Matt LaFleur sacks Packers’ sack celebrations


Za'Darius Smith has six sacks in six games, giving him reason to celebrate.

He borrowed Ray Lewis’ squirrel dance two weeks ago after the Hall of Fame linebacker questioned the leadership of the Packers’ front seven. After a sack of Matthew Stafford on Monday night, Smith pretended to take a nap.

Smith, though, revealed Thursday that Matt LeFleur “don’t want me to do celebrations anymore.”

The Packers coach told Smith to sack the celebrations because they were taking too long.

“He felt, situations during that time [affects the] the punt team or they want to go for fourth down, I’m taking up too much time,” Smith said, via video from Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “So if you get a chance, talk to him. . . . Get it up to Roger Goodell, see if we could get some celebration time, that would be awesome, man, for all the fans out there. Please do that.”

NFL rules call for celebrations not to exceed 40 seconds.

Smith, though, won’t celebrate if he gets to Derek Carr.

“I had one for this week,” Smith said. “It was going to be nice.”

20 responses to “Matt LaFleur sacks Packers’ sack celebrations

  1. Geez, how long does he need to take? Flex a little bit and get back to the huddle.

  2. As much as I dislike the Packers and their obnoxious fans, I agree with the coach on this. All that celebrating is extremely unprofessional. Should be against the rules again.

  3. Some of these celebration are getting a bit over the top, just leave them laying there and walk away.

  4. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    October 17, 2019 at 6:42 pm
    Geez, how long does he need to take? Flex a little bit and get back to the huddle.


    Diggs takes his helmet off pretty quickly.

  5. No way. That’d make the game last even longer. Not that I want the game to be over quickly, but I dont like too much time in between plays. Challenges, both reviews, timeouts and injuries take up enough time as it is. And speaking on Smith’s nap celebration, I remember the play because I was wondering why he had such a lengthy celebration even though they were losing at the time. I never understood that. Even when it was my team doing that.

  6. Smith knows they have a direct line to Goodell about officiating. So why not use it for celebrations, too.

  7. tokyosandblaster says:
    October 17, 2019 at 7:06 pm
    Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    October 17, 2019 at 6:42 pm
    Geez, how long does he need to take? Flex a little bit and get back to the huddle.


    Diggs takes his helmet off pretty quickly.
    Yup when Diggs is clearly off the field of play he is the fastest helmet taker offer there is.

  8. League implements a 15 second clock for all tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Player celebrates after tackling a scrambling Rodgers but the ball is spotted for no gain and AAron hurries to the line while Bevis the DE thinks he has his 15 seconds extra for fame and snaps ball throwing a 50 yard TD pass as flag is thrown for offsides. Bevis’s team challenges the spot to make e tea sack celebration clock valid only to have challenge denied. There, how about that for another way to delay the game and get screwed by the Packers!

  9. Whats it matter if he gets off the field in time? It’s not like the refs would throw a flag on the packers for to many men on the field. Like they proved on monday, 13 no problem.

  10. Sounds like a real classy guy.
    Act like you’ve been there before! Next play!
    Gotta love it when fans of a team that played duck duck goose in the endzone have something to say about other celebrations.

  11. Why shouldn’t every routine play be marked with a choreographed celebration dance? Aren’t we really here to find out who can get down?

  12. “for the fans” he says.

    I don’t know any fans who find the celebrations interesting or fun. I don’t hate them but mostly I just find them silly and goofy. I like a good defensive play with a spontaneous gesture of celebration. If you’ve choreographed it, that makes it disingenuine.

  13. It’s a game, let them celebrate. The people that love to say, “act like you’ve been there before” are the same screaming lunatics you see in the stands high-fiving strangers and throwing beers in the air when there’s a big play. But, at the same time if they’re taking so long it effects the team getting lined up on time, sure, cut them back a bit. Don’t pretend you didn’t love watching Gilbert Brown do his grave digger move.

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