The Jalen Ramsey trade gives players even more power

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Jalen Ramsey wanted out of Jacksonville. But it was too late to hold out.

So he held in.

Ramsey embellished at best and fabricated at worst a magically-disappearing back injury that kept him from playing for three weeks, digging  in and reiterating his desire to be traded until the team traded him. The Jaguars could have played hardball with Ramsey, but they didn’t. They wanted to try to work things out.

So they tried, tried, and tried some more in order to get Ramsey to want to stay. Once they realized he wasn’t going to change his mind — and once they got the trade value for him that they wanted — Ramsey got what he wanted.

While not every player who wants out of his current city will be able to launch a similar strategy, it worked for Ramsey. Still, despite the presence of former hard-nosed head coach Tom Coughlin as the executive V.P. of football operations, the Jaguars didn’t question the injury or otherwise utilize any of the devices available to them under the labor deal. So the question becomes whether other teams will do the same thing.

Currently, Washington isn’t flinching in the face of a holdout by left tackle Trent Williams. In hindsight, maybe Williams should have shown up, continued to ask to be traded, gotten paid, and eventually exaggerated or faked an injury until the team became sufficiently exasperated and traded him.

Setting aside the ethical dilemma that arises from these tactics, a player who is willing to pretend to be more injured than he is (or to pretend to be injured when he isn’t) may get exactly what he wants. As future players who are looking for a new deal and/or a new team consider their options, the Ramsey Plan is something that should at least be considered. Also, teams should be coming up with their own options for countering it.

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  1. I say turn-about is fair play. Teams always push players to play while injured, down-play injuries, or team doctors go along with ownership/coaches to get questionable players back on the field.

  2. Funny how LA has turned into the Jags West. Bortles, Ramsey, and Dante Fowler. Trust me LA fans, that’s not a winning thing.

  3. Ramsey didn’t invent this tactic. AB did earlier this year. Ramsey just perfected it.

    Be careful what you ask for. I’m willing to bet future contracts contain offset language. Don’t be surprised if injury pay takes a hit.

  4. CB Mike McKenzie did this to the Packers in 2004. He wanted out of Green Bay, and forced his way off the team by claiming he had a hamstring injury. Although it couldn’t be medically verified, he said he was hurt and wouldn’t play. Gets traded to NO, and played immediately. So, he set the template for Ramsey to follow.

  5. I think if this starts to happen you may find teams playing hardball with the players. Ramsey set a bad precedent that should concern everyone–just like AB.

    In the end though, stuff like this will ultimately affect the player’s future earnings…especially if the Ramsey trade blows up in the Rams’ face. If Ramsey continues to cause trouble with the Rams then I find it hard to believe someone will make him the highest paid CB without some serious behavioral clauses in his contract–like not getting paid if you’re “injured”.

  6. Dead horse and old news. Anybody, in any career, who is really successful and sought after can dictate his terms. Whether it’s the NFL, sales, operations, etc….. If you’re a proven commodity, you have options.

  7. Yeah, that strategy only works if some fool is willing to give up 2 First Round picks for a deceitful, loudmouth player. Look how well things are working out for the Raiders after a similar loudmouth engineered his way out the door in Pitt.

  8. Watch them come up with something like “For a player to be traded in-season, the player must have not been inactive for the team’s most recent game (excluding PUP or IR)” or something to that effect.

  9. “I’m willing to bet future contracts contain offset language”

    Players have to be willing to sign it. Easily replaceable players may have no choice but star players will. The entire fallout with Joey Bosa vs Chargers proved that.

  10. What ever the Redskins do, dont trade him to the browns. Dorsey is like a drunk at the casino with Cleveland’s picks and future. He is trading away good players for pennies on the dollar just to bring his guys in. His guys have sucked. Vernon ,Murray, harris. Rather have peppers , the first rd pick , ogbah and Zietler. He got burned bad on those deals. Odell fan boys say what you want but he doesnt help teams win , he is a soft 5’11 guy who is scared of contact and cant catch the easy ones. It will be like the trade for an McCarron, the best trade in this case is the one that doesnt get done.

  11. It is 100%, un-ambiguously not ethical to fake an injury to squeeze more $$ from a team. This is not fantasy football, even though some players are living a a fantasy world.

  12. Good for the players. They put there bodies on the line without guaranteed contracts and risk life threatening injury. Meanwhile the owners sit back sipping margueritas and counting their profits.

  13. Ramsey chose to sit ant the jags didn’t cave. It was only because the Rams offered so much that they dealt him. This is not a win for players. If anything, it’s a good sign that the Jags stuck to their guns and didn’t just deal Ramsey to be rid of him like the steelers did with AB.

    Hopefully more teams will stay strong and only trade malcontents when they get real value in return.

  14. Yes it does. But when the same player stubs his toe (AB) don’t complain about “fairness” when the League uses its power. When a player plays games with management, typically there is a price to pay.

  15. There is a tiny percentage of players who can pull something like this off. Just like with holdouts. The amount of crap teams are willing to deal with is in direct proportion to the player’s talent.

  16. “footballpat says:
    October 17, 2019 at 4:40 pm
    Good for the players. They put there bodies on the line without guaranteed contracts”
    If they want guaranteed contracts then they will have to give up those huge signing bonuses they are addicted to. They can’t have both.

  17. Players no longer want to waste their careers on perennial losing ball clubs, why is that so wrong? You use the leverage you have.

    I wouldn’t want to spend my career in Washington or Detroit or previously Cleveland or Jacksonville, etc. In our careers, if we don’t like our company or employer, we are free to pursue other companies, even those in different cities, to create the best we can for ourselves, NFL players do the same.

    You want to keep your star players? Pay them what they’re worth, and put a winning/solid culture around the team so they don’t want to leave.

  18. miabuttreeks says:
    October 17, 2019 at 8:22 pm
    Jalen Ramsey will always be remembered most for faking an injury. I don’t know how he shows his face in public.

    By going outside.

  19. Ramsey is a “me first” player that will great at what he does overall he’s far from
    “Brink’s truck” worthy.
    The Jaguars will be here long after you are not.

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