’t make mistakes and Haskins doesn’t seem ready yet. #HTTR

  7. Can somebody please explain how Haskins is a bust but he never started an NFL game?…..Hatred makes people say the dumbest things!

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