Jacoby Brissett: Talking to Andrew Luck “pretty normal”


Plenty of people were excited to see Andrew Luck back at the Colts facility recently, thanks to a photo which went viral of the former quarterback, comedian Mike Epps, and current Colts starter Jacoby Brissett.

To Brissett, however, it wasn’t a big deal, as Luck remains a part of his life away from the field.

“If it’s me talking to Andrew, that’s pretty normal,” Brissett said, via Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “I saw him, but it was not like how you guys made it seem. It was just me talking to Andrew.”

Since his surprise retirement, Luck has stayed in contact with Brissett, but it’s not like the two are breaking down film together.

“It gets awkward when we talk about football, because I don’t want to talk about football when I leave here, and he doesn’t want to talk about football,” Brissett said. “Sometimes, we talk about stuff, obviously, because he played last year, and things like that, but for the most part, it’s personal things.”

Because of the way he left, it’s still an unusual visual to see Luck stopping by the old office, but Brissett’s just glad to have a friend around from time to time.